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  • This should have been a jury trial. I can’t believe anyone, especially a judge, could believe that 4 shots at the exact same location are just intended to wound or frighten. One shot, maybe, two shots, possibly, but 4 shots is absolutely intent to kill. He should have received the maximum sentence in my opinion.

  • Very frightening background. He seems pushy, from what Escobar says. Likely he thinks he’ll be the power behind the throne.

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    Jane, am so sorry to hear that health issues continue. FDL has been my favorite site for many years now, and I sincerely hope that you and the full website will return soon. Have you made provision for DOS attacks in case we have difficulties logging on? Best of luck with the surgery.

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    I normally make turkey tetrazzini with leftovers, but this year decided to go light and invented a Thanksgiving turkey club: whole wheat bread, cream cheese, homemade cranberry chutney, watercress, turkey and a slice of bacon. Served with sweet potato fries.

  • It seems banks aren’t the only institutions without any morals. “Let’s just do it and lie about it” has been the Wall Street refrain for the past 20 years. Hadley is such a loser.

  • Am really looking forward to this. Thrilled that we are having both gentlemen here this afternoon.

  • Obama is desperately trying to prevent the Senate Subcommittee report on torture from seeing the light of day. He also hates whistleblowers of any kind. Good for Moran for being vocal, but it’s not going to happen.

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    Kevin, I’m so very sorry for your loss. My father died of a heart attack exactly the same way as your father, but at the age of 64. Like your dad, my dad was a business owner who loved golf. Like your dad, my dad also liked movies, and the last Father’s Day we spent together was having a great lunch and then racing off to see “Superman”.

    I know how much it hurts right now to be without him. You’ll never stop missing him, but it sounds as though he gave you a terrific upbringing, with lots of love and support, that will serve you well going forward. You have my heartfelt condolences.

  • Excellent reporting, DS. Nancy’s fingerprints are all over this, as well as Gruber’s.

  • Nice catch, allan! Any newspaper that is reporting Gruber having no connection to the WH should be sent a copy of Jane’s excellent article.

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    Regarding store openings on Thanksgiving at New York mall: Last year, reports showed that those stores open on Thanksgiving only succeeded in taking sales away from Black Friday. They didn’t make any more money by being open on Thanksgiving.

  • I don’t think non-disclosure agreements hold up in court where fraud is involved. Chase would have a tough time given the documentary evidence Ms. Fleischmann could provide to bolster her case.

    Ms. Fleischmann appeared today on Democracy Now and was credible and engaging. She is clearly a skilled securities lawyer. She made one very interesting point: the level of information required to go from a civil suit to a criminal suit is minimal in securities law. In other words, if the government has enough information to file civil suits, it requires very little additional information to file criminal suits. She also said that, contrary to what Holder tried to maintain publicly, that these suits are not complex. She said that the only complexity is in the securities themselves that underlie the fraud, not in the ability to substantiate that fraud took place.

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    Regarding the Bernie Sanders article: Bernie is a pragmatist. Politics is all about favors owed. Obama, according to the WaPo, refused to allocate more money to the Senate races, despite pleading from Reid, Schumer and Durbin. Bernie had an opportunity to donate money he didn’t need (since he wasn’t up for re-election this cycle). By helping out when Obama refused to help, the Dem leadership and a few specific Dem senators now owe Bernie big time. If Landrieu pulls out the run-off, she’ll owe Bernie big time. To me, that sounds like a sensible way to twist the arm of a conserva-Dem to vote for the issues you want.

  • Splendid piece of writing, Kevin. As you say, all we really have is each other. There is no savior, no individual warrior on a white horse who will ride to our rescue. Each of us, in our own ways–and together–need to struggle to fix the present and secure the future. The Founding Fathers developed a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, not a political party.

  • To me it means that if labels are eliminated and issues are explained fairly most of us are in agreement. Label an issue as “progressive” and its DOA. Remember the video interviewing people about Obamacare? When asked if people wanted Obamacare, they said no. When asked if they wanted the Affordable Care Act, they said yes.

  • Don’t forget Washington state and the mandatory background check for all gun sales or transfers and the citizens of Maui voting to end growing of GMO crops on their island.

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    My district used to be a Repub stronghold, but it’s much more balanced now (young urbans had to move away from the city to afford housing). Pretty well educated group: they vote for people who seem to be doing the job, regardless of party. Interestingly, heavy support for raising minimum wage immediately, forcing insurance companies to cover contraception, millionaire’s tax of 3% extra to support school system.

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    In my district in Illinois we had as high a turnout (60%) as we get in presidential election years, maybe somewhat higher. The turnout in my county was low in the black and hispanic districts–only about 30%.

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    I returned from voting an hour ago, and I was told by a poll watcher that turnout was heavy. Sadly, in spite of living in a well-educated community of active people, “heavy” turnout usually means 38%. This year, what I think is driving all the interest is the state races, as well as two constitutional amendments plus four referendums. In particular, one of the referendums could seriously increase real estate taxes, so that generally influences turnout. I think many of my neighbors have given up on D.C. and are concentrating on local and state issues.

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