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    You really think having anyone named Edwards speaking out on the issue of marriage is helpful? Really??? Ugh…we are so gonna lose.

  • It is surprising that the age group with the highest percentage of respondents who plan to vote for the amendment are those 18-29 (65%)–even higher than those over 65– and these are supposedly our most ardent supporters. What the heck is up the that?

  • “It would seem that things have stabalized somewhat.”

    What planet are you living on?? Europe is about to implode which could very well lead to a worldwide depression, the “super” committee is going nowhere, unemployment is still sky high and the housing market is still a nightmare, and furthermore the alarms are already sounding for war in Iran. Not to mention the never ending conflict in Afghanistan. It is a wonderful thing that Senate Dems are doing this now, but please don’t insult anyone’s intelligence by making the claim that they didn’t do so beforehand because their “plate was too full”. It was political expediency, plain and simple, with the directive to leave gays and lesbians twisting in the wind coming from the very top of the Democratic heirarchy.

  • I’m surprised you didn’t mention perennial candidate Victoria Peterson. She actually has a better shot (although still long) at winning a City Council seat, and her hatred of gays is well documented on this blog. I voted for the three top vote getters in the primary, but spoke to someone from Donald Hughes’ campaign after voting. He sounds like a good guy too, but I am too afraid that he might drain votes away from the other three progressive candidates which could favor Peterson. But he’s young (23) so hopefully we’ll see him on the ballot again in the future.

  • In other words, anyone who is going out to vote specifically for this amendment is unlikely to be persuaded to change their mind in such a short period of time. That’s just the sad truth. We need to focus on getting the majority of North Carolinians who say they support us, but may not be directly affected and therefore less motivated, out to vote.

  • I disagree that we should try to reach out to those who oppose us on this issue . We simply don’t have time. At this point we should be focusing all of our attention on getting those who do support us to the polls. That is where we have our best chance of winning. While I agree that we need to do more to reach out to the African American community, it is a losing strategy in this situation. Predominantly Democratic African Americans have no motivation to go to the polls at this point. With only a Republican primary, which is likely to be already decided, there is no other issue on the ballot that will get them out to vote in significant numbers. IMO we should let sleeping dogs lie. If we waste resources doing this kind of outreach, it may actually have the opposite effect of that intended by giving anti gay bigots a reason to go to the polls, or at very least remind them of the issue and when the vote is. You wouldn’t suggest wasting precious time and money trying to change the minds of conservative white voters in the western part of the state would you? Neither would I. It would simply be a waste of time. Our only chance of beating this thing is to hope that our enemies stay at home. And unfortunately in this state a large chunk of both the white and black communities are our enemies. We should focus on voters we know support us but may need to be encouraged to go out and vote, like youth, liberals, the well educated, and upwardly mobile urbanites (of all colors). This is war, and we don’t have time for any feel good outreach to those who oppose us. Sorry, that’s just reality. One long term goal of our community should be healing the rift with the larger AA community, but as a practical matter in this situation it just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Go vote, and vote against anyone working against you.

    Amen to that!

  • I didn’t say anything about boycotting (or not voting for) anyone else, nor did I mention anything about “sitting on my ass”. But I won’t be voting for Bev like I did last time. Not with this fresh knife in my back. I will, however, be supporting my local representatives (Wilkins, McKissick) who stood up against bigotry.

  • How about boycotting Bev Perdue’s election as well? Apparently she threw us under the bus to get the ant marriage amendment on the primary ballot.

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    I work for Durham County. I WILL lose my benefits for my family if this passes. And if it does, My highly paid partner and myself will take our considerable talent and move out of this godforsaken hellhole. I suggest you do the same, Pam. As for Durham, its government may be progressive, but its population still has a long way to go. I have been harassed on multiple occasions, most notably leaving a screening at the LGBT film festival right in front of the Carolina Theater. When I try to point out that this isn’t exactly friendly territory for gays to “progresssive” straight acquaintances, I get a weird look and “not in OUR Durham” as a response. A great example of why, although polls show differently, we will lose this fight. Our allies pay us lip service, but don’t really get the severity of our plight. So as for me, I’m done with the South and its bigotry and racism and homophobia. Look out NY, here we come!

  • So let me get this straight. Because Obama and the Democrats abandoned their promises to LGBT voters, it is OUR fault that he failed to energize us to vote? Grade A bullshit. 2010 was a landslide for Republicans because Obama let the teabaggers set the narrative instead of fighting back against them. He wanted his healthcare plan passed and the consequences be damned. That included the loss of several democratic congressman who supported that plan, and whose losses also swept in a republican majority in the state house. This wasn’t about depressed Democratic turnout, but rather a tidal wave of tea party turnout that the party did little to fight against (they got their healthcare bill and then told us voters out here in the styx to fend for ourselves). Now you want to blame us for their horrible strategies and priorities? Well, I think you’re full of shit. And as far as the date of the vote in May, that was a compromise for turncoat DEMOCRATS who would not vote for it unless they could assure that their asses would be covered in the general election, not “brilliance” on the part of the neandrathal GOP that now govern in this state. A situation which YOU share responsibility for as much as anyone else.

  • I proved your case how? What exactly did the hard working, loyal party members do to make their party abandon them? It is a hallmark of you apologists to constantly blame the voters when our elected officials don’t do their jobs and represent the people that voted for them. I blame people like you that would rather defend a politician than do the right thing just as much as any teabagging republican. I am not to blame for YOUR shitty choices.

  • “Did you do your damnedest in 2010 to help the Democrat in state legislative races? If not, this week is your fault,”

    Your disgustingly crass attack on the victims of this hate measure aside, you’re also absolutely wrong, and probably part of the problem yourself. If The Democrats hadn’t blindly followed Obama off the cliff of disastrous,”bipartisan”, politics and then left places like NC twisting in the wind in 2010, we wouldn’t have lost a Dem majority in the GA that we’ve had for over 100 years. We NC liberal Democrats haven’t changed, we were just abandoned by the Party and Obamacrats who wanted his massively unpopular and decidedly unprogressive health care bill passed at any cost, including massive party losses in the states in 2010.

  • exactly. They want nothing more than to drag us kicking and screaming back into the 19th 17th century

  • I work for Durham county. My partner will lose all benefits (medical, dental, etc) now afforded to him by the County.

  • I just read that they are planning on putting this on the May primary ballot, which, according to the lying Rebuplican thugs in the GA is meant to take “politics” out of the vote. The only problem with that is there are NO major Democratic primaries next year in NC. So this amendment will be decided largely by Republican voters. I am one gay person who is already actively looking for jobs out of state. NC is nothing but a facist, teabagging shithole anymore.

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