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    Don’t expect the Democrats to even try to fight this. They’ll allow it to pass and Obama will sign it into law. But the impact of this will be devastating. States forbidden from taxing the wealthy means that the poor and what’s left of the middle class will see their already meager incomes shrink even [...]

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    Blame the Democrats, including Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton, who voted to put John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. They had the numbers to filibuster all five of these right-wing extremists but refused to do so. Obama even voted to confirm Roberts. So for all their faux criticism, the Democrats wanted outcomes like this as much as any Republican. And they expect the rest of us to throw our ballots away on them despite all this.

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    The tragedy of the American left is that it refuses to cut the chains placed on it by the Democrats, rendering the movement entirely impotent. We are being told, as usual, that to vote for a Green or a Socialist or some other third party is to allow Republicans to win, and THEY’RE JUST SO MUCH WORSE ! [...]

  • I submit that Sean Wilentz, like Obama, is not a liberal at all but a fascist to the core, and that his pathetic and lie-riddled diatribe is but the latest example of fascist mentality trying to destroy the message by attacking the messengers.

  • Oh no. They will treat him worse than any pedophile. They will do this because he has committed the one unforgivable crime that can take place in a fascist police state: he exposed the crimes of the powerful, defied the system. For that, he is damned like few others.

  • Asking Obama to pardon someone who exposed high crimes is useless. He has targeted more whistleblowers for prosecution than all other administrations combined. The way to free John Kiriakou will be through other means.

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    Your reasoning is severely flawed with regards to third parties. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, but a Socialist, and if I am not mistaken greens and other third party candidates have won substantial victories at the local and state levels, especially in states like Vermont, Oregon, and Washington State. You need a strong, active [...]

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    The filibuster had nothing to do with the failure of the background check bill. What killed it was massive lobbying pressure from the NRA and the timidity of Harry Reid, who really should be using his position as majority leader to play hardball. He could simply refuse to bring any and all Republican bills up for a vote until they start allowing votes on bills supported by Democrats. He could make them physically show up to the floor of the Senate to launch an actual filibuster. He could ask Obama to get his back by using the veto pen and the bully pulpit. None of this was done.

    It’s the usual theatrics by Senate Democrats who want legislation like this to fail but are too cowardly to state their opposition. So they let the Republicans do whatever, refuse to filibuster bad legislation like the NDAA and DOMA (they have no problem letting those pass), and the GOP takes the blame for “obstruction.”

  • Glenn Greenwald wrote about this the other day.


    The corporate sponsors that broke the law on behalf of the U.S. police state apparatus are more than welcome to participate at SF Pride, but anyone who dares expose crimes committed by U.S. personnel is to be punished with extreme prejudice, and no honor is to be bestowed upon such individuals who challenge the authority of the police state.

    That is really what this all boils down to: Bradley Manning, in revealing the crimes committed by the U.S., challenged the military-industrial-political complex, and support for him in public events will not be tolerated.

    Is it too late to launch a boycott of this year’s SF Pride event?

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    The filibuster didn’t kill the background check. Refusal to play hardball with the Republicans, combined with lackluster support from Obama, killed it. Harry reid is allegedly rhe Senate Majority Leader, isn’t he? Why can’t he simply refuse to bring up Republican bills for a vote, which if I understand his powers he can do, until they play ball? Why can’t Obama use the veto pen to back up his people in the Senate?

    The system of checks and balances was designed to prevent abuses of power. Because some who have the power this affords refuse to use it doesn’t mean that the system itself is bad. I say get rid of Harry Reid and Barry Obomber.

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    Oh, and there was no tactical wisdom in supporting one fascist over another. That was and always has been a lie you tell yourself to rationalize selling out your principles. You cannot vote for Obama and then renounce your express endorsement of his fascist policies. You own them every bit as much as he does.

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    Too late. The office of the presidency is already occupied by a far right Republican, and has been since 1981. I voted Green last year, so my conscience is clear. I did not help that proud fascist Barry into office. Everyone who wasted his or her vote on him, especially knowing his policies are identical [...]

  • Both major parties are firmly and forever in the back pocket of Wall Street and the Pentagon. It’s long past time to ditch them.

  • The worst is that the left now has ZERO leverage over Obama and Democrats.

    Obama’s second term will determine whether the post 9/11 stains on the United States’ human rights record are an anomaly or the new normal.”

    You mean his first term didn’t already make the determination that these policies are the new normal? Where has this flake been for four years?

    ACLU executive director Anthony Romero stated, “We urge President Obama to dismantle a national security state where warrantless surveillance, extra-judicial killings of American citizens by drones and other attacks on our personal freedoms have been deemed acceptable.” He, too, understands the starkness of Obama’s first term.

    Oh, you urge him to dismantle it. That’s nice. And when, not if, he ignores you, what then? How do you propose to make Obama and the Democrats move leftward to dismantle the police state when the left did almost nothing to make these politicians fear losing our votes? While it is commendable that Stein and Anderson ran leftist campaigns from outside the two-party establishment, where was the support from Jane Hamsher, Markos Moulitsas, Chris Bowers, Cenk Uygur, R.J. Eskow, Michael Moore, Glenn Greenwald, Bill Maher, and the like? Why weren’t they pushing hard for Stein and Anderson using their media voices instead of either shilling for Obama or remaining on the sidelines?

    So now the left is in an even weaker position than it was, and there is now nothing to stop Obama short of all out revolution. It’s going to require mass civil disobedience, mass occupations of capitols and corporate buildings in the millions. It’s going to require blood and sweat and tears and jail sentences and brutal crackdowns murdering thousands before the millions are able to take back this country from the feudal lords. And all the while, we need to be building third parties at the local level so we can move up to state and then federal.

    But don’t expect to get anything by timidly asking for changes in the right direction or by cravenly endorsing the very policies we condemn.

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    Yes, Obama won by raising more money from Wall Street than Mitt Romney.




    Yes, the real work of cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid begins — and progressives have absolutely no leverage over Obama at all, having failed to challenge him when and where it mattered. So do not kid yourselves. You have no say in what Obama does, and he will do what he is going to do without any thought given to the needs or desires of the American people. Why should he? He never had to fear losing your votes.

  • Regardless of your actual sentiment, your refusal to vote will be taken by the establishment as silent approval of their policies, just as in the same way voting for Obama no matter one’s feelings about him places a stamp of approval on his extremist policies. Your ballot doesn’t come with any telepathic device that beams your reasoning into the minds of the people who count the votes, or the pundits who interpret electoral outcomes no matter how suspect those outcomes are. This is why people who choose not to vote are wasting their ballots, and why people who vote for Obama even though they claim to be wholly at odds with his policies are throwing them in the proverbial trash.

    Maybe you see no candidates worth voting for. That is a legitimate complaint and a reflection on the state of our rigged system. Or perhaps there is no “perfect candidate” who represents all of your views. In that case, you vote for the candidate who most closely matches them, thereby sending the establishment the message that these are the policies you want implemented and you will vote only for those who best reflect your desires. Politicians read poll numbers and they look at other parties’ platforms.

  • It is very easy to deceive one’s self when it comes to Democrats and the Supreme Court. Remember that when Obama put Sonya Sotomayor up for nomination there were legitimate concerns that her record reflected an anti-abortion slant.


    What’s more, Democrats in the Senate voted in overwhelming numbers to confirm the four worst judges now sitting on the bench: Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito. And this they did even though they had enough senators to launch successful filibusters. If the party were at all reliable in defending the Supreme Court from being stacked with ideologically conservative extremists, you might have a case. But it isn’t, and so you do not.

  • That is actually what happened in 2004 when John Kerry was the Democrats’ candidate against George W. Bush. We threw away our votes on Kerry and he was emboldened to ignore our concerns, running a weak campaign that allowed his ostensible opponent to define him. Then, even with undeniable evidence of massive electoral fraud on the part of the Bush-Cheney campaign — J. Kenneth Blackwell was the campaign co-chair in Ohio even as he was state secretary, in charge of running the election — Kerry chose not to defend his victory and conceded without a fight. Even Al Gore was willing to fight it out in court, though his lawyers pursued a disastrously incompetent legal argument.

    So we see the failure of relegating our votes for third party candidates to “safe” states where we have no impact. Do we now have the courage to dump the losing strategy and make Democrats fear us? Only time will tell. And we have very little time left.

  • It’s interesting that you wrote this, because an electoral example within living memory is the candidacy of H. Ross Perot in 1992. Although eh did not secure enough electoral college votes to win, he gained enough of the popular vote that the deeply conservative Bill Clinton — he who ended Welfare, repealed numerous regulations, passed NAFTA, and laid the groundwork for the gutting of Social Security and Medicare that Obama has run with — felt politically empowered to implement all these policies and more. Had there been a comparable third party challenge from the left, akin to Perot’s nearly 19% in 1992, things might have gone very differently.

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