• The worst is that the left now has ZERO leverage over Obama and Democrats.

    Obama’s second term will determine whether the post 9/11 stains on the United States’ human rights record are an anomaly or the new normal.”

    You mean his first term didn’t already make the determination that these policies are the new normal? Where has this flake been for four years?

    ACLU executive director Anthony Romero stated, “We urge President Obama to dismantle a national security state where warrantless surveillance, extra-judicial killings of American citizens by drones and other attacks on our personal freedoms have been deemed acceptable.” He, too, understands the starkness of Obama’s first term.

    Oh, you urge him to dismantle it. That’s nice. And when, not if, he ignores you, what then? How do you propose to make Obama and the Democrats move leftward to dismantle the police state when the left did almost nothing to make these politicians fear losing our votes? While it is commendable that Stein and Anderson ran leftist campaigns from outside the two-party establishment, where was the support from Jane Hamsher, Markos Moulitsas, Chris Bowers, Cenk Uygur, R.J. Eskow, Michael Moore, Glenn Greenwald, Bill Maher, and the like? Why weren’t they pushing hard for Stein and Anderson using their media voices instead of either shilling for Obama or remaining on the sidelines?

    So now the left is in an even weaker position than it was, and there is now nothing to stop Obama short of all out revolution. It’s going to require mass civil disobedience, mass occupations of capitols and corporate buildings in the millions. It’s going to require blood and sweat and tears and jail sentences and brutal crackdowns murdering thousands before the millions are able to take back this country from the feudal lords. And all the while, we need to be building third parties at the local level so we can move up to state and then federal.

    But don’t expect to get anything by timidly asking for changes in the right direction or by cravenly endorsing the very policies we condemn.