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  • GregDiablo commented on the blog post Time for the Real Barack Obama to Stand Up

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    Thanks for that refreshing break of sanity. There is not a shred of difference between these phony parties; if you still honestly believe there is after all the betrayals, and that Obama is something more than a Wall Street/Trilater/CFR/Bilderberger puppet, you simply aren’t paying attention.

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    I’ve been away for a couple of years, and it amazes me at this juncture that most of you still believe, apparently (if this thread is representative), that both of these “parties” aren’t controlled lock, stock, and barrel by outside interests (Wall St., CFR, City of London, Trilateral Commission, military industrial complex, Rothschilds, et. al.) [...]

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    Sounds more like a psychopath to me. What a narcissist.

  • GregDiablo commented on the diary post Can someone remove Andrew Sullivan’s head from his ass? by Bin Quick.

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    Thank you for this response; I just read that Sullivan piece yesterday, and I was dumbfounded. The core fallacy of Sullivan’s reasoning is that he is arguing that Obama should be held to account in comparison with his predecessor Bush, one of the most egregious, Constitution-despising presidents in history, rather than with Obama’s stated promises [...]

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    Like this entire thread. The left/right paradigm is a joke. When we unite against the real criminals and stop this nonsensical bickering over crumbs, then we might have some sort of chance for real, substantive change. I guess things will have to get a lot worse first.

    Taking FDL off my bookmark list. I’m done. Take my name off the email list.

  • It’s been 95 years since the Zionists extended the Great War for their bloody Balfour Declaration, and payback time has finally come. May Israel receive thrice comeuppance.

  • GregDiablo commented on the blog post The Fall to Earth

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    Fantastic five minute video for those that still believe the boxcutter mythology. James Corbett knocks it out of the park.

    For those of you who are subscribers to FDL like myself, this, evidently, is what the journalists you are paying for believe about what happened on 9/11.

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    We the people don’t pick the president anymore; it’s down to the Bilderbergers. And in their eyes, Oblabber is doing exactly as they wish (and being well-paid in the process).

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    What about Ron Paul? He won the MSNBC poll by a 3 to1 margin with Romney and yet you don’t even mention him.

  • GregDiablo commented on the blog post Losing the Ability to Self-Correct

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    I’ve seen quite a few diaries and stories on the Daily Show that assume that our government is off the rails, that the system is broken, that our congressmen and women are sold out to lobbyists, etc., etc.

    What if everything is happening the way it has been planned according to certain influential groups in order to make sure this country’s economy collapses?

    I’ve been following this line of inquiry for a couple of years now, and it seems so totally obvious to me at this point I am starting to get annoyed when I continue to see diaries like this. Kinda like the way I get pissed when normally intelligent people can’t figure out that skyscrapers don’t collapse in on themselves at free fall speed without the use of explosives, and the evidence for the use of explosives is overwhelming.

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    Here’s something exciting FDL can do: Come out for 9/11 truth on the tenth anniversary, and join thousands of architects, pilots, firemen, and engineers who know the the bin Laden box cutter bullshit doesn’t make the nut.

  • Why are we talking polls here? Who cares, this guy is a tyrant and a war criminal. He’s either a stark fraud, or a Manchurian president; in either case, he must be destroyed politically and taken out with extreme prejudice.

    If we can hold Obama to one term, that will at least send the message that his criminality and lack of support for holding Wall Street accountable for fraud has consequences.

  • GregDiablo commented on the blog post Bernie Sanders to Primary Obama? Don’t Make Me Laugh

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    History correction: The tea party grew out of the 2008 Ron Paul campaign, and was true grassroots with almost equal representation from both sides. When the Rethugs saw how potentially dangerous it was, Dick Armey started the ball rolling in the co-opting process, and it was afterwards that the reactionary Koch Bros. came on board.

    The basis for the Tea Party is justified. We are not living under the Constitution anymore, and being gradually folded into a world gulag with 24/7 surveillance and full spectrum dominance. But of course suckers for the left-right paradigm like the phony narrative as proffered by magilla because it creates a nice, easy enemy for the Two Minute Hate.

    Left and Right must unite, or we both get crushed under the boot heel in our face forever.

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    Don’t forget the false flag terror attacks, either (Waco, OKC ’95). Or spending all the extra FICA taxes after 1984 and leaving the So-So security trust fund with I.O.U.s, or repealing Glass-Steagall, or implementing a fascist, federally funded police state to be implemented in stages (just now coming online, just in time for the food riots in the fall).

    A few fucked up things. Yeah, tell that to Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

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    We don’t control the voting machines. Haven’t you figured this out yet?

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    This isn’t capitalism. It’s monopoly capitalism; big difference.

  • GregDiablo commented on the blog post America Unmoored – Elite Failure Leads to Utter Confusion

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    Someone who’s never held office? And who has not been approved by Bilderberger? Please.

    In case you haven’t noticed, we the people don’t decide elections anymore.

  • GregDiablo commented on the diary post Elizabeth Warren or Wall Street: Obama’s $26 Million Decision* by Tom B.

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    Your piece implies an expectation that there is a difference between a Rethug and a Despicacrat, yet you argue forcefully that there isn’t. Dump the left-right paradigm (you’re already 75% there already anyway). Read the section on international banking in Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope (about 50 pp. in); then you will understand how long [...]

  • That’s because his MSNBC job demands that Ed Schultz support Obama and the left-right paradigm. Keep the phony kabuki going, keep us all arguing with each other just like everyone trying to “get” HeadedWest on this thread, and ignore the reality that government derives all its moral authority by holding a gun to your head and by providing the illusion that you have some say in the matter of its firing.

    Like shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave, you are led to believe they are real, but they are all to keep you in mental slavery so that you keep on working to keep the Ponzi scheme going (i.e. the Fed).

    Well, at least more than a few of you have become radicalized by the actions of the Manchurian President and his gaggle of preening jackals.

  • But they spend them, onitgoes; they don’t invest them. There’s nothing in the trust fund but I.O.U.’s

    In perusing this thread, and scanning over the plethora of logical fallacies at HeadedWest, it really grieves me to say that this site is about 80% at the level of DailyKos circa 2009. There used to spirited discussion here at the Lake, now it has dissolved into vituperative name calling and thought crime finger pointing.

    Depressing. My apologies to HeadedWest who, while I haven’t researched his data enough to say whether or not I can agree with his reasoning, is certainly not a troll, nor arguing his points at the level of Fox News.

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