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  • greybeard commented on the diary post Not Just Public Lands: Defense Bill Also Incentivizes Fracked Gas Vehicles by Steve Horn.

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    California and New York are the last major obstacles resisting the U.S. fracking rush.

    If either NY or California were really interested in controlling fracking they would bar the sale of any products resulting from fracking. All they want is the price benefit with no exposure to the fracking process. NIMBY’ism at its worst.

  • greybeard commented on the diary post Online Sales Grow, but Federal Action to Address Sales Tax Issue is Stalled by WI Budget Project.

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    The real problem is that collecting sales tax for all of the various states and local governments is a logistical nightmare for small operators. The small mom and pop brick and mortar operation has only one tax schedule and reporting format to calculate – the small inline operation has to accommodate every taxing jurisdiction with [...]

  • greybeard commented on the blog post Democrat’s Demographic Fatalism Facing Critiques

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    I do not see how creating a smaller, progressive party carries the day. If progressives cannot convince the Democratic party to vote their way, I do not see how a new progressive party would attract enough votes to elect a dog catcher. Working to elect progressive democrats is by far the more likely path to changing the political landscape.

  • greybeard commented on the diary post A Quick Whirl Around The Fracking World: 6 Nov 2014 by KateCA.

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    Absolutely agree. It is hypocritical to ban fracking in your locality and yet continue to use fracked gas in you car and your home. Is it OK to use gas that has defiled someone else’s neighborhood?

  • greybeard commented on the diary post NPA Candidate Rankings: 2014 by New Progressive Alliance.

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    I guess that i am saying to get behind Sen. Warren.

  • greybeard commented on the diary post NPA Candidate Rankings: 2014 by New Progressive Alliance.

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    What I am saying is that it is more likely that the progressive movement will see some success when they work within the Democratic party than when they try to work outside the party. There is a real world experiment – the tea party has elected so many people within the Republican party that they [...]

  • greybeard commented on the diary post NPA Candidate Rankings: 2014 by New Progressive Alliance.

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    If you cannot win over democrats, how do you expect to win an election with and even smaller base?

  • greybeard commented on the diary post NPA Candidate Rankings: 2014 by New Progressive Alliance.

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    The enemy of the “good” is the “perfect”. If the progressive movement has any legs at all, then it has to win at the polls with a majority of all voters. Put up someone in the column of the major parties and let them fight it out for the victory. By picking fringe candidates with [...]

  • greybeard commented on the diary post Piketty’s Neoliberal Capital by letsgetitdone.

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    What is interesting to me is that our president, who seems to be on the side of a more fair wealth distribution, has sponsored programs that make it much worse. Money is borrowed from the wealthy, the banks and the Chinese. It is then distributed to US citizens and corporations in the form of assistance, [...]

  • greybeard commented on the diary post NPA Candidate Rankings: 2014 by New Progressive Alliance.

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    And this is why no progressive movement will ever be near a realistic option.

  • greybeard commented on the diary post Video: The All Muslims Argument Beautifully Destroyed by jbade.

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    Most Muslims may be peaceful and respectful of others, but it is in the name of Islam that a very large number of atrocities have been conducted. 9/11, London’s subway, Madrid’s trains, Bali’s hotel, Nairobi’s shopping mall, Nigeria’s little girls and the recent spate of be-headings are all examples of individuals and groups that take [...]

  • greybeard commented on the diary post A Good End Date for the New War: Today by David Swanson.

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    Arguing about the potential length of a conflict in advance is insane. If you are not in it to win, then you should not be in it at all. War is a process to impose your will on the other party. and absolute imposition is the only reason to be at it. We should either [...]

  • Arguing that the congress, and by extension, the administration, should be term limited means that we would constantly have a government run by inexperienced amateurs. Whatever you think of Obama, he had virtually no experience to guide him. The US government is the single largest entity in the world and deserves people at the helm with some experience. Talented amateurs are the reason that we are in a virtual economic slowdown with no appreciable growth in jobs. Ideology has lead the foreign policy rather than any sense of reality. Lobbyists control much of the design of legislation because they are exactly the opposite – they spend their entire life dealing with one industry or one problem and they can knowledgeably deal with that issue. Whether that is good or bad, it is the opposite of members of congress who are supposed to know all about everything and are criticized when they look to experts for advice and counsel. Remember the criticism of using oil people to help design an energy strategy. Or using insurance people to help design an insurance plan.

    Term limits and a constantly changing congress will only lead to more reliance on lobbyists and outside money.

  • There is, of course, a precedent when West Virginia was formed out of Virginia because of some quite serious differences of outlook and opinion.

  • greybeard commented on the diary post Children’s Lives In the Balance: Is One Worth More Than Another? by codepink.

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    Killing kids is a real good idea to promote the peace process. When the Palestinians actually stand up to the thugs that do this and those that fire the rockets, the peace process will begin.

  • greybeard commented on the blog post Country Is Divided About Having a Divided Congress

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    There is a point of view – not shared by many here – that the best option is for government not to do anything, and that gridlock is the best answer. They would say that it is when the Feds are making laws that trouble occurs.

  • greybeard commented on the blog post Bloomberg Plans To Spend $50 Million To Fight NRA

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    Understand that – but what that means is not that you are against the rich spending money to influence political outcomes, just that it is OK when you agree with them. It is like the 60′s claim of f*****g for virginity.

  • greybeard commented on the blog post Bloomberg Plans To Spend $50 Million To Fight NRA

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    Obviously my point is that in order for our team to have some moral consistency, we should be against all meglomaniac billionaires who try to influence political outcomes with their money. Just because we agree with one, or disagree with another, the ends do not justify the means.

  • greybeard commented on the blog post Bloomberg Plans To Spend $50 Million To Fight NRA

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    Why is this different than the Koch brothers?

  • greybeard commented on the blog post People With Obamacare Will Still Go Broke

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    The whole operation is a disaster. My wife needs to sign up and I have spent a lot of time on the site trying to figure out what is the best path.

    First, I was finally able to sign her up. Next, I am trying to determine which is the best plan. I find that there is no simple way to determine if a particular set of doctors are included. The links from to the insurers are not clear – they often go to a home page and the plan name as listed in the healthcare site is often different than the nomenclature used on the insurer’s site.

    To find out more details, I have placed calls to the insurers, frequently getting a call center off-shore who cannot help at all. One plan which is a joint venture of our local hospital chain and a major insurer finds that many of the doctors on their staff, with admitting privileges, are approved under their 2013 plans, but not yet on the 2014 exchange plans. Although I suspect it would not happen, the way it now looks is that you could have surgery in the hospital and the hospital bills are included (including anesthesia and such) but the actual surgeon is not. I am sure that they will ultimately get this straightened out, but it is just another bit of evidence that putting politicians in charge of something as complex as this does not work. Rather than being concerned about the process, it is always the optics.

    I have then called the accounting folks at the local hospital to see what they expect to have covered, and they are also confused, but will try to see what they can do to get some of their own specialists on the exchange plan.

    I am glad that contraceptive pills are included for free (but not insulin, or HIV drugs) but this whole process is so screwed up that it will likely set the progressive agenda back for decades.

    Last, the process is so complex, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend, or the ability to decipher misleading and ambiguous instructions.

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