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  • GreyWolf commented on the diary post #OpValentine: Show A Prisoner Revolutionary Love by Kit OConnell.

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    I love this idea. You did well on this one!! I’ll send a few books out that they won’t find in the prison library. ( A TIME TO STAND by Oliver & THE DIARY )( so you might want to send them a copy cause it’s up their political alley). They show that good [...]

  • GreyWolf commented on the blog post House Democrats Reject Tax Cut Deal “In Its Current Form”

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    Good Lord!! Americans have already lost the unemployment checks before Christmas & now the Democrats, who are suppose to ‘represent’ the People are not supporting them.

    Need to read a new book just out that’s about Americans who actually take a stand against tyranny. It’s a thriller & will be giving it out (all I can afford). It’s about us taking a stand against corrupt politicians. Great read for nowadays.

    Obama has thrown the democrats under the bus & the federal employees with a pay freeze (not that I don’t disagree). Maybe, he’ll be in the unemployment line in 2012 along with some of these politicians. Great article!

  • How about subsidies to farmers & corporations who are paid not to grow crops? Good article.