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  • I don’t think I am buying into any of this progressives “yes”, Democrats “no” B.S. Democrats lost because hate-mongers and tea-baggers were able to link these Democrats to Obama and because there is so much hatred of a brown-skinned man in the White House that goes well beyond the typical liberal vs. conservative or Team D vs. Team R cheerleading.

    If the hate-mongers and tea-baggers had successfully linked progressive ballot initiatives to the hated brown one in the WH (“Obama wants marijuana legalized and the minimum wage raised so that black men can afford to buy marijuana to get your white daughters high and then seduce them!”), then those would have all gone down in flames as well.

    Half the people who voted in favor of these initiatives probably did so by accident and didn’t realize what a yes or no vote is supposed to mean. They likely hadn’t heard anything about them ahead of time and therefore didn’t know how to vote because their hate-radio/faux news handlers hadn’t told them ahead time which choice was the pro-Obama choice.

    You might argue that this is an indication that people are naturally progressive when they aren’t consciously aware of it. I say, while true, this doesn’t even matter as today most candidates and issues are going to be sufficiently vetted by the spin doctors and propagandists so progessive accidents don’t happen.

    You know, sometimes a situation is so terrible that it is actually a mockery of the tragedy to speak of silver linings or comforting upsides.

    My 2 cents.

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    Corporatist: 100
    Populist: 0

    will be the finally tally of the Senate, obviously.

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    +1 freesociety

    Lost respect for Colbert. We will see this garbage non-stop once he moves to Late Night. Good riddance, I guess. Truth to power? Nope, he’s got his…

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    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Israeli military or intelligence services killed those Israeli children.

  • I suppose it would be too much to ask that he was one of the 14 dead.

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    Piff discovered that…the thought of being wealthy triggered some of the same tropes as actually being rich.

    This is why Bubba Sixpack sitting in his trailer un- or underemployed has voted Republican or Libertarian for decades even though he will always be dirt poor and is just hurting himself by doing so.

    They have all bought into the biggest lie of all…that we all have equal opportunities and can also become a millionaire if only we work hard and keep our head up. America is a meritocracy, y’all.

  • The “conspiracy” is more subtle and passive. Obama is merely making himself as much of a corporate shill as possible to effect the best possible lobbying career after 2016. There is no need to hide or awareness of hiding any Democratic complicitness in the removal of wealth from the lower classes to the oligarchs. It happens naturally as a result of not giving two fucks about anything other than your own bottom line now and in the near future.

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    Health care benefits are a part of the employee’s compensation. This is analogous to Hobby Lobby being allowed to tell there employees that they can’t spend their own wages at businesses they object to.

    The U.S. Supreme Courtorporation is an outrageous joke. They should be six feet under.

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    What will it take for the public to discover the problem isn’t in their own lack of efforts or in “big government”.

    As long as the plebeswage slaves have their bread and circuses football and shit beer this will never happen. I am certain I won’t see it in my lifetime at any rate.

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    Hear, hear! Fuck the Democrats and fuck whether they win or lose in November.

  • LOTE

  • And, yet still a far better candidate than Paul Ryan or Scott Walker could ever hope to be.

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    Did somebody say “carnage”?

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    I still don’t understand how this guy isn’t pushing up daisies.

  • Really, if the alternative is Paul Ryan as the Republican nominee then my opinion of Chris Christie is relatively high as well.

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    Spasmodic Justice Syndrome

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    I have nothing to say against Mandela as a person, and I’m very sorry his final months of decline were played out in public in such an undignified way. The people close to him failed him in that respect.

    But his post-imprisonment political legacy is, as I see it, one of presiding over the normalization of South Africa into a presentable capitalist country, with the execrable de jure segregation retired and a small black elite bought off, but with the country’s wealth still concentrated in the same old hands, and kept from the masses, who are mostly black, of course.

    If he had done otherwise, and continued the fight for social justice, the media coverage of his passing would have been rather different from the blizzard of sentimental hagiography we’re about to be treated to.

    Thank you for that. It is still nice to be able log on to FDL and see that there are always a few posters able to pierce the veil and take on often taboo topics.

  • I couldn’t agree more with Shannon Sharpe.

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    I personally believe it was Lyndon Johnson with the assistance of the Secret Service and all his connections in Texas.

  • Right-wing garbage always take hypocrisy to another level. What’s new…

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