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  • Fabulous observation. Maybe there’s a bright side – maybe if phlegm might be a useful water sealant or substitute for asphalt… But God, this is awful. Yes, a tighter standard would require costs for emission controls. But if these costs are more than offset by reduced health costs because of fewer cases of asthma, bronchitis, [...]

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    It was a dark and stormy ventral tegmental area. The neurons, the Cockney neurons, for that is where our story lies, fired off in a dazzling, almost aurora-like display, whipped ever higher and higher by the cortex thingy.

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    I just hope she was in the Real India.

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    Excellent names.

    Here are a few other suggestions:

    Operation Dry Powder Keeper

    Operation Vorpal Sword Bandersnatch

    Operation “What Is Best in Life?”

    Operation Modest Conqueror

    Operation “We’re Fucking Broke, but What the Hell”

    Operation Siegfried Nibelungen

    Operation El Alamein II, Desert Rat Watchamakallit

    Operation Barbarossa Wannabee

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    “Well, at least we still have the funds for the Madison-Milwaukee high speed rail line.”

    Cut to a shot of the guy tugging at his collar.

    Most excellent.

    Oh – another matter. You see that proposal going through the works in New Hampshire to ban college students from voting, because, as the one big shot Republican explained, these darn kids only “vote their feelings”, and mess up elections.

    Not like the totally logical Tea Bagger crowd.

    Gee, if I were a protestor at the New Hampshire state capitol, I would play “Feelings” round the clock until they withdrew the darn bill.

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    “…where no one seems to mind all the violent and over-the-top language and imagery at the week-long Wisconsin protests…”

    Actually, I mind. I didn’t care for the remarks of the AG representative from Indiana who recommended that live ammunition be used against the pro -union anti-Walker protesters.

    Hey, I hear some Madison restaurant patrons booed Walker when he went into a local dining establishment. Good for them.

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    Most excellent!

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    Does this mean we get calamari rings?