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    Sharp eyes. My question also. He did fix the numbers, with correction of ‘boost to growth would be around 0.05 percentage points’. ‘For those who actually like their numbers to mean something, these projections are for somewhere around the middle of the next decade when world GDP will be around $160 trillion and U.S. GDP [...]

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    Agreed, especially on Gorbachev. For me, the policy changes he envisioned were not the changes implemented by Yeltsin and his team. Putin may well have been the leader Russians needed to ‘redeem’ Russian dignity from not just the policies but also the often embarrassing public spectacle of Yeltsin, a ‘tragic’ figure.
    Reagan seems proof that the US President is a matter of perception, media creation, than reality. And, in any case, Reagan always did come across as pleasant, likeable, not at all abrasive as George W – despite his policies.

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    Spot on with regard to Yeltsin. His affinity for vodka (and jolliness) made him pliable especially by the ever amused Bill Clinton, his good old chum.

    Also, Yeltsin’s era was when Harvard Institute for International Development did a number on Russia, hollowing out its safety nets and institutions. Figuring in the process also were Andrei Schleifer and his team and the irrepressible Larry Summers. And, as they say, the rest is history.

    China was smarter than that, despite being poorer. Beware Harvard economists bearing gifts of economic advice?

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    Minor quibble. Title…post mortem?

  • …well said. And a good pop to that media balloon, poorly inflated at that, meant to distract attention from the real culprits. That espionage was for the national interests of the country, and within the country, and well targeted, not pervasive. And the time frame should be of interest as well, as should be the active and obvious surveillance conducted by the US against Russia, Iran and even Iraq – on Brazilian soil.

    The corporate MSM still assume the general public’s perception of reality is that easily malleable. Really slow learners, that establishment echo chamber.

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    Until or unless a new generation, now less indoctrinated in jingoistic militarism, can purge the corruption from the tightly integrated institutions of war, private enterprise and government, a Herculean and decades long task, the downward slide will continue – despite the seeming positives of the surprising popular uproar over yet another war, ever lucrative for [...]

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    Excellent. Timely. Brings to mind what solid news reporting used to be on network TV. And this post is still far superior to the blathering today of commercial TV’s version of news reporting. Because of their abandonment of the principles of journalism, network and cable news continues to fade in relevance when compared to blogs [...]

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    Not all unexpected given the tenor of Ms Flanders’ reporting. Ms Flanders has also been very close to the leading ‘power’ politicians of the UK. One can also see Ms Flanders being joined by her colleague, Katty Kay, BBC’s gushing newsreader who seems dedicated to promoting the agenda of the US, UK and the corporate [...]

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    Hell is understandably empty – for the moment. Its impending dignitaries are a tad busy – as evidence would show, “…I am in blood
    Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,
    Returning were as tedious as go o’er…” Once rite of passage completed, Mission Accomplished…

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    On Frum’s revisionist being less impressed with Chalabi, Glenn Greenwald’s Update in his recent Guardian article cites a Rubin Bollen tweet with a link to a vastly different take by the same(?) Frum in the NRO.

    The question: When will justice be served?

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    Excellent but for a minor quibble. I’m of the view that the Bolivarian Revolution II/Resurgence was aimed at engendering individual and national pride, and that knowledge that a country’s resources are its own, its people’s. Countering foreign intrusion to capture such was just an outcome of that achievement. And that achievement may be difficult to [...]

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