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  • This is getting more and more ominous. What I’m afraid’s going to happen is that Obama will capitulate to the Repugs after getting only a token “revenue raiser,” like the elimination of the subsidies to oil and gas companies or the private jet write-off. Then, we’ll be told everyone “suffered” after the rich got off scott free and the middle class, working class, and elderly got smashed. A lifelong Democract who has never not voted Democratic in a presidential election, I will not vote for Obama this go round. He’s just a Repug in ass’s clothing.

  • It’s painfully obvious now that he lied his butt off during the presidential campaign. He’s broken almost all his fundamental promises to protect Democratic interests and has repeatedly worked against the interests of the middle class: expanded the war in Afghanistan instead of getting us out of Iraq and got us into Libya; never even tried to get a public option in the healthcare bill; cowtowed to drug companies instead of pushing to use the buying power of the federal government to lower drug costs; is trying to gut SS, and instead of strengthening Medicare is trying to weaken it; has expanded gun owners’ ability to carry concealed weapons (in federal parks) instead of pushing for reasonable gun control; looted the treasury to give tax payer money to the Banksters instead of holding Wall Street accountable for its illegal trading; etc. He’s a disaster. A Trojan Horse. And to think I thought his election was a sign we hadn’t lost our Democracy. Instead, it was the final consolidation of the plutocracy in America.

  • SS and Medicare are saved by the greed of Republicans protecting the stinking richest Americans. Meanwhile, the Democratic president must go back to the drawing board to figure out how to cut entitlements. Down is up. Up is down. Black is white. White is black. I’m a lifelong, diehard, dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, but Obama has made me sick. I can’t vote for him anymore.

  • Bernie would have to run as an independent. Personally, I would vote for him. Has he ever voiced any desire to run? The Green Party was a joke, but there’s got to be something better than the lesser-of-two-evils Democratic party we have right now (which is looking more and more like simply the second of two evils). A Progressive Party? A People’s Party?

  • Has anyone approached Russ Feingold about running in the Democratic primary? I feel like real Democrats like myself have to do something to stop this insanity. The current krewe is gutting everything the Democratic Party stands for.

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    I used to think Obama was just inept at making a deal. Now, I’ve come to agree with those who see him as corrupt, as part of the bankster system that has replaced our democracy with a plutocracy. Carlin was absolutely right: the owners have come to take away our SS, and Obama is one of them, not one of us. He just couldn’t wait to get in that club (as Frank Rich recently wrote in New York Magazine). And like Krugman wrote in today’s NYT, he doesn’t seem to have any real economists on his team anymore, just spin meisters like Plouffe who try to fabricate their own convenient reality regardless of the real suffering in America.

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