• I share your sentiments Erik, minus a bit of the hyperbole. In a just society, Rice , if not behind bars, would be a pariah, where the only job she could get would be teaching at some third rate college in the heart of the Bible Belt. Instead, she is on company boards, and is one of the only two female members at Augusta National.

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    I’d love to see DeMint run. Now that could really spice things up even beyond the GOP clown car of 2012. An unreconstructed seg like Jimbo is one reason why Abe Lincoln was too conciliatory towards the beaten foe. If he had a bit of the General Sherman in him, the South would have been salted over and laid waste to, and gone through a re-education of their history.

  • It doesn’t seem like half of the posters here are on his side at all. The consesus seems to be that Bundy is a greedy jerk. It’s a wonder to me that the feds have slow walked this guy for over 20 years, while other ranchers have been dutifully paying the nominal grazing fees.

  • You’re correct the libertarian right lack the power of introspection. It’s built into the right wing gene – none for you and all for me. No doubt, self-centered creeps like Bundy thought that OWS were nothing but a “bunch of dirty hippies” who don’t want to work.
    It doesn’t sound like this guy is backing down quietly, so I hope the feds act with caution. If Bundy decides to play the “hard guy” then he deserves whatever he gets.

  • Hear, hear, nice rant. Gosztola is way off base with this creep.

  • Maybe you, an armchair constitutional scholar, can explain why some privately run cattle ranch, should have its owner willingly graze his stock on public (our) land? What the hell does that have to do with free speech? Let him go graze on his own privately owned land and fence in his damn critters. If the loony right is now making him a “hero”, this story in the coming weeks may supplant the MSM over kill on that Malaysian plane.

    PS – Do the cops and the feds overstep their authority and throw their weight around? – you betcha.It comes with the territory with the macho BS of wearing a uniform and the ability to be packing a gun, but Koresh had no one but himself to blame for what happened in Waco.

  • Whose is talking about “Humanity”? We’re talking about pols here, so deal with it. What are you, the morality police?

  • I respectfully disagree. Having “zero conscience” neither is “rare” nor “elite”. What it does is put this cretin Priebus in the mainstream of
    GOP ideology. Throw in a smattering of corporate Dems too.

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    “Can you please call the White House today and demand President Obama finally reject the Keystone XL pipeline?”

    Why, for a touchy-feely, warm, liberal feel good? Let’s not be so damn naive. The decision to build the XL pipeline is a fait accompli. All that’s left is the kabuki dance in the Oval Office, with the grave voice, the furrowed brow, the heartfelt understanding concern for environmentalist’s concerns, and then the phrase “now let’s go out and lay some pipe.”

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    Bruce was a bore and a scold, imo, whereas George was a prophet. Too bad he’s not around. I miss him. George would have “torn a new one” for the Tea Party and the wackos in the House. They provide a great amount of material for the type of ridicule and scorn that Carlin was [...]

  • That is the tragedy of being a Baby Boomer. Very few of us will be around long enough to see the total meltdown, but at least we are here for the nascent beginning.

  • No, the first ones are the lawyers, always the lawyers. That way they can’t bamboozle us about the rule of law. Next the accountants that find ways for the 1% not to pay their fair share, then the MSM, along with all the right wing radio talking heads, followed by the K Street lobbyists. The blade will need to be sharpened daily. 1789 Paris will look like a picnic in the park:-)

  • Low info voters, rubes, peasants, cranium deracinated yokels, mouth breathers, call them what you like, will be convinced by the Right Wing media echo chamber, and the limp wristed MSM, crowing about how Ryan is a “grown up” making “tough” choices, and swallow it all and come back for seconds. Sure, there will be some “malcontents” out there calling Ryan out for the fraud that he is, but when all is said and done, our gullible brethren will troop to the polls and pull the crank for a GOP House and Senate. Ryan is still a young guy playing the long game for his corporate masters. He knows his is a radical plan, but he is counting on the Dems to be accommodating and push themselves more towards the center right. Paulie will be glad to take a bit more than half the loaf as long as it screws enough of the poor and working classes.

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    Get a grip. Do you really think that Paul is going to do anything but the bidding of the 1%? The game is rigged, as if the term “Commander-in-Chief means anything. Clinton, Paul, Ryan, Biden, et al. are one big happy family out to screw us in their own different ways.

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    As for govt. spying and foreign military entanglemnts, I can guarantee you that if Paul was in the WH, he would always be over ruled and told what to do by those that control the agenda. His libertarian blather, as with all libertarians , is a fraud. Frankly, even a Liz Warren in the WH would toe the line and do what she’s told. Now Bernie Sanders, well Bernie, when not regurgitating his regular talking points on lefty talk radio, would probably be wheeled out of the WH on a gurney kicking and screaming once he bucked the “big boys”.He will go , but not without putting up a tussle.
    If Hillary wants it, she has it, and she will co-opt the Dem Left by having Sherrod Brown as a running mate.

  • Looking at Langone’s Wiki page , he seems to be typical of these types of scum who made it big , but have forgotten where they came from. A blue collar guy who the 1% allowed to squeeze into their realm as an example of “anyone can be a success”. Now he does his Catholic penance by charity work, which is only a tax write off. Remind me not to give Home Depot a dime.

  • “President Obama has “great confidence” in Brennan, Carney said during his daily briefing.”

    Maybe what Jay meant was that Brennan has great confidence in Obama to STFU, just like his predecessor did. Does anyone doubt that Obama is nothing more than a delivery clerk for the National Security State, just as Bush Jr. was their Walmart greeter?

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    So does that mean that the birth rate is going to drop for the next 15-20 years, or that there will be more abortions? I think biological urges trumps economics. I know it did for me 30 years ago.
    I’m not sanguine at all that the 20 to young 30 somethings will somehow pull us out of our morass. I vividly remember the idealism of the youth of the 1960s. Now those youth are the backbone of the Tea Party. What happened to all that peace and love BS and Earth Day (when we now are on the verge of a disaster in the XL pipeline, which the majority of the country seems to think is just a “great” idea).

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    I don’t think that they are smarter than their elders (although certainly more tech savvy, which is being “smart” in a very narrow sense) as they are more cynical at a younger age. Many of them are still single, with very little responsibility. Once they hook up and marry, and pump out a few kids they will settle into the routine of how best do we support ourselves. Frankly, the two party system is here to stay for a long while. This younger generation, while generally socially liberal are probably going to end up being more conservative on economic issues until the eventual economic collapse transpires. The jobs being created that they are taking pay crap, for the most part.
    It’s not like the minority of them that are freshly minted MBAs who will go into high finance and into the large multi national corps are going to be rocking the boat.They want to be on the same gravy train as those thar came before them.

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    True, the transmission of information is now light years ahead of what it was in 1912. Whoever controls the major transmission of info controls the agenda. Give the 1% time and they will try controlling internet access.
    That 99% treatment is all that will save us, but when it does happen, it will have an ugly dystopian horror about it. What’s going to happen if the universal consensus becomes we have gone beyond the threshold of saving the planet due to man made climate change and there is going to be nothing left 50 – 60 years from now? Third parties and party realignments will be rendered moot.

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