• “holding the people who claim to be on your side to the same standard that you hold for people on the other side integrity.”

    WTF, you don’t really think that the Clinton clan is on “our side” in any type of real definition do you?
    I just consider celebrity bashing or worshiping wasteful and irrelevant.

  • When there are so many other desperate issues I think a piece about celebrity culture in one of society’s sandboxes (cable TV) is really churlish and unnecessary. The national security state, immigration, the moral degeneracy of our two party system, etc, etc., are much more important items to cover.
    That’s my only point.

  • The bile spewed here for Chelsea would do the far right pround. I thought progressives are supposed to be tolerant. What’s the big deal to Van Buren? Chelsea is doing nothing different than what wealthy offspring have always done in this country – taking advantage of their social standing. I say “take it easy kid, but take it.” I’d like to be making almost a million a year. Who cares that the industry she, and young Russert and blondie McCain are in is a joke. Face it, we are all envious.

  • I thinks it’s great to see two neo segs duke it out. If Lincoln hadn’t been around and there was a northerner in the WH, the South could have seceded without a fight. Those feudal bigots drag the rest of us down, getting more federal aid than providing their fair share back in return.

  • I am with you all the way with that first paragraph. Even in school, history seems to be a student’s most disliked subject. The mass is woefully ignorant of history, with minimal critical thinkind skills. However, I can’t buy the second paragraph. There is no leader in the making. Anyone with any charisma and ability, with a level of intelligence and articulation to confront the problems addressing us will be immediately co-opted by those mandarins who run the country. I am a firm believer in the more things chnage, the more they stay the same. The only changeable factors would be a total environmental and/or financial meltdown.

  • Yes, although the religious right is still too dense to see it, today’s decision is the first nail in the coffin of employer provided healthcare, something that only started in earnest during WWII. In due time, taking up the coverage slack will be the big bad boogeyman fed govt (single payer).
    It may take another 10-15 years, but that is where things are headed.

  • Scalia, just by age alone, should be the first of the right wingers to be replaced by a Dem in the WH. The Bush Crime family knew what they were doing by giving us those three stooges – Thomas, Roberts and Alito. The last two could be on the court for another 20-25 years, dealing their periodic judicial “stink bombs.”

    Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to cover contaceptive care, yet most of their products are made in China, where coercive abortion is common. When it comes to the hypocrisy of the right wing Christian Taliban, profits always trump so-called “morality.

  • guiltybystander commented on the blog post Benghazi Assault Leader Captured By US Forces

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    Stick Khattala in an orange jumpsuit and shackles and let him testify before Issa. Despite all of the dumping we do on Obama here, there are times when he is playing chess while the GOP is playing checkers. This arrest is just another example of Obama punking the GOP.

  • Some selective air strikes, and a couple of brigades led by “Jet Crash” McCain and his Cabana Boy Lindsey, plus Kristol the Smirking Twerp ought to finish the job.

  • “If Presididn’t Obama had tried Bush/Cheney for war crimes and sent people to jail who helped them start an illegal war where would our foreign policy be now?”

    You’re kidding, right? As proper as that course of action would have been, Obama values his life and the welfare of his family too much to have followed through, even If he had wanted to, which I doubt that he did. You don’t mess with the National Security State, else you end up like JFK.

  • I wonder whether McCain has always been the real Manchurain Candidate. The guy is out of control and reminds me of Slim Pickens riding the top of the nuclear bomb to Armageddon in Dr. Strangelove.

  • While things are up in the air concerning Iraq, one thing is certain. Should the present corrupt regime tumble, the Reich Wing enablers in Congress who were so gung ho for the Cheney/Bush venture will say that Obama has “lost” Iraq. Hell, Iraq was lost when the previous admin. decided to invade.

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    “Progressives and Liberals who got crapped on by OBAMA want BLOOD!!! and they are going to get to eat.”

    I tend to agree. The GOP freak show for 2016 is probably going to be more extreme than 2012, which possibly means, Hillary will pull to the left. Or, this may be wishful thinking. One thing is clear, Obama by temperament and the fact that he didn’t want to be the “angry black man”, has taken a conciliatory tone towards the GOP. Hillary has been saving up her “vast right wing conspiracy” chips for decades. Frankly, I don’t see her caving in to the GOP right the way Omaba has. In a couple of years this could be all subject to change, but the coming battle between now and Nov 2016 will make it so we will need penty of booze on hand to enhance the enjoyment of what’s coming.

    As for Boy Eric, he has a “mixed marriage” with a liberal Dem. They are the ultimate DC power couple. He will get a nice lobbyist slot, a fellowship at the AEI and a gig on Fox talking “inside” politics. He will be the Ed Rendell of Fox.

  • Whoever is in the WH is there at the behest of the multi-nationals and the National Security State. Eisenhower had one foot out of the WH when he warned about the “military-industrial complex”. In office he knew to keep his mouth shut, else he would have suffered the same fate as JFK . You just don’t screw with these guys if you want to keep breathing. Hillary, like her spouse, will take directions quite well.

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    I believe the word “conservative” and “liberal” are amorphous when used in this type of polling. Some people see themselves as “conservative” not in an ideological sense whatsoever, but just being more cautious before acting on something. You can also label it as being prudent, whereas “liberal” can be another way of saying tolerant. So in the case of the right wing war criminal, Cheney, when he shows tolerance and acceptance of his gay daughter is he being the “conservative” that he is? These polls are worthless, since the species in general is always taking two steps towards the “light” and then one step back. It’s a long process. As MLK said – “’The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

  • The problem being that the progressive left doesn’t have the PR megaphone to make the case. The MSM , fearful of right wing response for being “liberal” , tends to ignore the Left as just not being “serious” or “grown-up.” Making the same case over and over on FDL, while preaching to the choir, doesn’t seem to me to be advancing the ball, imo. I think the best that can happen in the short run is for someone on the left to challenge the Dem supposeded front runner, Hillary, in 2016, and make the case for universal healthcare, so the national press won’t be able to ignore the argument.

  • It seems to me that Walker’s initial post and the subsequent responses are, to paraphrase Yogi Berra – “deja vu all over again”. These canned comments have been made over and over again, especially since October. We’re stuck with the ACA until it implodes, or a transformational FDR-like figure comes on the scene to galvanize the public into changing the healthcare access paradigm. One thing that can be assured, as long as you have the current GOP and the lame corporate loving Dems making decisions, nothing will change.

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    As George Carlin said – “It’s one big club, and you ain’t in it.” The Tea Party (your parasites) have already killed the host (GOP), just as the cynical corporate Clinton wing of the Dems will kill them off. Unfortunately,what with Citizen’s United firmly in place, this is going to be a long time coming, and things will have to get much worse before extra electoral means take hold.Frankly, I hope I’m not around for the expected fireworks, unless the progressive left and the 2nd amendment right can find some heretofore unknown common ground.

  • I don’t think she’s too old to assume the WH. That’s not one of the reasons why I won’t pull the lever for her. Not only am I planning to sit out 2016, but 2014 as well. Thank’s to Citizen’s United, which made it manifest, the whole system is now hopelessly rigged.
    As for pot reform, other than those who use it for medicinal purposes, there are so many other problems that require urgent attention than whether pot is legal or not.

  • Just a slap on the wrist. Yes, put one of the CS bankers into gen-pop and have them bunking with two heavily muscled guys covered with White Aryan tattoos. Better yet, just one neck tie party on one of the lamp poles down on Wall Street would have a beneficial effect, and then all these pencil necked wussies can watch the proceedings looking down from the 20th floor.

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