• “This has got to hurt her some.”

    The operative word is “some”, like not much. Most voters don’t care and it’s 20 months to an election.
    Tomasky has a good piece today that acts as a modifier to Van Burens’s case of the vapors.


  • If the third Bush even made it to the Oval office, then I think “doomed” is the proper word for this republic. Endless war and GOP gerrymandering, voter suppression and election fraud for a generation. He already starts with an advantage, the roughly 29-30% of the population who still gave positive approval to his brother when he had no more than one foot outside the WH. However the Jebster has plenty of baggage of his own that will be unearthed in the next 18 months. By the time the Dem oppo research is done with him, the GOP will be begging for a return of Willard Romney.

  • Do you think the GOP even cares that this guy is a war criminal? Their party had a pack of them in the last administration, and one of them (Cheney) was up on Capitol Hill last week playing footsy again and giving “advice” to GOP congressional leaders. If a Repub where in the WH, and the Dems held Congress and they invited the lefty boogeyman of the day to speak to them, the GOP would ask for Pelosi’s head on a pike. The fact that only 50 or so Dems didn’t attend the speech just goes to show how supine and gutless the Dems are to their donor class – pathetic, just pathetic

  • There isn’t enough rope to hang all of our domestic war criminals of the last 15-20 years. As it is, this is a 48-72 hour MSM news story,abetted by enablers like Van Buren, all the while the Reich Wing will milk it for all they can. I won’t vote for her, but Hillary will still beat anyone the GOP vomits up next year. You can’t beat something with nothing. All the GOP has is a pack of loons outside of the political mainstream, and a member of a criminal family whose last name is political poison.

  • The judge is a right wing judicial activist, so no shame is involved here. He does it because it’s natural and because he can, just like a dog who licks his own a-hole.

  • Every time I go through airport security I always make sure to wear clean socks, so as the odor isn’t mistaken for a gas attack. What I don’t like is to have to take off my belt, which requires me to use both hands to hold up my pants.

    Airport security is similar to an SNL skit.

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    It will be the political version of the TV show Family Feud, since for years now Bill has acted as the son that GHW Bush never had. If this country continues to exist as a functioning entity, some day an intrepid historian writing about 20th century America will pinpoint old man Bush as the pivotal figure on how this country went totally off the rails since 11/22/63. He had his mitts involved in everything, even the JFK assassination.

    No, the sheeple won’t dummy up in 2016. As long as the low paying jobs continue to be created, and people have just enough in their pockets for the monthly cable bill they will button up. I’ve come to the general conclusion that a truly representative democracy can’t flourish here, but then it never has.

  • If Warren and Sanders are really serious then start a filibuster, otherwise, all it is is cheap talk that wads the underwear of and scares Southern belles like Lindsay Graham.

  • “Yet, come 2016, even many here, at FDL, will dutifully suspend conscious awareness and “vote” for “More-Of-The-Same” …

    I have already made my decision on 2016, and future elections as well. Screw it all, the game is rigged. Once more, anyone who says “well, if you don’t vote you can’t complain”, can stuff it. Like hell I can’t. I have no issue with paying a fair (I emphasize “fair”) share of taxes to keep things running, but I’ve turned my back on the charade that is hero worshipping electoral politics.

  • To expect Holder or Obama to do anything is like expecting the tail to wag the dog. They don’t control the agenda. Just swallow hard and admit that any sliver of moral superiority this country could ever claim was lost hundreds of years ago.
    Now it is all a question of might makes right, and the slob public that eats up Fox, is scared nightly by the local news, and bamboozled by fictional tripe like Zero Dark Thirty will accept it. You see, the concept of “freedom” is BS. What people value most of all is security, or the illusion of it. Those who countenance torture by thinking they are being protected from the “other” should all choke on their lapel pins and yellow ribbons.There is nothing of value left to wave the flag over.

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    Of course, no one will ever do a perp walk for this. I’d accept the use of torture in our name for a trade off with our homegrown Taliban honestly admitting that their “shining city on a hill” is no more than an out house, and get off the “we’re number 1 and just awesome” and admit that morally we are no different than a military junta in a Third World hell hole. But then, that would entail a sense of introspection that the Reich Wing lacks. American Exceptionalism is a charade and a cruel hoax used to bamboozle the peasants.

  • We know damn well that there will never be an perp walks in orange jumpsuits coming from this. The best that can be hoped for(and its barely any comfort) is to acknowledge that these were crimes against humanity and that those in charge have been pardoned, so as to carry for the rest of their lives the branding of being a criminal. When you are a sociopath like Cheney and Bush they could care less. They will continue to live well and some day die peacefully.
    If Obama even attempted a pardon based on crimes being committed he would go the way of JFK, and he knows it.Remember, these were just “folks” who made mistakes.

  • No doubt some of these deviants will be given their own show on Fox and bring on Palin and Coulter to fawn over them. I also think we will soon be seeing a group of sports bar losers and debauched frat boys waving their index fingers and saying “we’re number 1″ as they read about the rectal “exams.” At least the saving grace of this report will be that Condi Rice won’t lose her membership at Augusta National over today’s “unpleasantness.”

    Sorry, but the only way I can deal with today’s news is with bemused disgust, for we are a blood lust society.

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    “Bush was the equivalent to Queen Elizabeth.”

    I think George was more of a Walmart greeter.

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    Th US populace are essentially childlike and can’t ever admit that we are anything but perfect. The edcucational system has brainwashed people to reciting the pledge of allegiance in grade school to yelling “booyah” as planes fly overhead before a college football game. The next public official that utters the term “American exceptionalism” should choke on their words.

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    Right on comrade. To the barricades.

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    You are talking about what are called “one offs”, I’m talking about a way of life that is hundreds of years old. Stop giving the South a pass, unless you are saying that all of us are fucked. In that, we can agree upon.

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    WTF, of course the North has its share of haters.The difference being that Southern bigotry is a form of twisted regional historical pride, a way of life, whereas in the North , an out and out bigot is a pariah.
    Racism and bigotry are as American as apple pie, but its just that the South has a much bigger piece of the pie to continually munch. You can’t turn a blind eye to history.

  • The Cheney/Bush admin apparatchiks and the other torture enablers are all over the MSM covering their backsides, and trying to scare us into silence.
    The fact that Kerry, who made his bones as an anti war soldier turned pol, is leading the charge in squelching the report is rich in irony.

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    Tomasky is absolutely correct. The South has been dragging the rest of us down to their level for decades. Combine their agenda with the spineless corporate Dems and you have a recipe for Third World status within a generation.

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