• I pretty much agree with all your sentiments, except -

    “Elizabeth Warren would win the White House in a land slide”.

    By the time the GOP and their willing scribblers and talking heads in the MSM are through with her, she would be known as Moscow Liz.
    Even if she, by some remarkable chance, ever made it to the WH, she will be as thoroughly house broken by those that run this country as Obama has been, and with Barack’s passive nature, it didn’t take much to get him to heel.

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    I don’t understand the hard on that the MSM has for who has the Senate majority. A GOP Senate and House aren’t going to pass any legislation that screws the 99% without Obama’s big veto pen, and even a minority GOP Senate will play the same filibuster games that they have done for 5 years. As long as we have the best pols money can buy all it will be is same-o same-o.
    None of this horse race BS really matters.

  • It appears to me that whatever happened , or didn’t happen, that night in Benghazi has been answered to a sufficient degree, assuming that one is rational without an ideological ax to grind. There are too many important other issues. For certain people at the State Dept. to want to do a C
    To dwell on seeking some “truth” at this point makes anyone who even posits the question, nothing more than a co-conspirator with the GOP. It’s a form of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Yea, yea, I know both the GOP and Dems are useless, but the GOP just more so. On just one issue, I don’t think you would want to see Roe Vs. Wade overturned. That’s what would happen with the GOP controlling all three branches, with more SC appointments on the agenda.

  • The fact that every admin follows a CYA policy isn’t news. Issa and the GOP aren’t honest brokers. Thet could care less about how many embassy employees were killed, and why. They didn’t make a peep when foreign service workers were killed during the Cheney/Bush regime.It’s all political “got ya”, and the fact that some on the Left believe that all the “truth” should come out is a perfect example of the Left’s circular firing squad mentality. This is why the Left isn’t taken seriously and always loses in the public debate, and are looked upon as the “dirty hippies.” As much of a corporate shill that Hillary is, and as much as I will sit on my hands come Nov 2016, I understand who the more dangerous enemy is, and that’s Issa and the GOP pack of jackals. To become allied with them in any fashion is no different than crapping in your hat.

  • It wouldn’t at all be surprising that Reason mag had some of their own people being interviewed by their own interviewers, so as to just make the demonstrators sound like glassy-eyed fools. Agit-prop is not just a purview of the Left.

  • “If the general election is Rand Paul vs. Hillary Clinton, I will hold my nose and vote for Paul.”

    Why? That attitude is part of the problem we face. Why even bother to vote, since the game is rigged? Any foreign entanglements that arise in the next 5-6 years, will be handled by Paul the same way they would be handled by Hillary. You see, the occupant of the WH really doesn’t make major decisions. They are made for them.

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    The problem is that if people ever “dummy up” it will by then be too late.
    As George Carlin said – “They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”.

    In the meantime, the GOP does a great job in building fear and resentment among those people that Van Buren talks about. A paradigm shift is needed, but that shift will go hand in hand with some catastrophy, imo. I just hope I’m not around to see it.

  • These Dem activists will swallow hard and go along with Hillary. She will throw them some crumbs along the way. For once let’s just stop with the hero worship. Liz Warren won’t make it to the WH. Wall St., with their friends in the MSM would destroy her, and even if she should ever make it to 1600 Pennsylvaia Ave., she would be effectively neutered by those that control the agenda in the rigged system we have. With Hillary trouncing any GOP sacrificail cretin they put up against her, I’ve already made the decision to sit out 2016, and as things are going, any election after that.

    I’ve caught bits and pieces of the Roosevelt doc on PBS, and despite some of their obvious flaws, both FDR and TR were giants compared to the pack of pygmies in DC today.

  • Well, one can dream:-)

  • No, prison rape isn’t funny, but then “sauce for the goose”….
    What he wanted the women of VA to go through wasn’t funny either.

  • For a guy who was so gung ho in forcing vaginal probes on the women of his state, it’s appropriately ironic that Big Bob will be experiencing his own bodily probe soon. I hope he gets stuck in a cell with a guy nicknamed the Texas Longhorn. Just don’t drop the bar of soap in the shower there, Bob.

    Once out of the slammer, look for him and the Mrs. to make some big bucks on the Elmer Gantry circuit telling the rubes he has been “saved”, and of course, the religious loons are into forgiveness for anyone who prostrates themselves into admitting being a “sinner:.
    Schadenfrauden is tasting real good right now.
    First McDonnell, then Christie, Scott, Perry and Walker. They will have enough for a GOP Governors prison yard basketball team.

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    The MSM is making too big a deal about the makeup of the next Senate. Whether Dem or GOP, it still will be disfunctional with at least two more years of paralysis. In 2016 when more GOP seats are open, the Senate will surely have a majority of Dems, however, if they are of the Hillary/Rahm wing of the party it really won’t matter. It’s a given , the House stays GOP at least until 2020. As for a Green Party, it’s never going to make any difference whatsoever. The 1% and their enablers in the MSM will never allow it.

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    “Ferguson worries me. It seems so much like 1967, with cities about to explode one by one.”

    The cop and the victim are only small players in this story now. If you go into some other traditional MSM sites you see the amount of racist venom that exists in this country. The twisted haters are coming out from under the rock thinking that Obama being elected has somehow created a racial divide where none existed. That’s how dense they are. The Right can’t see beyond defending the cop and the “thug” laying in the street for hours (like some road kill) as if it is something he deserved.
    Ferguson is a manifestration of this country’s centuries old sickness, and it will continue until the time when this is a minority majority country.
    California has already been there for a while.

  • Fox and talk radio are set up by the powers that be to keep people further divided. This is how they retain the power to screw us all over. The middle class white community is the problem, since they are always the ones defending the police, no matter what the circumstances are. It’s a knee jerk reaction, and they have been programmed well by the MSM. Those that control the dissemination of information always control the agenda. However, now, the cops , who have been brutalizing poor people for generations, can’t hide and cover it up anymore – camera phones and social media now unmask their actions.
    I don’t know how the shooting in Missouri will play out, but after seeing that big black dude in NYC overtaken by the cops after he was backing away and holding his hands up is clearly a case of murder.

  • It was under Reagan that the mentally ill in California were put back into the communities without a proper support system. Back in the 1970s you saw them all over the streets of San Francisco and LA, yet, nothing has changed in 40 years – they are still there. The only ones that seem to be institutionalized are the ones that are a danger to themselves and others.

    As for Robin Williams. I had forgotten how acerbic he could be until I watched a youtube video last night. Both he and Carlin had a gift of language, even if George had more bile and virtiol stored up , but then he was a lapsed Catholic, so the venom came with the territory. The Right Wing cretins that have come out since last night just display how small and twisted these sociopaths are. They must be busting a gut to know that a hard core liberal like Williams was beloved by the military that he often entertained.

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    The “pitiful helpless giant” seems to be following the standard SOP. However, the points that Van Buren makes about steps to take are valid and are probably being done back channel. The bombing to protect the Christian minority is for public consumption. It seems to me that having the Sunni population marginalize ISIS and deal with them directly is great in practice, but so far ISIS has been so ruthless in their methods (read massacres) that they have most of the other Sunnis spooked. We can thank Dick and George and their fellow war criminal flunkies for the present situation. Saddam, no matter how tyrannical, kept a lid on the sectional strife.

  • Iowa is sort of a bifurcated state. From Ames and Des Moines eastward to the Mississippi River is trends blue. The western part of the state is more of an extension of Nebraska ansd South Dakota packed with rustics and phony Christians.

  • Rand Paul cut and ran. It’s hard for me to believe that the GOP would nominate this Nancy Boy to be the sacrificial lamb for Hillary in 2016, but they nominated Romney. I don’t even think the GOP cares about the WH for the next generation, as long as they have those safe gerrymandered districts they can continue to gum everything up.

  • You ought to check out George Carlin’s riff on “It’s a Big Club And You Aren’t In It.” It’s up on youtube. It goes to your second paragraph.

  • Much to my wife’s displeasure, I’ve already announsed to her that I will sit out 2016 than vote for HRC.
    Of course Christian Zionist money is only chump change compared to the coffers at Goldman Sachs and Macao casinos. The Middle East can only hope that once Netanyahu steps down that a transformational figure will enter the scene, otherwise the blood letting will continue for generations, or at least until global warming raises the water level off the coast of Israel and everyone is swept away.

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