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    How are we going to find you guys?

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    LMAO – that happening to you also?

    Yea, Roger’s workout routine is pretty legendary. Here is what I don’t understand. Why is Pettitte’s wife testimony important? Doesn’t the video in question simply say that she remembered AP talking to her about it the day it happened? I’m not a lawyer but if the prosecutors think they have to have someone vouch for AP and that’s their main witness aren’t they in a lot of trouble anyway? Are they expecting the defense to portray him as a liar?

    Saw AP about a month ago at the grandaughter’s volleyball tournament. Smug SOB.

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    If the DA’s office began having doubts about the alleged victim within a couple of days yet still asked the judge for such harsh bail conditions what must the judge think? Can he dismiss the charges outright?

    It may well have been a setup but how does a DSK, even with his background, allow himself to be put in that position?

  • It’s mostly decentralized. If you Google ‘Internet Backbone’ you can find maps of the major exchange/access points.

  • Again, we get back to how many routers would have to be modified – a LOT. I would certainly know if they attempted to do this to any of my routers. The only way I can see this would work would be if all traffic is funneled through a few centralized locations. Those locations would have to be owned by the telcos and they would have to be in on the collusion – not to mention kept secret.

    Is this even legal?

  • One more thing: it seems they make a big deal of all the foreigners involved in Multiven. I still think they might be suggesting it was a front. If that’s right this might be as much about the US protecting Cisco’s dominance in the market as it is anything else.

    If Cisco has certain code hidden in their IOS that is advantageous to US authorities wouldn’t it be logical for them to do this?

  • Has the gov’t been tracing back info from Wikileaks to find the source(s)? And is Assange still under house arrest? How much you wanna bet that everything Assange reads or writes on the Internet is subjected to intense analysis, including tracing?

    In the face of this technology, how can Wikileaks continue to hide?– or function?

    I think at this point they have Assange himself under constant surveillance. It would be fairly easy for them to monitor one person.

    As for Wikileaks that’s a little different but I’m sure they’re working on it. Suppose you are in Spain sending a packet to someone in Sweden. Normally, there would be no reason for that packet to travel through the US where it could be monitored but whether or not the NSA has control over foreign corporations like they do the US telcos is unknown to me.

  • I’ve read about the SF case – in fact, found most of the info I found interesting around here. :)

  • No, I agree about the international traffic. That would be much easier because of fewer entry/exit points. I was referring to domestic traffic.

  • I agree with all this. If they’re doing it then they have a way to siphon (or duplicate) the traffic and move it elsewhere for analysis. How they are doing that is the big question.

  • I’m not sure that frosh designation means all that much if he’s familiar with the spread. Down here, lots of the high schools are going to it so when the kids get to college they are already familiar with the basic idea and just have to adjust to the increased speed of the college game. I think we’ll increasingly see young quarterbacks doing well as it continues to spread through the high schools.

  • 1. Hmmm …. could be but only a couple of dozen? How will one of those ‘in the know’ always know when a router that may contain the ‘Narus’ is going to be replaced by some local technicians? Maybe since I’m on the more independent side of the business I’m not fully cognizant of exactly how much control there is in the larger corporations.

    2. Are the Chinese that stupid? Not only that, but would a corporation the size of Cisco take a chance on relying on the US government when all their manufacturing operations actually take place in Asia?

  • Where would you do this? I’m on Galveston Bay. Bmaz is in Arizona. Suppose we each wanted to send a packet to the same destination in Santa Fe. Unless you had splitter points all over the country or, you were funneling everything through a central location, our packets are each traveling separate paths that probably don’t come anywhere near each other. Could it be set up? Sure, but that’s a pretty big assed conspiracy that would involve a LOT of external people. If you tried to do it by controlling a central location and funneling out from there then Bmaz and I should each be able to trace our packets through the centralized routers where you are doing your splitting unless the IOS software in the CIsco routers is corrupted by the government.

    I’m not saying they aren’t doing it – I’m just trying to figure out based on my limited knowledge HOW they are doing it.

  • bmaz wrote:

    ‘Answer to your initial question – hell no.


    But more importantly, long time no see! I look forward to you being around here when we crank up for the Clemens trial here after the 4th of July. And we are very quietly optimistic about at least a decent year for the Devils next fall. I think they have settled on Orsweiller at QB, a big kid with a ton of raw talent; hopefully he can get the ball to Knust downfield some.’

    I’ve been around and try to keep up but you guys go so fast that if you aren’t there at the immediate moment you’re off on another subject. I just happened to hit this one at the right time.

    They were talking about Clemens on the radio the other afternoon and I thought about you. A couple of the radio guys seem to think he’s getting railroaded.

    Does it look like Randy’s going to get to play? That would be good news. I haven’t seen his dad since the last golf tournament last fall so I haven’t been keeping up with his progress. We get the UCLA Bruins first game this year with Keenum back so maybe we can get them off on a losing streak for all you folks that get them later.

    How about the news about USC this afternoon? Then Ohio State? Plus, the college presidents look like they had enough of guys like Saban and Spurrier screwing those kids around and limited their scholarships. Are there actual, enforcable rules coming to the NCAA? Naw – no choice. Wake me up when they throw the book at the evil empire (UT).

  • 1. In how many different places do you think this ‘Narus’ technology has been placed? No matter what type of technology you have there is still the problem of routing it to central locations to be ‘monitored and inspected’. How many people would have to be involved?

    2. Well, I think they can block traffic coming ‘into’ the country but I’m still a little skeptical of their ability to block traffic outside the country. Again, I’m trying to get it though my head how many people this would involve and how they would keep it quiet.

  • Well, is there any doubt any longer that our government is that ‘fucking crazy’?

    I manage quite a few routers and associated ‘Smart-Net’ contracts. No one is forced to buy one. They not only cover software updates they also cover hardware failure of the router. The cost of the contract is related to the response time frame. For instance, I have a router somewhere at a remote location in Bumfuck, Mississippi and I manage it remotely. If it goes down and I want a new router at that location within a certain number of hours I pay more than if I want it there the NBD, 2 days or whatever. There are reasons for the contracts that have nothing to do with software. In fact, of all the reasons to have a contract, software updates are one of the last. I never update software on a working router unless there is a new feature that is advantageous for some reason. It’s that old ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ reasoning.

    Also remember, routers mostly work on wires – if we consider the telco equipment brought to the customer’s site as part of a ‘wire’ between locations. In order for the government to siphon all the data for examination they would have to have an agreement with ‘someone’ that all data ultimtely passes through a single point (or multiple single points they are monitoring) and is then transmitted to its final destination. I believe you folks have talked about the old lawsuit in SF where they were supposedly doing exactly that with overseas traffic so I suppose it is possible but in order to do so there would have to be a lot of collusion.

    I remember working on an experiment back in the late 80′s/early 90′s at Brookhaven when the Internet was mostly a function of the university related scientific (physics) community and we would talk at night about exactly what governments could do in the future. IIRC Netscape wasn’t even out at the time but the rumors were out there and we knew eventually it was going to be brought to the masses. There was too much possible business potential for it not to be. It’s somewhat eerie to see some of this possibly coming true; however, in order for it to happen there has to be massive collusion between government and others.

    In case anyone doesn’t know and wants to trace the route a particular packet takes to a destination bring up a commmand prompt and type in:

    tracert xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    where the ‘x”s are the ip address you are trying to reach. It will tell you what routers your packet goes through to reach its destination. If you type in the same thing a second time you may take an entirely different route to the same destination. This means a couple of things.

    1. The software would have to be programmed to make sure the ‘collection point’ wasn’t announced in the traceroute. Otherwise, you would be able to tell that no matter which route your packet took it always passed through one particular point.

    2. There is a lot of collection going on at multiple locations. While it may be somewhat easy to make sure all traffic from overseas enters the country at one point I think it would be much more difficult to make sure all inter-country traffic goes through a collection point.

    3. The telcos would have to have some very smart people located in some back room that, to date, I’ve never come into contact with and I’ve spent hours on the phone with them over the years and solved many of their problems they couldn’t seem to solve themselves. :)

    I’m not saying it isn’t going on but I am somewhat skeptical.

  • Well, they can’t allow their response to be dictated by Israel and/or what Israel does to them. That’s been their MO up to now and it hasn’t exactly worked all that well. Will some of them continue to be killed and have their land stolen? Unfortunately, yes. However, unless you think the rest of the world is going to arm them at a higher rate than what the US is arming Israel it’s the only chance they’ve got.

  • LOL – Is there any serious person on the planet who thinks a people that have been brutalized as much as the Palestinians should be forced to demilitarize themselves if they have to live next to the Israelis? That’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard. If they are going to have a state then they should have the same rights as all other states.

    Although I do hope the recent reports they intend to persue non violent protests are true. That’s their best chance I would think given the discrepancies in power.

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    Happy New Years everyone.

    How about those Horned Frogs. No matter what the BCS shills say I still think that’s the best team in the nation. The Big 10 (or 11 or 12 – whatever they call themselves now) – LOL.

    The word down here in Houston is, unless today is a blowout, Kubiaggie’s job is safe. McNair apparently likes the guy and doesn’t want to get rid of him. Bum was at practice Wednesday and it looks as though Wade will be brought in to take over the defense next year. Maybe he can bring some of TCU’s defensive players with him. I think it has something to do with chickensalad and chickenshit. Anyway, the Bum has spoken and Kubiaggie has been deemed a great coach.

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    I’d be careful betting too much on the Texans now that DeMeco Ryans is out for the season. The defense was porous enough already. It looks like they can score on just about anyone but can they stop anyone is the question?

    No matter who wins anything it’s always a good football season when the whorns implode.

    I don’t want to hijack TT but I just read this and find myself flabbergasted. Is this guy really this naive? How can the R’s intentions be any more clear and he talks like this?


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