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    Joe, I had trouble posting a lengthy comment yesterday. It got lost when my connection went down, so I will just say that your article hits the nail squarely on the head. This is not about the Dems. needing money, it is about the Dems needing more small donors to cook the books. They really [...]

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    It is all about oil and the petrodollars. We cannot bomb an enemy that we cannot identify. And even if we could, we cannot win a war by bombing alone. Wars are won on the ground and who are we trusting to win the ground war? The same moderates that were once ISIS? We have [...]

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    Every time the United States meddles in the Middle East, it ends up making things worse. And we wonder why they hate us? Be very assured that every one of our incursions is definitely not driven by humanitarian reasons or even democracy. It is all about the American empire and it is time to stop [...]

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    There is an awful lot of hand washing going on in his speech. Unfortunately, Obama was not elected to collectively wash all of our hands for decisions that his administration and the previous one were making without our knowledge. This speech was insulting to the American public and cowardly on the part of Obama. If [...]

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    Meanwhile Rome is burning while the emperor fiddles around with coverups of small screw ups. The hypocrisy of the Obama administration is unbelievable. I never thought it would be this bad under a Democratic administration, but in a way he is worse than his predecessor. This coverup is the mark of an administration that cares [...]

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