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  • The DNC not committing financially is disheartening beyond words. Sorry, “attaboys,” appearance at fundraisers (with three weeks to go? are you serious), sharing resources (sending out an email or two, BFD) won’t get it done. We have an organization – grass roots – and have had for the last 18 months. We need that $500K for the actual offices and volunteers the next three weeks, and yes that includes printing/distributing yard signs and such.

    If the DNC doesn’t step up, they are not just arrogant, they’re strategically stupid. Walker getting re-elected will have repercussions and will embolden Repubs in many other states – and make all those billionaires really step up their contributions. The DNC wonders if a loss will have carryover to the November elections? WTF? News flash – its the same hard core Dem volunteers for the recall as for the upcoming national elections.

    This feels like betrayal.

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    I hear you onitgoes. I never thought BHO was that progressive coming in to the election (Feingold would have been much more progressive, IMO). But the level of disappointment (hell outright depression) these last two years? I have friends that are in the banking industry. The level of caving-in that Obama has done to Wall Street, while acting like a house-negro and going along with Repub memes about cutting the safety net – I can’t finish that thought or I’ll go off on a diary-length rant. I’ve been to the Madison protests a few times. There is a sliver of hope, we have to keep fighting. And yet…

    I’m in my 50s and I have never been this down on my country as I am now. These next few years are going to be rough.

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    So there are many here who aren’t “feeling the love” for Feingold? Wow. OK, he’s not Bernie Sanders (an Independent, BTW, not a Democrat), who I love. And yes, we need fire and brimstone and serious action from Progressives (if not traditional Dems).

    But Russ was pretty damn good for the 18 years he was my senator. Perfect? Hell no, he would occasionally do something “by the letter of the constitution/law” that ignored practical politics. Some Supreme Court nominations come to mind. He did try to go after campaign financing with McCain-Feingold, He was the 97th poorest Senator. Christ sakes, he was the only Senator to vote against Patriot Act.

    Sure, I’m biased. I’ve met Russ, did volunteer work with him back in the 90s. He was the reason I did GOTV last November, even though it was all uphill as I lived in a Republican part of Wisconsin (WI-CD-1, Paul Ryan). If I want to be disappointed in a Dem politician, I’ve got Obama filling that cup.

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    The example of retirees is spot on, as my mom has just under $100K in CD, and my aunt originally had about $250K (prior to husbands illness, non-covered cancer drugs, etc) down to $125K. Both paying about 1% interest, and yes, that’s a big difference from a few years back when they got 5% or 6% – making an extra $5K or $10K per year to add to social security and pension (about 1/3 of their income yearly).

    BTW, each 1% interest change on savings/checking/CDs is not equal to $657B + $118B in payments to savers. You’re apparently off by a factor of 10:1 (1% on the total $8.393T is only $84B). Still a great post, though unfortunately it is hard to get people to understand/care about these things. I try and their eyes glaze over or, if Tea Partiers, they get angry that their world is not simple like Glen Beck tells them.