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    Robbie and Ted do a hell of a job with their pizza and (from what I hear) their CSA produce. It’s pretty good pizza (sometimes great) but what’s really wonderful is the vibe and the community. People come from many miles away, and I’ve seen over 200 people sprawled out on the lawn. The wait time can be well over an hour, but you can poke around farm looking at the critters and the produce. You’d never find the place if you weren’t looking for it – a few miles inland from Stockholm and few turns off the county road just a little ways past St. Sophia’s Liberal Catholic Church (seriously – and nothing to do with the guy in the pointy hat).

    In response to the mushroom comment, there are plenty in these hills. I’m especially looking forward to the Shaggy Manes, which ought to make an appearance as soon as we get some rain. If you happen to find some near home, pick, cook and eat them right away. They turn to black goo in a few hours, but before then they’re better than morels.