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    I’m not about to go force you to eat a bag of salted dicks, but you’re in the wrong here. Obama fucked up. Not in a big way; it’s definitely a venial sin, a couple of Hail Marys and he’ll be fine, but it wasn’t a good move. In a perfect world maybe publicly commenting on Kamala Harris’ looks would be fine, but that’s not the political environment she’s going to face any time soon. And the focus on women’s physical appearance objectively, empirically hurts women’s chances in the political arena. That’s not just ladysplaining, it’s Science(TM). It’s not comparable to rape by any measure; not all structural inequality is rape. It’s still bad. It’s the kind of bad thing that I, as a man, probably do every day in some shape or form, but that’s why it’s notable when the president does it: it’s a teachable moment. Doubling down on the dickishness doesn’t bolster your argument.

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    Oh come on Tbogg, you demonic conservative ridicule machine, give Mr. Douthat some credit here. You should know that the Catholic Church no longer abides by the medieval rhythm method as a way of spacing births (because limiting your family size is still considered an illegitimate goal). Nowadays Catholics enjoy the miracles of Natural Family Planning, don’tcha know? Which means that Mr. Douthat is apparently an expert at sniffing his wife’s cervical mucus to assess her potency.

  • Even he admitted that his pimp costume (which he did not actually wear during the videos of ACORN workers) was ridiculous. I believe he laughed it off by mentioning how he was like the whitest guy he knew. But there was absolutely no racial component to any of this. Just suggesting that would be RRRRRRRRACISM!

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    I think he’s a diocesan priest and doesn’t have to take one. Only members of religious orders have to take a vow of poverty (along with chastity and obedience I think?).

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    It sounds more like the AK-47 is the Honda Civic of guns while the AR-15 is the, uh, Ford Pinto? Suggestions welcome.

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    The man’s claim to fame is being “Instapundit,” i.e. offering his unqualified opinion with such minimal pause for deeper thought that he brags about the speed at which his knee jerks.

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    I’m a fan of #8 but he doesn’t look recognizable enough. #4 is pretty funny, but the helicopters aren’t laughing. So #5 is up there too.

  • As I mentioned on my blog, because it pissed me off so much: http://halfspin.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/hacktacular/

    Jennifer Rubin, February 2:

    Obviously — at least to the entire press corps, most voters and 99 percent of Republican office holders and candidates — Trump is a noxious, self-serving figure who is not a serious political player, but rather uses politics to further his own financial interests. He’s crass and ostentatious, hardly the model for rich or poor.… It’s unseemly for someone like Romney, who is running as a serious executive, to associate himself with Trump. It undermines Romney’s message that he is the responsible adult in the GOP presidential race.

    May she get hit in the face by an Israeli white phosphorus bomb.

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    I’m sure Bill’s response would be that the adolescents weren’t forced at gunpoint so it doesn’t count as “rape-rape,” and besides, look how many non-priest rapists are out there.

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    Not just any black man, but a well-known convicted criminal terrorist who successfully undermined the government of one of this country’s closest allies.

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    Forget Bill Maher. When is Obama going to give Bristol a call to console her for having to deal with a somewhat popular demonic conservative ridicule machine?

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    A parasitic infection that sucks nutrients from the host’s body, causing such complications as nausea, weight gain, abdominal swelling, mood swings, and eventual massive vaginal discharge, is not considered a medical condition?

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    My response, left on the Atlantic’s web site:

    “So it’s okay for the government to mandate medically unnecessary non-consensual trans-vaginal ultrasounds because, hey, abortion feels worse. McMegan the libertarian thinks it is perfectly acceptable for a government to stick large uncomfortable objects up people’s bodily orifices in order to discourage them from doing things McMegan frowns on.”

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    Actually, no. The state regulations (or at least the majority of them) cover insurance plans but don’t cover organizations who self-insure, which many religious organizations do to opt out of those requirements. The HHS rule seems to cover self-insurance as well. This was pointed out by some dickwad on the comments thread at http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/political-animal-a/2012_02/catholics_the_contraception_ma035251.php and appears to be accurate.

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    She’s pro-choice in the sense of letting the almighty free market choose who gets to have an abortion.

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    Bobo endorses reeducation camps? But I’m sure he still considers places like public schools and mixed-income housing to be fascist.

    Also, I wonder if Murray is ranking the tribes based on household income. If so it would hardly be surprising that kids born out of wedlock, and thus very likely to be in single-parent single-income households, would be poorer than married, often dual-income households.

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    I didn’t interpret his reaction as being disappointed at losing the chance to impregnate; it sounds more like his libido evaporated upon the realization that he was dealing with a woman who not only wanted sex but was prepared for it and unashamed to admit it. The way he describes her—chunky, drunkenly masticating, breasts spilling out, a target of disgust—is devoid of empathy: she’s an object, an animal, a dog trying to hump his leg. He wants sex to be pure and sublime and sacred. Of course he’s against the prospect of his church having to subsidize the bestial rutting of those who enjoy sex for its own sake, since it’s a pleasure he can’t feel himself.

    I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that his “ella” hyperlink points to the Witherspoon Institute.

  • But Buffett isn’t counting the 35-brazilian-percent corporate income tax that his investments all have to pay. No double taxation without double representation!

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