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    Next door to Google headquarters is the NASA Ames Research Center. The Director of NASA Ames is Dr. Pete Worden a former USAF General who also worked in the Bush White House and as you will see below, ran the information war after 9/11 at the Pentagon. He also happens to be a friend of Eric Schmidt and has allowed the Google Founders and Schmidt to operate their fleet of private aircraft from Moffett Airfield also located at NASA Ames and use cheap jet-fuel provided by the DOD at Moffett.

    Then 9/11 [September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, New York, New York, and the Pentagon, Washington, DC] happened. I was well known to people like Secretary [Donald H.] Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary [Paul D.] Wolfowitz and Undersecretary for Policy Doug [Douglas J.] Feith. They asked me to come and run the information war. In late October 2001 I was the “minister of information” – I guess some would say “minister of propaganda,” for the Defense Department, and worked with a number of folks that were quite impressive, including Newt [Newton L.] Gingrich.


  • Pelosi & Rep. Anna Eshoo have been covering for the Google founders & Eric Schmidt to fly their fleet of private aircraft out of Moffett Federal Airfield using jet fuel provided by the DOD which btw runs the NSA.

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    I read the entire posting of mikebar @ 49 and did not mind the lack of paragraphs etc. I grew up in Torrance and my nearby neighbor was in the LAPD. When he later joined the vice-squad he changed — for the worse.

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    My response @ 7 was to azhealer @ 4. Somehow the reply function did not work for me….

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    I have to respectfully disagree. Sen. Inouye and his minions tried and failed to get his hand picked successor selected. This is about power politics with the Senator, his staff and his business supporters hoping to keep the power and their jobs intact by cooking up a deal with Rep. Hanabusa before he passed. Btw, [...]

  • One of the organizations that has been blocked by NASA from using Moffett (Google) Airfield is a nonprofit called Humanitarian Air Logistics. They have filed a petition with the White House and need 150 signatures to get it publicly posted and 25,000 for the White House to formally respond. Please sign the petition linked below and pass the word.


  • Pres. Obama former deputy chief of staff and campaign manager Jim Messina considers Eric Schmidt his mentor. And there is still a messy situation in Google town involving NASA, Eric Schmidt, and the Google founders over their questionable use of Moffett Federal Airfield for their private fleet of jets while others are kept out. THe NASA IG Office is still looking into it and word is that the NASA Administrator wants to replace the Director of NASA Ames where Moffett is located but the White House and some in Congress are preventing that. The Director allowed the Google sweetheart deal at the airfield.


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    Regarding the special deal that the Google founders and Eric Schmidt got at the NASA run Moffett Airfield for their personal fleet of aircraft. The NASA IG recently found that NASA was not transparent and unfair to other interested parties in the lease of the hangar the Google folks use. Bottom line is that their days at the airfield may be numbered.

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    The story here IS about his political connections & not Romney. The main reason we are in this mess here in the USA is because the rich & powerful have total access to the inner workings of the entire USG. The rest of us do not and until we recognize & fix it – nothing will change for the better.

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    If Ecuador uses one of their C-130 aircraft, they can drive the car directly in to the aircraft without his getting out.


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    Here is another Grassley request that is apparently being ignored by NASA.


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    A Senate bought & controlled by the wealthy Dems & Repubs is what we now consider a democracy? What about the rest of us. Who represents our minority interests when the filibuster is gone?

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    I have been expecting trouble from returning vets turned law enforcement officers. They have been trained for and participated in war. They then bring those awful practices back here only to be applied as they see fit. Worse yet, this could go on for a generation.

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    Every time I hear about this guy I think about his leaving DC and going to build a cabin in the Nevada outback. I think he was preparing for the economy to collapse and have his hideout from the mass of angry people.


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    Excluding the elected and appointed officials, all the people that work in govt are our neighbors, friends and family members. We know what motivates the elected and appointed people but I cannot understand why the others act the way they do.

    Its like the police that beat up the Occupy protesters who are only sticking their necks out for the cops and others so we and they can have a decent future.

  • I watched much of the same program Kevin mentions. I have no doubt that every posting on this site is monitored and as Ms. Poitras said the folks that participate in Occupy protests are now pegged for life. The US Government including senior leaders in Congress are very afraid of its citizens taking to the streets and it getting out of hand. Thanks to 9/11 all of us are now considered possible terrorists.

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    Over the years I have worked on issues that took me to Capitol Hill. As Members retire or loose re-election, the staff get new jobs with another Member because they know the way DC (really) works. The eventual goal of many of these mostly young people is to become a well paid lobbyist. And once [...]

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    Most everyone focuses on Members of Congress but what they overlook are the staff who work on Capitol Hill. The staff run the everything and they are easily manipulated by the lobbyists. Jack Abramoff spoke about this in his book. We are focusing on the wrong areas and that will only prevent fixing this serious [...]

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    It is important that the Dems also nail their own corrupt officials and not just focus on the other guys and gals. This is a serious problem and touches upon the evil that permeates all levels of our govt by both the Dems & Repubs. Abramoff has not nailed enough people on the Hill as yet. He is still protecting many and it will be interesting to see if he spills the beans. Thats when I will know he has turned a new leaf.

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    I have met Mazie and found her to be a nice person. The problem as I see it is that she is supported by Sen. Inouye who is cold and ruthless ‘lifetime’ politician. His best friend was the late Republican Senator Ted Stevens whom he referred to as his “brother”. Because of his support for [...]

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