• Thanks for the link. Anyone know what relationship (if any) one of the co-authors of this report, Hayley Boesky, is to Ivan Boesky (sp??)?

  • Marcy,

    Do you or any commentators here know whether there is any possibility that GAO could be tasked to do a major audit – and I mean a truly humongous major audit – of the title problem?

    Obama has consistently been sleepwalking through this crisis, and when he occasionally opens his eyes he resembles nothing so much as a deer caught in the headlights. He has always been in denial about the scope of the risk, and as more evidence accumulates that the securitization mess is deteriorating, Obama’s response appears to be to sink deeper into DeNial. Every day Obama again proves himself the world’s most prominent example of The Peter Principle (i.e., everyone rises to a position just beyond his level of competence).

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    Obama has demonstrated to this point that he deserves to be limited to one term.

    The point that persuades me the most is that Obama acknowledged at the beginning of his term that he would make mistakes. Since then, neither he nor anyone in his administration has acknowledged a single mistake.

    That failure to realize his shortcomings and mis-steps is the fundamental flaw that renders Obama unfit to hold office beyond his current term, and unworthy of our continued support.

    If Obama were to rid himself of the rest of the palace guard in the White House and fire Geithner and the warmongers in his cabinet (Gates and Clinton), he would create spaces for new policy initiatives that might make him worth supporting for re-election. Barring such an epiphany, however, he deserves to be toast after one term.