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    Cue Jim Morrison and The Doors….”This is the End”

    Anyways, best of luck in the future and thanks for the great posts that made this internet life a little easier.

    Also, I’m also going to miss the great posters who made this place so much fun to read…I’m kinda sad that I may not have that reading pleasure again, either.

    Or perhaps, we could ask Jane and the FDL folks to turn the keys of this site over and we can run it as an internet co-op?

  • Been a loooong time since I posted here, but had to sign in to say thanks for the insanely great posts that you’ve given us over the years. You really had a way with this wordcraft thing. Best of luck to you and your family in your future blog-free life.

    But I’ll still be keeping my link alive…just in case.

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    It’s pretty goddam simply…the moron’s who keep electing Republicans better start thinking about what their vote means. Personally, I’ve been amazed for 30+ years how Republican voters keep electing idiots who make no bones about destroying their economic future…

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    Personally, I’d love to hear the Perferssor’s thoughts….after he experiences a bullet induced brain injury similar to Ms. Giffords.

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    Who’s the marketing genius who green-lighted this project? Is there an audience out there for a failed Vice Presidential candidate, half-term governor to “speak out” on a non-issue?

    Seriously? The Palin Rube Mountain Gold Strike is incredibly rich….I bet HC will be doing the entire book. The only “work” Palin will do is a photo-shoot for the cover. That really is the most important part of this book, anyways. I doubt most of the Sarah Palin Fan Club will ever read it, but they’ll proudly display the book next to their Walmart Nativity Creche.

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    Is that the Klonopin talking in Goldstein’s fantasy? Jeff seems to be one psychotic break away from being another ‘actor’ in the RW war on America.

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    From watching the typical Republican/Conservative/Teabagger political voter/sycophant/paid operaative over the past 40 years, I’m amazed at the amount of limitless energy needed to apologize/defend the consequences of their current political philosophy. Nixon, W.,Cheney, Rice, Brown,Palin, McCain, Romney…they all have glaring deficiencies that are obvious to sane people, but Teapublicans – not so much. They are clueless and without any real moral foundation. Really, do they want to stand against the idea of reformable gun policy, given the accelerating problems with a gun fetish culture?

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    Steven Crowder is a comedian and Fox News contributor.…..but he repeats himself.

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    Too bad Twitter doesn’t allow user characterization of the hashtags used. A simple +/- would suffice. Then places like Twitchies could see how “popular” they really are.

  • BFD Pride Goeth Before the Fall. Ann and Mitt may have had visions of being crowned POTUS, but the clear majority of American voters felt otherwise. Too bad there wasn’t a ballot question that said ” Should the USG investigate Bain Corp – and it’s many subsidiaries – to see if they, or their principles, evaded US Treasury law?

  • Actually, he kind of reminds me of Eric, Son of Ericson. The pair would seem to be natural collaborators.

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    Time really flies when you’re having a good time. And, man, it must be crawling if you’re Mitt Rmoney.

    Just had to drop in and say thanks for providing much needed snark sammies over the past decade. I think you helped keep me sane in the times of Bush/Cheney and the Republicon attempt to rewrite recent American history. Certainly cheaper than group therapy.and funnier to boot.

    Think MM has a TBogg voodoo doll that she uses daily to vent her frustrations? I do.

    You one of the greats at what you do…

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    I expect that Ms. Palin will soon be announcing her signing up to guest star in Trailer Park Boys: The Reunion. She’d be right at home, on set with Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles.

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    Am I the only one that would love to see a USFS tanker plame, carrying a full load of FR foam, ‘accidentally’ make a direct hit on the Malkin Compound?… preferably with her outside waving her fist at the Evil Government while jumping up and down in that cheerporn film outfit, like the one she wore in her film acting debut.

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    Now there’s a boring white fella that will get the Republican voter supercharged.

  • Mitt Romney – where America confronts its deeply schizoid self. The perfect dysfunctional candidate.

  • Who put this Party of Cranks in State Power? Keeerist, it’s like watching a determined march back to the good old days of 1850. When are the idiot 1/2 of the voters who elect them and figure it out? They win, but they keep losing along with the rest of us.

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    Except for the face, he nailed Schafly. The rest? Hardly worth the click.

    When was the last time a LW blog photoshopped fantasies of popular female commentators like this? I’m convinced that these emotionally retarded men-boys only care about the pretty package that spews all the ugly opinions. Idiots.

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    Late to the party, as usual…if you read this, you might want to check out the “History of Feminism” Group over at DemocraticUnderground. You’ll be in good company with the rest of the scolds who post there.

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    Bravo…both deserved to win. Dammit, was sailing for the last 5 days off the Maine coast and had no access to the internet, so I missed the vote. Bummer (not really).

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