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    In the end, everything is a gag – Charlie Chaplain

    Best to you and yours. And thank you again.

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    See ya, fellas.

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    Thanks for all the laughs and making this ridiculous world a little more bearable. May your salt always be Himalayan and may your barbecue pit stay upright.

    And if you do resurrect yourself somewhere in the future, just play a little Joy Formidable and this demonic minion will come running.

    See ya on the twitter twats.

  • I feel like I’m sitting in the front row at Yankee’s Stadium as Lou Gehrig gives his farewell speech. Sniff.

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    I won’t miss you at all but then again or you gone?

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you FDL sans TBogg. Sigh, is it too early to start drinking on the east coast?

  • Damn you, Tom. Aww hell, I understand and the best to you and your wonderful family, and, not the least of which, putting a smile on my face on too many occasions to count. Over the years I’ve curtailed my commenting on numerous blogs to this one little corner. To me, it was perhaps the only place that really took a step back, pointed a finger and laughed at the ridiculous state of our world without possessing the condescension of having all the answers exhibited by so many others. And the music, oh, the music.

    Hoping this is just a sabbatical, but if not, a toast (clink) to your journey and thanks for making this life a little more bearable.

    Okay, here’s a thought: guest posting over at Cole’s place from time to time. Seems like a natural fit. Varied opinions accepted, animals, etc…. Shit, now I’m just begging. Good luck, ya big lug.

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    So Popov Peggy decided to jot down some of the drunken hallucinations she witnesses while passed out under her dining room table at two in the afternoon on a regular basis? I guess that does make them “true” in a sense.

    Will there be a follow up book where the pink elephant that dances about her head turns into President Sarah Palin?

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    I see the Republican outreach program continues apace.

    Next up: Fox News must broadcast Republican Convention 2016 without sound and all attendees must wear – along with signing their loyalty “oath” – mandatory ear plugs while on the convention floor.

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    So the crap I buy on Amazon will come padded with unread copies of the Post instead of those styrofoam peanuts?

    If so, I’m for the purchase. Sounds like a win-win, for my mind as well as the environment.

  • Brilliant. You should submit this to the San Diego Union-Tribune as an editorial or letter to the editor.

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    See, this is what happens when we let the gays marry!

    Ross Douthat

  • Along with Lizard Cheney running and the Great Grifter of the North making noises, I believe the cabal may be complete. Fear for you soul, dear Macbeth Obama!

    Then again, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hove through the fog and filthy air” as a campaign slogan probably won’t impress too many Delaware voters.

  • And why settle for the senate?

    Cheney – DeForest Kelley 2016!

  • From the “story”:

    Lee then wondered how concerned — on a scale of one to ten — should people be about terrorists hacking cars.

    “Right now, I’d say on a scale of one to ten, it’s a one and a half,” Wright admitted.

    A 1.5! That IS frightening. Here is where I’ve placed that on my Shit The Bed Scale (SBS) to give me some perspective.

    2. Month old carton of Moo goo gai pan in the back of my fridge gains sentience and attacks me while I watch television.

    1.5 Islamic Terrorist Remote Car Control

    1 Sarah Palin is appointed the director for the Center for Disease Control.

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    Gotta love the evangelicals. Upset that the Declaration isn’t quoted verbatim in a beer commercial, but if cornered on the street, half of them couldn’t recite all ten commandments.

    Think I’ll start a microbrewery aimed at this disaffected group. First beer off the assembly line will be Leviticus Light.
    Tag line : Twice as many stonings and sister rapings as a regular beer, but a third less calories.

    Also, if these folks want to get upset at a beer I suggest Michelob Ultra. If that isn’t piss straight from the Devil’s dangle, I don’t know what is.

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    I’ve been travelling for a few days. Did I miss anything?

    A brief synopsis:

    The neighbors who never cut their lawn and have had a rusted ’72 Cutlass (McGovern Limited Edition) up on blocks in their driveway for over a decade stopped by for a 4th of July celebration. They only brought a previously opened bag of stale Bugles to contribute, and proceeded to piss in the baby pool, puke on the azaleas, and masturbate in the middle of the living room to old photos of Emma Goldman. Then people that hadn’t laughed since the last Gallagher show they attended in 1984 proceeded to call everyone unfunny before passing out next to the Fenway’s kibble bowl.
    Also, someone gave a hat tip to sihlkee, which may be the funniest thing I’ve seen on the internetz in weeks.

    Jane made it all better by ordering out for tacos. Again.

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    Tacos for dinner again?!?!

    Sigh. Pass the sour cream and the Tums.

  • Someone on FDL’s side is trying to do something about this shit.

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! Is it new petition to get rid of Tbogg!?!?! I bet you can even get Glenn Reynolds to sign it! Or at least Grover Nordquist!

    To be honest, I’d sign the damn thing and follow him wherever he goes. The infestation of the greatest threads on the internetz by the perpetually aggrieved and willfully sanctimonious angst hordes from next door has grown beyond tiresome.

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    And the only thing that has the potential to top Duckworth’s shredding of this dope is if they brought this draft dodger in front of the committee.

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    Jesus, if Erick of Erick’s article wasn’t idiotic enough, the comments are priceless. He’s a ‘veteran’ dontcha know! Cuz he twisted his ankle playing football at a military prep school.

    At least Erick son of Erick and his father Erick and his father Erick is honest in his assessment that he really doesn’t give a shit about the substance of issues.

    And I fully expect the next Red State diatribe to rip into Issa for being a RINO. Peak Wingnut is coming folks! I can feel it in the finger I sprained in typing class back in high school!

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