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    I stand with Eric Loomis.

    But I don’t want NRA chair Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick. No, that’s too easy. I want something more karmically symmetrical, something with a little of that old Hollywood magic: I want him hoist on his own petard by a big-ass fire in his basement shooting range and munitions dump. I want his brains chewed out of his cranium by the zombie child dead on Apocalypse Day. I want him to shoot off his own nuts with a Bushmaster while jerking off to mandingo porn. I want him to eat a big bag of salted dicks and choke.

    See, so much better.

  • an unsparing, nauseating and frighteningly realistic look at how the CIA tortured many people and reaped very little intelligence.

    Your tortured comment, revealing little intelligence, is therefore a testament to the movie’s message. Ka-ching!

  • Unfortunately, since national voting is done through states’ governments, whose secretaries of state are presumably easily bought if GOP, if this NSA guy is right then we may never see another Democratic president again. There is simply nothing to be done at a federal level, which means 50 different movements to restore democracy would need to sprout up around the country at the same time to change various disparate state laws and elect Democratic governors in enough states all at once… so, like I said, unlikely. Unless it’s some kind of DINO puppet who is just there to tarnish the brand, Obama will be our last kinda Progressive president. It’s Brawndo onwards after him.
    If this guy is right.

  • Don’t be so frikkin calm and rational. It makes shouted hyperbole look like hyperbole, only shouted.

  • I think this

    He does make decisions based on what is best for business and not necessarily what is best for people.

    is the one bone I have to pick with your statement. Unlike the Keenyan Uslurper, I’m an actual socialist. But if I had been faced with Obama’s bag of maggoty seconds he got handed, I don’t know if I would have done anything differently… if I were also a blah. Being white, however, I might could have gone more populist than Obama (being a Scary Near-Man) felt was within his abilities to push in this here Corprocracy.

    You see, I have no illusions about what is possible in American politics. Hell, after Bush II: Electric Cattle Prod Board-a-Roo, I’m amazed we haven’t all been stacked as batteries for dinnertime lightshows for the .01%. The fact that we got a decently progressive (closer to German-style) healthcare arrangement agreed to is remarkable, as are the advances in gay rights. But I think Obama is thinking pragmatically, not venally, when his agenda is not as hard on business fuckhead as it should be. I think hew knows who the press works for, and every morning he is reminded of the 238 years of history pressing down on him and squeezing his options when he looks in the mirror and sees his beautiful brown skin. I think he has done what he could, and Americans, the voting-averse, history denying cuties that we are, barely deserve even that.

    Call me naive, but just don’t call me Shirley.

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    Besides unemployment, the threat of a Great Depression, two active wars with no end in sight, our image abroad, LGBT rights, settlements for Indians and black farmers, and CAFE standards, you mean? Assuming you’re not merely trolling our asses, that is.

  • Representative Doug Lamborn, Kiddie Porn Expert™ is a dick. Don’t you all agree about Representative Doug Lamborn, Kiddie Porn Expert? We should let people know about Representative Doug Lamborn, Kiddie Porn Expert.

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    At my Berlin Frau’s Heimat with the in-laws I saw an instance of a fork in the right hand in a sea of otherwise undisturbed conformity. Maybe the youth are fucking everything up over there now too with their “flouting of arbitrary conventions and shit”. Or perhaps he was left handed? Dunno. All I know is I ate the slowest I’ve ever eaten in my life. Aside: the father-in-law eats his sandwiches (incl. burgers) with a fork and knife also. Ah, Germany.

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    If no-wave is your bag, Tbogg, check out Stone Throw’s Minimal Wave comps if you haven’t already. Like Shriek Back with more ennui.

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    And shit like this from “even liberals like Ezra Klein™” ain’t helping neither, with the Overton window getting nudged a little closer to a perfect view of that skating rink in hell.

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    Exactly. And “Nach Mittens uns” needs to go into the tag bin, stat.

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