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    The only thing a sane person can think of when watching these GOP debates is how rich is it going to be to watch Obama annihilate one of these stooges.

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    I will Firebagger!

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    The classic 3 way split of the pillars of the Republican party (Christian Supremacists, Country Clubber, Ayn Randers). Obama will be able to knock any of them asunder! GOBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good write up, but careful David . The firebagger army has more distain for this President than they do the GOP dolts (true idiots of the Earth) that are running against him. That’s a problem. You would of thought what happened in 2010 would of woke up the Democratic base but they are like infants who cry when they don’t get everything they want instantly.

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    Holy Press conference just now. Ok firebaggers. Have any of you folks figured out yet that this is all a (MASTERFUL) song and dance by Obama to make the Republicans (and firebaggers) look like idiots and he isn’t going to (AND NEVER PLANNED TOO) make any kind of significant cuts to the big 3???? Probably [...]

  • Do you folks still not understand that Obama is going to take the McConnell “clean” bill and all this is just political posturing?? You guys really don’t get that? He’s going to expose these Tea Baggers for what they are for the country to see and then be able to say, “we went for a grand barging, that included the big 3, but the Republicans are fundamentalist that will not budge. Therefore it is with great reluctance, but for the good of our nation, that I accepted Senator McConnell’s offer.” He is playing politics people. He is running for reelection. HELLO.

    Are Lawrence O’Donnell and me the only people that understand this?

  • GREAT post in the comment section of the L. O’Donnell story Scarecrow did that is instructive about HCR. cut/paste:

    Henry on July 16, 2011 at 8:14 pm
    This is the difference between ineffectual activism and actual governing; the difference between being satisfied with making a “statement” and actually making progress. Democrats had been trying to get HCR passed for decades, and the choice came down to getting most what we wanted now and working on establishing the missing elements later, or staring over from scratch; from zero. The choice was obvious. Why do you think Kucinich, with all of his talk of not voting for the bill, voted for the bill? It wasn’t because the Obama administration twisted his arm. It was because he was smart enough to know that passing that bill was enormous progress toward what he truly wanted. The “Kill The Bill” movement (if you can call it a movement) was the most idiotic thing imaginable. Hamsher and others who supported it see passing policy as a spectator sport, with no real regard to how real people’s lives are effected; “people with pre-existing conditions? Screw you! I didn’t get my single payer/public option pony.”

    “Recent young adults who need to stay on their parents coverage? Screw you! I didn’t get my single payer/public option pony.”

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    That Lawrence O’Donnell piece is the most accurate thing I’ve read in months. Nailed my sentiments of the last 3 years with regards this site (once vital) in a new word. Firebaggers. Bloody brilliant.

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    The O is a political master. He’ll get the best deal that is possible, just like he did with healthcare. Considering these lunatics he has to content with it is stunning he has gotten as much done as he has. Glad to see a blogger here finally see that there is some method to the way Obama acts instead of just freaking out and screaming, “its the end of the Democratic party, this man needs to sign a purtiy pledge.” The right has their Grover Norquist, we don’t need one on the left.

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    @ #20. You are the only person that get it. Firedoggies and Teabaggers are cut from the same cloth. Hardliners who have people sign pledges (single payer) that thus boxes them if from the art of compromise that IS politics. Talk about “dumb motherfuckers”.

    The truth is you folks are the biggest bunch who sewing circle whiners on the net. “Obama got elected and he didn’t do everything we wanted him too!” Welcome to politics, welcome to changing the zeitgeist of the last 30 years “trickle down” takes a few years.

    When Obama plays this debt thing out like the master politician of our era that he moterfucking is. You folks could create enough energy with your sewing circles meltdown that it could solve the global energy crisis.

    Good to see Jane found the piss and vinegar again. Now direct it somewhere constructive….like a a moterfucking Repbulican.

  • FITZ.
    Yeah, well don’t let that door hit you in the kneecaps! I’ve never seen a bigger group of political junkies (who I agree with) who do not understand POLTICS!

    Kneecapping the President is not the same thing as pushing him in the right (left) direction.

    Register, hell I was here in the Redhead days when you didn’t have to register and this site wasn’t nest of whiners. Then this site VITAL. and needed.

    OBAMA 2012…. and there ain’t a thing the kneecappers and teabaggers can do about it.
    I’m here, I’m loud, I’m proud. GET USED TO IT.

  • Obama has played the Republicans (and the kneecapping left) for IDIOTS. How’s that “what we are seeing is the end of the Democratic Party” working out for you firedogies? What has happened to this site since the glory days of Fritz???

    What a master, he’s made the Republicans look like they are scared to make cuts to social security, split them with their Tea Party base, split Cantor/Boehner and done it all without any Democratic base support. This site is officially irrelevant. Ciao Baby.

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