• Oh yeah lets next talk about JP’s court approved ‘settlements’. For years as I struggled financially through an unexpected and uninsured health crisis I was part of JP’s overdraft shell game, where they deliberately posted the largest incoming check first so all others bounced. I was charged a small fortune in fees over several years.
    After a year of waiting for the final court Order, I received a check for $0.17.

  • hazmaq commented on the blog post Democrats Have a Six Point Advantage in Generic Ballot

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    Please don’t publicize these polls anymore. Aside from Pelosi – a realist – Congressional Dems leader -especially Reid and Hoyer – con themselves, donors and voters into believing the polls mean we approve of what they’ve done.
    They pay insurance to Republicans – points and votes from anywhere else mean nothing.

  • hazmaq commented on the blog post Did Iran Win The US-Iraq War?

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    Iran is winning still..and turns out that’s good for us.

    But what I’m happiest about is that the biggest looser is not the Bush/Cheney gang so much, but Israel. No one left to pick a war with..

    Maybe their hating will stop now so Palestinians finally have some peace..

  • hazmaq commented on the blog post Poverty Among Senior Citizens is Worse than Official Numbers

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    Some other unreported info:

    Women who stayed home to raise children or contributed to the family business, as I did, earned nothing toward their future SS benefits. If shit happens and your health and/or marriage bubble bursts, your SS or Disability benefits are barely enough for rent.

    And then we have states like mine -Arizona – who’s gun happy Right-Wing “Christian” leaders felt the best way to balance the budget and keep all their toys was to reduce EVERYONES food stamps by $21.00 – right before Thanksgiving too.

  • Sorry didn’t know where to put this..

    Re ARIZONA: Just heard from my Disabled elderly Aunt.. and spoke with a DES rep to confirm..

    ALL/each and every Arizona food stamp recipient recently received word that thanks to the AZ government/Republicans, their food stamps will be cut by $21.00 for November..

    Don’t see this written anywhere..might help turn out more angry voters!!

    Say Happy Fucking Thankgsgiving to Brewer and her Hoarde.. ;(

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    Actually he’s worse.
    He’s Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice rolled into one.
    And I say that with a dead serious face.

  • What I valued about her most out of all the Democrats was that she was fearless. She knew what we wanted and wouldn’t take crap from Harry Reid, Emanuel or Obama. Her wielding the gavel over the Moderate heads of Hoyer and Clyburn was essential too.

  • Obama and his Administrations’ actions -including the DOJ’s – are making brazenly clear which voters he’s hoping to entice in 2012.

    The only way to stop them and him, is to get Pelosi back in the Speakers seat.
    The Senate is too corrupt to mess with.

  • The minute he hired Rahm Emanuel, the insiders of the Right and Left knew he wasn’t the dream Democrat we dumb-ass voters thought he was.
    Since then all he and Harry Reid have done and will continue to is serve tea. They’ve burned all other bridges.

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    Due to weather issues here in Arizona, I greatly appreciate the 24/7 availability of TWC online as well as on the tv, and all the local coverage – for families and the locals affected. However, since the storms’ danger was downgraded to that of a normal tropical storm rather quickly I thought it ridiculous overkill [...]

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    The judge in this case is a rare jewel by publicly acknowledging bull-shit prosecutions when he sees them.

    Unfortunately he seeks justice against that rare combination of a white female Southern lawyer lawyer and her bag of prejudices partnered with a black President who chooses to forgot what justice is all about.

  • If it weren’t for the blue states beliefs in science and justice, just think what this country would turn into.

    Better start looking at your state Dr.s credentials. When the only oncologist in my area was an older man from and educated in Texas – I chose to put my life in the hands of a real Dr. 65 miles away.

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    Anyone else here think that Ron Paul may sneak in the back door in 2012?

    The Obama/Reid congress have so fu**ed any faith in Dems that Dems and Independents only near choice is Ron Paul. You’re damn right he’s horrible if you look at the details – but W. didn’t make it to two term by our brain dead voters checking out the details.

    I’ve talked to a bunch of people here in Az, including Independents and hard core Republicans – all favored Paul.

  • hazmaq commented on the blog post Russ Feingold Won’t Run Next Year

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    It may have to do with the same reason he nixed his past thoughts about running. Remember he was our darling until Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer cut him off to support Hillary.

    No progressive can ever trust the DSCC or the DCCC, both of whom push pro-war and pro-Wall Street candidates.

  • Obama, Dems and Republicans better fear one man in particular: Ron Paul

    With the gaping hole Obama has Left, many of us from all walks see him as the one who may have the right stuff to finally sneak thru to home base.
    I see Independents flocking to him as the one sanely consistent adult at the party.

  • Please make them stop with this big-talk of ‘bi-partisan’ Gangs of ?? ‘tackling the tougher decisions later’ bullshit.
    Not once have I ever seen the $#@^%$* Democrats ever leave a bargaining table with little if any of what they said they hoped to accomplish.
    Reid and Obama have turned out to be horrible liars.

  • hazmaq commented on the blog post Senate Debt Ceiling Watch Party — Part IV

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    You’d think that would be the case.
    But we are where we are today almost solely because the Dems really and officially are spineless and ball-less cowards who cannot be trusted.

    Fox, Palin and even Bachman have publicly humiliated them all without anyone but Olbermann and our blogs standing up to fight it.

    As long as people like Schumer and Reid get away with using DSSC money to blackmail the candidates and votes of our Senators on behalf of Wall Street, the rest of us will always get fucked.
    Harsh, but that’s the absolute truth of the matter.

  • hazmaq commented on the blog post Bernie Sanders to Primary Obama? Don’t Make Me Laugh

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    Just when we think things can’t get any worse – they do, tenfold.

    This is the latest headline at TPM:

    “Senate Votes Down Reid Bill, Awaits Obama/McConnell Spending-Cut-Only Debt Limit Bill.”

    When we jerk-offs shed those adoring tears, did we ever, EVER think we’d see the health of the whole country “await” the McConnell/Obama( let’s call it what it really is)bill?


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    Mine’s snoozing on the carpet in front of the fan while I’m surfing ringtones.

    Now partnered with Obama, we both well know long-time Senate shot callers Reid and Schumer — the same two 99% responsible for the creation/demise of Democratic power in the Senate — will never do anything but kiss Wall Street and Republican ass.
    That’s how whacko Bachman has risen in power and the DOW repeatedly bounces back up over 12,000 while the country continues to rot.

  • “Fuming” my ass. A nice show for their constituents maybe. But as long as we have 2 self-indulgent back room pro-Obama hard-line Moderate hacks like Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer leading Congress, Pelosi will never ever gain enough ground to keep us away from Obama having his way.

    It’s all about their jobs now, and nothing else. Still.

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