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    The thing is – and this is yet another area in which the left has been woefully inadequate in framing the discussion – reversing the upward redistribution of wealth that has occurred over the last 30+ years is not at all socialistic. It is, in fact, quite in keeping with the market capitalism that the right wing claims to have so much devotion for. Market capitalism relies upon a large robust middle class as it’s engine. The concentration of wealth under supply side economics continues to starve that engine and destroy market capitalism in the US. Make no mistake, supply-siders are NOT capitalists. They are, in fact, neo-feudalists, who want to see a world in which a wealthy few own everything, and the rest must pay fealty for their table scraps, and borrow everything they possess from their “landlords” (at a healthy rate of interest I’m sure).

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    Insurance companies will do just fine. They’re currently busy denying coverage to anyone with even the slightest health history and pushing them into the temporary “high-risk” pools. They’ll end up with the healthiest customers and the taxpayers will have to subsidize everyone else in the “exchanges.” Mission Accomplished.

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    Progressives dont have rich people. Progressives hate greedy people.

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