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    I struggled for a long time with the same thought process. Until it occured to me that I had been brainwashed by or EXTREME CAPITALISM. The reason we should tax them is the same reason we don’t let drivers drive 150 mph down the hiway ‘THEY ARE A DANGER’ in this case they are a danger to the very fabric of democracy.Concentration of wealth equals concentration of power. Can’t have that and maintain a democracy.

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    I’m all for this but I think we should also test for alcohol and country music.

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    in response to hackworth1 at thirteen

    You know I have often wondered about the possibility of starting a STARVE THE BEAST MOVEMENT. Think about it JUST STOP REPRODUCING. The results would begin to show almost immediatly beginning with reproductive care then education then the military. It requires zero confrontation with the authorities ( until they start demanding that women breed). Eh probably a pipe dream but fun to think about.

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