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  • So tired of FB posts, “Lookit this cop doing something nice! Damn those thuggy protesters!”

    America is better than this, and we can be better than this. As citizens and/or taxpayers, we have a right to expect better, and a duty to demand better.

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    As one healing from a mere broken wrist, you have my deepest sympathies and best wishes for a speedy, as-comfortable-as-you-can-make-yourself recovery. Think of this as a golden opportunity to catch up on your reading. XOXO

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    there is not much of an argument for the Keystone XL pipeline

    According to my righty source, it is sufficient that it would reduce George Soros’ rail shipping income.

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    Spills from rail are orders of magnitude more common than spills from pipeline.

    And yet spills from pipelines are orders of magnitude larger. A single or even several rail spills would not contaminate the water source for millions, a single pipeline leak could do so easily.

  • Our system traditionally doesn’t treat the rescheduling of drugs as a job for Congress.

    And with this Congress that’s a good thing, too, because science.

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    So much for churches picking up the safety net.

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    Hollowing out the skulls would increase the yield, and allow leaving room for a stick or other method of upright display.

  • sophisticated entity that used commercial, nonattributable spyware that’s proprietary to a government agency

    The spyware might be very sophisticated, it does not follow that the entity implementing it is sophisticated. ‘Commercial’ software is by definition marketed, so presumably attributable. If it is, in fact, ‘nonattributable’, one cannot then claim that it is government-proprietary, certainly not a particular government, let alone a specific agency thereof.

    Someone is stringing big scary words together, Benghazi!

    I have no doubt our government spies on & sets up citizens; in this case the claimant has limited credibility so, who knows?

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    I won’t be working the polls this cycle, and had been looking for day-of GOTV opportunities like providing rides. Disappointed that local party, LWV, etc. have zero info about this or even phonebanking on their sites. One would think they’d have at least that much ground game, even in a very blue region…

  • Komen’s focus is channeling funds to big pharma, period.

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    I believe Schmidt said that Google had funded ALEC in support of “something unrelated.” When he was asked what that was, he avoided answering by making his “they lie” comment.

    He never actually answered that question, I’d be interested to hear him do so.

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    Of course it matters, it’s just a shameful state of affairs when people seemingly DON’T matter.

  • Sadly, very few PDs are open to change; it must be forced through litigation – either criminal or civil.

  • True, and not to say there aren’t charlatans in the psych community, but as a whole they at least have extra training and the experience of observation to triage.

    While she never practiced, my mom had a post-grad psych education and continued to subscribe to a couple of periodicals, which grew up reading. From that and the personal contact noted before it would appear I have more grounding in the field than most MDs today, which makes their prescribing habits downright scandalous, if not criminal.

    I think we could really bend the acceptability arc if, when medicos have patients that they think need mental health care, they referred them to a specialist, even if just to get them the appropriate prescription. It’s not like they don’t do that for every other issue that comes up, and the mind more than most needs knowledgeable care. At the very least, someone familiar enough with the meds to know what to watch for – again, from observed experience, not pharma pamphleteering (‘rare’ side effects are a lot less so than they’d lead you to believe).

  • Having dealt with mental health (mainly several with bipolar disorders) and addiction issues as well as suicide in family and friends, we need to #2 make it acceptable to seek help, but #1 have GOOD help readily available.

    Also, stop big pharma from touting their psychoactive products as painkillers – doctors without psych backgrounds are prescribing them, and not advising patients and their caretakers of the very real risks, nor monitoring them properly. The public is so used to taking pain pills ‘as needed’, but many that are marketed now cannot be stopped without adverse reactions. Lost a family member that way.

  • Swapped prisoner names in TN – and article reads like the threat was specific to Sills, so they probably didn’t even need to leave the bed empty. Stuck him in with Bess just to push his buttons/call his bluff? D-bags.

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    That’s just gross, not to mention wrong. Talk about harshing a buzz…

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    I noticed this some months ago, and have been paying attention – every photo where you can clearly see his eyes, they’re bloodshot.

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    I’m more bothered by supposed language professionals without command of the language, i.e., copywriters (and their editors, for cryin’ out loud) who can’t distinguish ‘every day’ vs ‘everyday’ & suchlike. Recall a magazine ad comparing several pairs of ideas trying to show how snooty the product was. One of those pairs was literally synonymous, not even as nuanced as ‘red’ vs ‘scarlet’. Argh.

  • holding ballots back in certain counties

    How does that work – colluding Clerks?

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