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  • homerhk commented on the blog post The Release of Stratfor Emails by WikiLeaks & Its Significance

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    Is this really a big deal? Seems to me that you are making too much of this. I read through some of the emails which don’t appear to be much more than some routine aggregation. Some of what you say appears to be misleading – e.g. when you say that Bhopal activists were being “spied on” in fact all that what going on what some monitoring of press about Bhopal/Dow – now you can criticise that and Dow for being underhand about it but really it’s not spying. Similarly your link to the glossary of terms provides no context for that document. Reading through it it is clear, however, that it is a bit of a joke; a parody if you will. Very selective quoting of the definitions in particular you should use the entire quote about “businessmen” and “coerced source” which is obviously a joke.

    Stratfor seems like a bit of a mickey mouse company which has managed to pass itself off as having some great particular insights but in reality just has a lot of people with access to the internet.

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Mitt Romney Will Probably Never Be Live At The Apollo

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    This sort of comment along with the one you responded to is precisely why there are people who complain of white progressive privilege. Actually, I’ve just seen TBogg’s response to you and I say Amen.

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    so there’s ‘no transparency’ but you know what’s going down? I really wonder whether you’ve ever thought that your best bet might be to target republicans instead?

  • doesn’t it show you something when you have to troll Craigslist for someone to primary Obama? how ridiculous is this. I’m not one of those that says don’t primary Obama cos it will make him vulnerable; I say don’t primary Obama cos you’ll look like a tool.

  • homerhk commented on the diary post Why Liberal Sellouts Attack Prophets Like Cornel West by cmaukonen.

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    err, I think the main complaint was the petulance of it all. West complaining about Barack Obama not ‘educating’ the public as to the reasons for the financial crisis and not caring about the poor and then in the same breath complaining because a bellhop had managed to secure an inauguration ticket whereas he – [...]

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    I read this and wanted to post a reasoned critique but really it doesn’t deserve it. The dripping condescension about “educating” blacks is repugnant enough but reading the whole post just makes me realise that you’re really too ignorant to know better. My God, but you are a dick.. however, the comments on this thread [...]

  • homerhk commented on the diary post Is Obama a One-Termer? by elves chasm.

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    yeah, good argument that. Way to go – you’ve really convinced me.

  • homerhk commented on the diary post Is Obama a One-Termer? by elves chasm.

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    My God, but you’re a sad individual. He has tried to close Gitmo but been blocked by Congress Does he continue renditions? Removed 100,000 troops from Iraq – all to be removed by August 2011 he promised to engage more in Afghanistan not less (but of course you don’t mind him breaking promises you don’t [...]

  • homerhk commented on the diary post Bradley Manning Is Punished for Seeking a More Perfect Union by KevinZeese.

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    Manning isn’t accused of telling truth; he’s accused of leaking thousands upon thousands of classified documents. There’s no value judgment as to whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing – he was given access to classified documents, he knew the restrictions, he broke them (allegedly, yes, it has not been proven). I can [...]

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    Obviously unfortunately for most of you here, President Obama will win a second term with more of the vote than last time and more electoral college votes. He certainly deserves to. In just two years, he has overseen the passage of healthcare reform, wall street reform, saved the country from going into a depression, saved [...]

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Obama Makes Nice with the Chamber of Commerce

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    I really don’t understand this tendency to dismiss any countervailing views on this site as “spin”; these are my views, nothing to do with Axelrod, Plouffe OR the next election. I am not in disagreement with what you say about the CoC but really that’s nothing to do with my point which was that although there are conniptions on this site about Obama “making nice” (or “genuflecting” I believe was mot de jour) the reality is that he gave a pretty hard headed speech wrapped up in civil language. Some choice bits for your rumination (although it is really not hard to actually read or watch the speech if you had the inclination):

    “I strolled over from across the street, and look, maybe if we had brought over a fruitcake when I first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start.” translation – “you lot a really a bunch of WATB”

    “But combined with a brutal and devastating recession, these forces have also shaken the faith of the American people — in the institutions of business and government. They see a widening chasm of wealth and opportunity in this country, and they wonder if the American Dream is slipping away.

    They wonder if the middle class, rather than expanding as it has through our lifetimes, is in the midst of an inexorable contraction. And we can’t ignore these concerns. We have to renew people’s faith in the promise of this country –- that this is a place where you can make it if you try. And we have to do this together: business and government; workers and CEOs; Democrats and Republicans.” – translation – while you all have gotten rich, the middle class has suffered and the American Dream is further away. You can’t expect this dynamic to be sustained.

    ” But I want to be clear: Even as we make America the best place on Earth to do business, businesses also have a responsibility to America.

    I understand the challenges you face. I understand you are under incredible pressure to cut costs and keep your margins up. I understand the significance of your obligations to your shareholders and the pressures that are created by quarterly reports. I get it.

    But as we work with you to make America a better place to do business, I’m hoping that all of you are thinking what you can do for America. Ask yourselves what you can do to hire more American workers, what you can do to support the American economy and invest in this nation. That’s what I want to talk about today –- the responsibilities we all have — the mutual responsibilities we have — to secure the future that we all share.” – you can’t just sit on your arses while we do the heavy lifting.

    “That’s why I want to lower the corporate rate and eliminate these loopholes to pay for it, so that it doesn’t add a dime to our deficit. And I’m asking for your help in this fight. I think it can be done” – yes corporate taxes are high and I’m going to address that, but I’m also going to close all the loopholes you’ve been taking advantage of for so many years. Mutual responsibilities mean exactly that. I double dare you to oppose that.

    “Few of us would want to live in a society without rules that keep our air and water clean; that give consumers the confidence to do everything from investing in financial markets to buying groceries. And the fact is, when standards like these have been proposed in the past, opponents have often warned that they would be an assault on business and free enterprise. We can look at the history in this country. Early drug companies argued the bill creating the FDA would “practically destroy the sale of … remedies in the United States.” That didn’t happen. Auto executives predicted that having to install seatbelts would bring the downfall of their industry. It didn’t happen. The President of the American Bar Association denounced child labor laws as “a communistic effort to nationalize children.” That’s a quote.”

    As to your complaints about regulations I generally recognise the issue but it you should know that your previous scaremongering has come to nothing and there are some regulations that are absolutely necessary and I’m not going to touch those; see healthcare and financial regulation.

    I could go on but you get the picture.

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    Did anyone hear even see or read the full speech? I note the comments merely quotes from the LA times or The Hill for support for what was actually said and only two actual paragraphs from the speech. It seems to me that people here are either not prepared to actually read what was said or just don’t understand communication. This speech was a polite, respectful, civil, reaching out f you to the chamber of commerce. He said that that he was not going to change regulations on healthcare or finance, that the coc should get some skin in the game when it comes to investing in the us, that previous complaints about regulation have all been scaremongering etc. The chamber didn’t applaud cos it knew it was getting a bitch slap, even if the ignoramuses here can’t quite grasp that.

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Hey Tony, Barack – The People Still Say Mubarak Must Go

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    I don’t think you get the difference between opinion and facts. You seem to but then say that everyone who can see knows that Obama is supporting a transition of 9 months til September. Is that right? where do you get this from? From Obama’s calling for a transition beginning NOW?

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Hey Tony, Barack – The People Still Say Mubarak Must Go

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    Sorry Citizen, but Obama is “corrupt, cowardly etc.” and as Americans we still have the right to call him that (but for how long). The food riots and anti-fascist populist demonstrations have not yet turned anti-American but unless our President uses the full force of American power to get Mubarak out right now then they WILL turn against us and if that happens the entire Middle East will go up in flames. That is what our country has created in the last 100 years and what the Egyptians are experiencing is what we citizens of the US have in store for us unless we get our crooked and corrupt President to turn on his masters in the oligarchy.

    Coming originally from an eastern land and married to someone from a muslim land that went through its own revolution I will say that the idea behind this post just drives me mad. People in the ME don’t want US to get involved in that level of detail in their countries at all! As Obama has sensibly said, it is not for him or the US to choose Egypt’s leaders – that is for the Egyptians.

    Good Gandhi quote when asked about the problems India would face after the Brits left “we may have problems but they will be our problems”.

    And the idea, I’m sorry, of comparing the system in the US which has free and fair elections, where even though there is income equality I suspect not even 0.00001% of people know poverty like they have in Egypt, India, Iran (or countless other places), where the per capita income is so vastly inflated compared to the rest of the world, is just absurd. That such a comparison can be made apparently seriously is a clear demonstration of how spoiled some Americans have got.

    A further point to ruminate over: If the US had not had such close ties to Egypt and the military do you think it could have any influence over what the military is doing right now? Of course not. You just have to compare the situation with the uprising in Iran after the recent elections where the US – self-isolated from the Iranian regime – found itself with absolutely no leverage other than sanctions; no ability to threaten cut off of aid (because no aid), no ability to talk direct to the military (as they have been able to do in Egypt). So, I guess my point is that these things just aren’t black or white.

    To those who have commented – with apparent sincerity – that Obama has called Mubarak to give him tips in how to restrain people or that this latest violence is somehow coordinated with the US – what a shameful thing to say since there is no evidence for it other than a seemingly irrational hatred of Obama and the desire to think that his motives must inevitably be evil.

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    My apologies to Ecahn then.

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Hey Tony, Barack – The People Still Say Mubarak Must Go

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    well I’ve given my opinion and I’ve presented two links although to be fair I don’t think my opinion (emphasis on opinion) is either strengthened or weakened by links to other op-eds that either agree or disagree with me.

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Hey Tony, Barack – The People Still Say Mubarak Must Go

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    and of course no one else has emotions. I should stop name calling (when did I do that btw, save for the word childish) when I am being called a concern troll and Rahm; when President Obama is routinely called corrupt, cowardly etc? what a joke. So, when passions run high, no room for civil debate? Sounds just like those idiot tea partiers to me.

    For your information, I am emotionally invested in what is happening in Egypt for personal reasons but I just see things differently (obviously) than you do.

    My name is an homage to my favourite cartoon character and the place I used to live.

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Hey Tony, Barack – The People Still Say Mubarak Must Go

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    for all of you that love the BBC and the Independent (you know, where Fisk writes?), two links for you:



    I offer them without comment save that some people see things differently from you all here.

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Hey Tony, Barack – The People Still Say Mubarak Must Go

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    well I was referring to his post that seemed to imply that I was Rahm in disguise which seemed to me like a bit of a cop out way of not addressing what I had written. And has the definition of concern troll expanded to include everyone that doesn’t toe the FDL line?

  • homerhk commented on the blog post Hey Tony, Barack – The People Still Say Mubarak Must Go

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    Obama is a corrupt tool. And if he can keep the military in power in Egypt for another 30 years, he will.

    what a bunch of hooey or are you now his chief of staff? did you hear or read his statement yesterday? How can you reconcile what he said with what you’ve said or is it just that everything that comes out of his mouth must be a lie?

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