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  • Hoofin commented on the blog post Obama Ready to Fold on Tax Rates

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    Nothing about restoring “Making Work Pay”, which was an $800 credit at low income? This has been a stimulus measure from the days that George Bush sent out checks in Summer 2008.

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    I think that the Pease phaseouts of certain deductions would be restored, and so that creates a higher effective marginal tax rate in the $250,000 and above range.

  • The answer to the payroll tax cut is very easy: put the Making Work Pay Credit back in. It was $800 for a couple ($400 single), targeted on the first $6,451 of wages.

    There has been some kind of stimulus / middle class relief in the Tax Code since 2007, you know. First it was Bush’s stimulus rebate, which was a check in 2008, based off 2007′s reported income. Then came the Making Work Pay, followed by the payroll tax cut. I am not sure the middle class could handle that effective tax hike if it’s not included in the Fiscal Cliff repair that you know is coming next January . . .

  • If they really wanted to crack down on any possibility of fraud, one good way to do it is to require everyone to WALK to their voting station. No driving.

    After all, people can drive in from New Jersey or Maryland and “pretend” to be a Pennsylvania voter.

    Would this impose a burden in the Republican suburbs or rural areas? Let’s not even ask that question. It’s about cutting down on the possibilites, however scant, for fraud . . .

  • The NCAA smells, but Penn State smelled even more. Given that few things in Pennsylvania are ever fixed, I feel this commotion is needed to send a clear message—no matter who is sitting in the chairs right now.

  • Woo hoo! More money left for the other 49 states. Come on flag number seven!

  • It is hard to play “the long game” on a court where there is no control who will be on in the next five or six years. Both factions have members who are up in years (75, 80). You don’t want Romney picking the replacements.

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    I am still a Republican, because the county is Republican and the primary is the real election. I think FireDogLake has a classy group of people, and they are committed to progressive agenda items—much like the GOP had been up until about President Ford.

    It is much better than Daily Kos.

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    Virgina – Mitt Romney will win this state simply because Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the only two on the ballot.

    Is Virginia intentionally misspelled up above?

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    The 2010 midterms, which, like all the historical midterms, 20% of the voting age population doesn’t show up.

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    I like the fact that Gingrich is ahead. It means that the Republican Party is morphing into its throwback base.

    It reminds me of the episode of Star Trek, where Captain Kirk is split into two personalities.

    The Gingrich-style wing should be laid bare, full bore. The 60-somethings who are still fighting the Culture Wars of the last century can support him, and everyone else can support the Democrats.

    I know some posters here don’t care for the contemporary Democrats, either. But they are better than the Republicans.

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    Ronald Reagan actually did about 250 recess appointments. (Over 30 a year on average.)

    Barack Obama probably isn’t even up to 30 for the three years. There are about 60 federal judges who should get recess appointed, just to keep it even.

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    Also, there is no “Hanabuso”, right?

  • Hoofin commented on the diary post In which the NYT attempts to “call” Hawaii by Mauimom.

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    I read that one, and thought it was really amusing. The question is: how common are Black Swans in Hawai’i?

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    You are simply recycling bits and pieces from the Roosevelt Haters of the 1930′s and ’40′s. The conspiracy theory has already been widely discredited. Pearl Harbor was a surprise–they thought the Japanese were focused on South East Asia.

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    I think if Obama loses in 2012, he will be renominated in 2016, and win. This is because most of the mess we are in is the fault of Bush’s policies.

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    I definitely like what I’m seeing this past week. The President is finally acting like a president.

    Too bad if the chattering classes don’t like that fact. Nobody among the everyday people of America is talking about how they want to change social security–they like it just the way it is! And, we CAN afford it! Same with Medicare.

    All I hear is that the well off in America are sitting on unproductive, cash money piles. The Japanese have been doing this for 20 years, and their economy has been stagnant all along. I know. I lived there.

    Better to hike taxes on that money pile and put the money where it’s most needed, which is to support the vast demand of middle income people.

  • OK I see your point, but no one would ever do that in municipal court.

  • If I hired Obama to defend me in court on a speeding charge, I’m afraid he’d plead me guilty to murder.

    I don’t think this is accurate.

    What it’s more like is if you hired Obama to defend you on the speeding charge, it would go like this:

    You say you were doing 50 in a 55.

    The law says you were doing 70 in a 55.

    The compromise would be that you plead guilty to going 67 in a 55. Additionally, you would do community service and agree to meet the cop for a beer, that you would pay for.

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    Points that are always forgotten in this: 1) The US armed forces were already engaging in a policy of firebombing. Tokyo was firebombed on March 10, 1945, which caused destruction many times that of the Hiroshima bomb. The only difference was that what took all night in Tokyo was done in a few seconds in [...]

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