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    I chuckled this morning when I heard on the radio that protesters had thrown urine on police in Ferguson.

    …You can beat us, spray us with tear gas and rubber bullets, detain us for hours without charges, shout obscenities while pointing guns in our faces…

    But we can still throw our pee-pees on you….And boy do they STINK!

    (In my Jimmy Cagney voice) Take that copper!….Spa-Lash!!

    PS-Stop Resisting ;-)

  • So much for “fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here…” How ironic.

    I’m more afraid of cops than terrorists.

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    It also shows our incredible hypocrisy…

    As if we would allow some other country to roam our airspace, randomly assassinating “terrorists”. Perhaps “captialists”, gasp!

  • It’s hard to know the extent of the problem, since depressed people don’t go around sharing their feelings. Like an iceberg, you mostly can’t see it because….

    I had/have the same struggle, medication has helped, but it’s still there, waiting. I look back at some of the drastic things I was pondering a couple of years ago. Hanging by a thread, I worried what would become of my pet. But then fate dealt me a very kind gesture. I have a good job, but without it, the line separating me from “them” would disappear. Our new economy would be the final push.

    People are walking among us, on a thin beam of daily existence, with a pit below. They are invisible, and won’t ask for help. I don’t have any answers, I just know there are a lot of them.

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    If only healthcare.gov was a 20 year old male, he could rectify this problem with a couple of hellfire missiles. That seems to be his hammer of choice. Empty platitudes not particularly useful here.

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    Meet today’s version of the WPA. Instead of building things here, we destroy them elsewhere. Keeps young men from drinking and getting into trouble.

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    I’m wondering if our own Pravda will have the same fixation with nipples, missing white girls, and marital infidelity? I’m looking forward to less Paula Dean and more State of the Republic.

  • Right on time….here come the lawyers. Things will get even more f*cked up now, which is not totally surprising.

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    Photo is perfect and opportune, I was wondering how he can do that.

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    I vividly remember watching that video. I was at work, had been reading about the incident, but would not usually watch video at work. It was very upsetting, and I turned a corner that day. Watching the van being loaded with wounded, knowing there were children inside…as parent I watched in horror not knowing what [...]

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    Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to cover up systemic rot….

    Maybe mister Oblah blah can help by providing some sweeping, grandiose rhetoric. Amuricans love them some fancy words.

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    How long before they simply define journalists as “enemy combatants”, or “suspected militants”? Seems not at all a big stretch to make criticism of The Emperor a high crime.

    Maybe a few drone strikes on these treasonous individuals are what’s needed…take out an entire family at the Dairy Queen. All those kids hanging around, probably discussing leaked material…By virtue of their being in the general vicinity of known evil journalists, they forfeit their rights to….continue living.

    Or maybe they will come down with the bullet flu during routine questioning…

    Sadly we are past the point where anyone could reasonably say “Oh come on…that would NEVER happen…”

  • Increasingly, I’m thinking the entire Obama administration should be replaced with a small electric appliance that generates a random series of farts and flashing lights.

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    Our victim-based society craves more places to “never forget”. Admiring soldiers whose noble service is squandered by our corrupt leaders….that’s our fuel. Perpetual war is our jobs program. All the kids who will be ground to bits in Syria, or Iran, or the next place….better find someplace to put them. Even the landfills are getting [...]

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    Name recognition, sure.

    But to win that seat she would have to me MUCH more:


    Disregard the turtle, get on with her life.

  • Confucius say:

    Man named after washing cycle,
    Poop on work of guy named Michael.

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    Yes, drone wars are coming. People will shoot at them, resulting in new laws hastily passed. People will jam them, resulting in new drones to guard the first ones. At the same time, others will hack the data (local cops using “123″ for password). Many will prefer not being surveilled, and take measures to that [...]

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    “- and for what?”

    Exactly, only a handful of people actually benefitted from this. They run energy companies and defense contractors. If you ponder how just a few could benefit from such an catastrophe….you have the very definition of evil.

    Unfortunately, these are the people running our country. Either put up with it or perform a hard reset.

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    Be sure to keep an eye on my chimney as well-

    I’m gonna burn a bunch of old socks and newspapers when I don’t care the least bit about this. You won’t have to wait long.

    If the smoke is kinda greyish brown, it means I have lots of newspapers….

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