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  • hopeadoped commented on the blog post Remembering Obama’s Biggest Broken Health Care Promise

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    …Obama was planning all along not to include the public option

    And remember Obama’s classic “NAFTA renegotiation” pledge during the 2008 campaign while telling Canadian officials “Don’t worry were lying to get votes”.

    It is now totally obvious that Obama has always been a vetted depraved subhuman con man.

  • These weapons are needed to fight Obama’s “War on Hope and Change”.
    They are obviously winning because I have no hope.

  • hopeadoped commented on the blog post Voters Feel Some 2012 Buyer’s Remorse

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    I thought the widely understood “surprise” difference of the polls vs results was turnout:

    Whites not turning out to vote for an unfunny “Thurston Howell III” impersonanator who is so shady (and did not really want to win) that he can’t release his tax returns.

    And blacks turning out in droves to vote for their skin color.

  • Wow. Hopedoped is stunned. Probably would have bet huge amounts that the Democrats would never give up their “Super Kabuki Power” (Senate Filibuster).

    And it was as Jon (and myself) said it was easy and fast as a bathroom break.
    Instead of being totally impossible like so many Democratic Party apologist shill operators would opine over the years.

  • hopeadoped commented on the blog post Time to Find Out if Democrats Actually Want to Govern

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    Why should Democrats give up their Super Kabuki Powers?
    They are Super Kabuki Heroes!

  • hopeadoped commented on the diary post VIDEO: TEPCO Animation Showing Proposed Spent Fuel Removal from Fukushima Reactor by EdwardTeller.

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    I am probably totally ignorant, but I don’t understand why fuel rods are not ground up at the reactor and mixed with “control rod” material (like 1:100 ratio or more)and the mixture placed in heat radiating containers, i.e. make the crap non-supercritial (or what ever the term is for it will get really hot and [...]

  • hopeadoped commented on the blog post Did Paul Ryan Win The 2012 Election?

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    The Uniparty won the election! Ryan is a member of the Uniparty, thus Ryan is a winner! He did a great job playing his part (as in acting) in the Uniparty victory!

    The rest of us (The 99% minus the Uniparty shills) are the losers!

  • This is what is so infuriating. 2009 was the time to get healthcare reformed. Taking the Democratic Party Platform at face value, there should have been a fine-tuned plan ready for passage for YEARS. Filibuster:Poof! Vote for healthcare passage January 2009. Instead, after a year of fucking around, they gave us the corporate piece of shit ACA. They couldn’t even give us the “Tic-Tac” of the “Public Option”. I was planning to take the “Public Option” no matter how expensive and screwed up it was. “Public Option” may have allowed a step to “Single Payer”.

    Due to our despicable shithole political system with its retarded “separation of powers” bullshit, there will not be a chance to pass another healthcare bill to replace/fix ACA for who knows how long.

    But, for me, by screwing us over in 2009-2010 when it was in power, the Democratic Party has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is terminally corrupt and disgusting. I have no hope even if it did get back control of all 4 parts of the government.

  • “ashes of our current system”: I thought this was a reference to the current “healthcare system”. Then took “transition” as FUD.

  • Remember when Reed promised a “Public Option” Vote after ACA was passed. Starter House… Ha! Ha! Suckers! But totally Kabuki because “Public Option” should have been in ACA passed during reconciliation (50% passage vote vs 60% vote). Of course, the Lying Obamination had it removed.

  • I am sure the American Revolution was quite inconvenient during the transition period (war). Can’t make an omellette….

  • Right. Its beyond stupid the lame excuses that these clowns make defending the motherfucking DemoRats. If they weren’t totally and despicably corrupt, you would have seen strife and rebellion within the ranks of the Democratic Party, with honest members on the Left telling the Democratic Party to go fuck themselves and leaving in droves. Yet not a SINGLE ONE of these fucking bastards quit. Joe Lieberman’s dick was sucked and he wasn’t even in the party! This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that vast majority are corrupt dishonest con men and the few “progressive” members are handpicked weakminded pieces of shit trying desperately to hold on to their cushy “job”.

    The Democrats are a cancer and they must be eraticated.

  • Got my new 2014 healthcare rates yesterday under Obamination Care Law (corporate whoring law). Up 12.7% vs CPI (2012) at 1.6% Looked at last year’s plan cost table, there was 2.7% price increase for aging one year for my age. For 2014 the price curve is much steeper for aging one year at 4.7%. These rates have been doing this for years and this year was even worse. So much for the bullshit prediction that healthcare cost increases were going to slow.

    Fuck you Obama you piece of shit! (And the DemoRats and their subhuman followers).

  • hopeadoped commented on the diary post The Shutdown, It Looms by Elliott.

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    Ah, but there is no lefty in the White House just a “Manchurian Republican Puppet” who will not use the unitary power of the Presidency. Its never going to get bad enough for Obama to be forced to uncork the “Nuclear” 14th Admendment, the Kabuki is just to “surrender” to another “Grand Bargain”. In the [...]

  • hopeadoped commented on the diary post The Shutdown, It Looms by Elliott.

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    The worthless Crapstitution says that the House (same with the Senate, President (Veto) and probably the Supreme Court (“Veto”)) can all destroy the government anytime they want. But the Republicans (and DemoRats) in the House won’t because they are owned by the 1% and the 1% do not want to see their perfect economic paradise [...]

  • hopeadoped commented on the blog post The GOP Base Loves Ted Cruz

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    “only baggers call the President Barry”

    Firebaggers do! (as opposed to subhuman DemoRat sycophants).

    I call him “the depicable lying Obomination”.

    I find anything “blue” disgusting now days as I find anything relating to the totally disgraced Democratic Party sickening. Only shills and idiots still support them.

  • Should be renamed to the Unaffordable Care Act. Or the “The Obama Prostitute Bobbing Up and Down on the Drug/Insurance/Hospital-Industrial-Complex’s Dick Act”. Love ObamaDoesn’tCare.

  • hopeadoped commented on the blog post Yet Another Reason for DC Statehood: Government Shutdown

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    I heard the Democrats had a list of progressive actions (like those in their party platform) that included DC statehood to be implemented in January 2009 when they finally seized power. This included finely crafted health care legislation that had been written and finetuned over the last 50 years. Alas, the Progressive Action List and Bills ready for passage were on a computer whose hard disk crashed and then burst into flames on January 19, 2009 and there were no backups. Having lost their plan, the Democrats just had to muddle through 2009 and 2010 achieving jack squat… and 2010 acquiescing their power back to the Republicans.

  • hopeadoped commented on the diary post Admitting the Skills Gap Is a Myth by anotherquestion.

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    Also note every time someone suggests to take the indentured enslavement aspects away from H-1B VISAs (etc.), the despicable corporations start screaming, i.e. they want no limits on the number of VISAs but don’t want to change a thing. Of course, the despicable DemoRat politicians get on their kneepads and start a servicing like the [...]

  • hopeadoped commented on the blog post Even Average Republicans Support Immigration Reform

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    Maybe they should put funds in the “reform” bill to build a “Carousel” like in “Logan’s Run” for US Technology workers. Its been scientifically proven by MBA’s (MBA-ifically proven) that US technology can’t really learn any new technologies after the age of around 35 and thus need to be replaced by younger workers, preferably indentured H-1B’s. So we just put all those “old tech dogs” on the Carousel at age 35: “Cool! I am going to levitated and vaporized by high tech lasers!”

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