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  • But Jon, remember the rallying cry for obamacare supporters: “passing the bill is only the first step” Unfortunately most people didn’t realize that every additional step would be backwards.

    Just like financial reform after a weak bill gets passed, the administration does every thing it can to weaken the rules during implementation.

  • With this corrupt system. The only thing I have to say is thank god for gridlock!.

    I am afraid with less gridlock we would get more social safety net cuts and “Protect Monsanto” bills.

  • hopeful wrote a new diary post: Glenn Beck may have been proved right.

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    Perhaps by Glenn Beck just making so many crazy claims about Obama, he finally made one that could turn out to be true. Back on October 22, 2009 he claimed that the Government was going to use the OnStar system in GM cars to spy on us. . Everybody at the time made fun of him, [...]

  • What is stopping congress from starting their own investigation? They should be issuing subpoenas now. Can Holder refuse to comment on something because their is an ongoing investigation? Can’t Congress get the Sargent of Arms to take Holder into custody until he gives an answer? Make him plead the Fifth. I know it won’t happen and we will be stuck with this dog and pony show but one can hope.

  • I am glad you brought up that exchange with Bachus. When I watched that on CSpan I thought it was the best questioning of the day. Most of the other democrats and republicans used their time to grandstand.

    Holder and Carney have been “sure” a lot of the time that nothing was illegal or improper, given the fact that they are not sure about any of the details. One reporter called out Carney on this assertion the other day, but I was waiting for someone to call out Holder on this.

    Thanks for the update

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    Let’s remember what is really important, it’s that democrats do well in the next election, so we don’t get any really bad policy. If the democrats don’t destroy the planet then the republicans will just accuse them of killing american jobs.

  • Serious question, what will stop governors from using drones to kill people they suspect of associating with terrorists? Couldn’t they use the same justifications? If it is constitutional for the President why not for a governor?

    Washington state constitution:

    SECTION 13 HABEAS CORPUS. The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless in case of rebellion or invasion the public safety requires it

  • It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.

    –Josph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

    I think the United States needs to apologize to the Nazis and the former Soviet Union for all the bad things they said about their government? I never in my wildest dreams envisioned a democratic U.S. president actually killing people with drones and the debate becomes who gets to know about it.

    Shouldn’t the debate be what prison should Obama be held?

    Great reporting Kevin, as always.

  • Holy Moly! That freedom of press idea, is so outdated. Maybe the MSM isn’t showing up to cover this truly historic event, because they are scared about being tried for providing material support to a terrorist organization.. After all, the terrorists may read their reporting, therefore opening them up to “Charges”.

    We had all been wondering before the trial began, what possible argument the prosecution could make. I guess they answered that.

    Perhaps all news should run through a military panel, just in case. Is it to late to prosecute Jane Fonda :) The only thing that might make this all worth it is if they could somehow prosecute Wolf Blitzer for being a total creep.

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    A travesty, but not a shock. Unfortunately the outcome of the pre-trial motion and Manning’s fate were decided before trial. It just makes you wonder if the Judge was listening to the same testimony we were reading.

    Fantastic reporting Kevin! The government would have this totally buried if it wasn’t for efforts of a few, like yourself.

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    You are right, every one was angry that they cut the S.S. rate. It doesn’t bother me that that went back up. The tax increase at the $450,000 level don’t really bother me either, I would have rather seen all the tax cuts expire and seen the spending cuts eliminated except for the military. It would have been good to take the military spending cuts and use that money for increased domestic spending.

    The big corporate give away that people aren’t talking about is the foreign loophole Subchapter F. Which allows US companies to keep their profits oversees tax free, which was extended in this bill.

  • I agree, notice how none of the auditors caught the illegal activities at HSBC. The audits are a joke. Unfortunately the accounting firms are international and to big to fail in the minds of the elite.

  • Unfortunately the same conflict of interest in the rating agencies is the same conflict of interest with the auditing firms of corporations. The CPA firm that audits the company is paid by the client. The SEC finally put in a rule that a publicly traded company could only keep the same auditor for 4 years.

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    I am getting really confused. The President has been telling everybody from the start that he wants to cut S.S., Medicare and make other cuts. Practically the entire democratic base and press seem to think that it is the republicans who want to make these cuts. Now that Boehner has taken the cuts off the table, with Plan B, how does Obama pin this on the Republicans?

    As long as the Republicans are seen as the ones that want to make cuts to S.S. and Medicare, I don’t think they will make the deal. They may be greedy but they aren’t stupid.

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    It’s necessary for us to come to a place where we will be able to adopt a fiscally sustainable credible path for this country. That will give great confidence to the American people and in my opinion will be the single largest stimulus package that we could get for the economy.

    Oh yes, the infamous confidence fairy. Yes it is obvious the government won’t be able to pay back the debt, that is why the 10 year treasuries are at about 1.6% rate. (Snark)

    I honestly do not know at this point if the people like Hoyer actually believe what they say. They can’t possibly be that ignorant with regards to macro economics, can they?

  • Got it! thanks for the clarification.

  • UPDATE – 12:10 PM EST Judge Army Col. Denise Lind asked what proof the defense had of “intent to punish” Manning.

    Does that seem like an odd question from the judge? Am I mistaken or is it the prosecution’s burden and not the defense’s burden? Plus wasn’t the whole reason for the trial to show “intent”? It’s hard to make an accurate assumption about a judge without context, but she has seemed a little lost.

  • Alternatively, the two sides could just try to grow the economy?

    Why would they consider an idea like investments that would grow the economy instead of cuts that would stall the economy? Obviously the 10 year 1.62% rate treasury note is signaling we need to worry about the deficit instead! (Snark)

    The nations understanding or rather their lack of understanding with regards to basic macro economics is truly amazing.

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    Sounds good David, the only problem is that the Insurance companies have just shifted the costs to other segments. Our premiums for healthcare coverage purchased at our company have increased 10% over the prior year. They have also upped the coinsurance payment required by the employees by 50% from 20% to 30%, they have also bumped up the deductibles over a 100%. They seem to be gouging companies and individuals at an even faster rate now.

    My experience with the so called “free preventative treatments” is that they just add something else on to the visit. You better not tell the doctor about anything else or they will get you with a copay for consultation.

    They can release all the hype they want about the Affordable Healthcare Act but when people start seeing there premium increases this year they are going to be shocked.

  • The firm will probably spread out this loss over several quarters so we won’t ever know the precise extent of it.

    They have to bring the ineffective portion of the “hedging trade” into the income statement this quarter, they can’t spread it out. Even the portion that is considered an effective hedge will still be reported in the Equity statement as an unrealized loss. Either way we should have an accurate estimate of the loss on this trade this quarter.

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