• Institutionalized sadism, it’s part of our culture, our law enforcement, our military, our system of government, and our method of dealing with the rest of the world.

    It’s fucked up, and in America, we embrace it.

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    Ham likes to repeat the ridiculous “Were you there?”
    With regard to science, that’s not required; however, with regard to his “book of god,” the argument actually holds water.

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    The quantity of stupid and outright lies in Ham’s “arguments,” is unbearable. Delusion, insanity, a brain condition, whatever… just stupid. It hurts.

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    Never wrestle with a pig Bill.

    You both end up covered in shit, and the pig loves it.

    Gish gallop,

    Bill’s going to need build an arc himself in order to keep from drowning in the ocean of logical fallacies Ham is spewing.

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    Funny and well written. You made me laugh. I disagree with equating sex and violence though.

    I’ve always thought labeling images of slaughter “war porn,” to be an acceptance by the mainstream of a contribution of the deranged to the lexicon.

    Sex is natural and fun and healthy and at the evolutionary root of our physiology.

    Murder and bloodlust must be there too, nature is cruel and unrelenting and we survived as a species, but mixing pleasure and savagery is sick. Please don’t contribute to this self-destructive, societally systemic, mental confusion.

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    I think it’s more like:

    1 kabuki distraction

    2 play the idiot public against one another

    3 service the 0.01%

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    Evil never sleeps.

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    Love it! Cute kids too (Scarlet has nothing on them). For those less technically inclined, if you want some fizz and flavor, just do what Europeans have been doing for a century or more: buy some carbonated water (mineral or not) and mix it half and half (or to whatever ratio suits your fancy) with [...]

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    as long as it’s within their country’s law.

    Total Bullshit. The term extra-legal was invented so that law only matters when the state wants to use it to maintain/increase/abuse its authority and punish/intimidate/quash any threat to same.

    Mr. Pincus is a moron.

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    Please, someone proficient in computer science, create an app for Orwellian translation using a simulation of Lee’s wonderful inability to see the emperor’s non-existent clothes. Personally, I don’t need one (each and every sentence I hear out of the presididn’t's mouth is undeniably a jaw-dropping overload of horse-shit) but so many people just don’t want [...]

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    So vulgar.

    So offensive.

    So accurate.

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    My thoughts?

    Okay… I’ve wasted too much of my life listening to this marketing asshole say all the things everyone wants to hear and then do either nothing, the bare minimum to only appear like he’s doing something, or the exact opposite of what is good for the people of this country.

    So here are my thoughts: if I was there, I’d turn my back to the MF’er.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express them Jon.

  • In other words, the money spent on this surveillance operation could have been used to fund other city programs and resources that have been cut.

    Hey! Don’t go messin’ with Chikko’s beer money!

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    Yes, U.S. Private Insurance Companies are the Problem

    This is the problem.

    What do these people do to earn so much money? Jack fucking diddly god-damned squat. They’re mafia dons exacting a toll in the systematic extortion racket that is the american healthcare non-system.

    Our Mr. presididn’t's “twelve-pens,” signature sell-out, Romneycare act spreads their customer base and ensures their parasitic, economically crippling, poor-to-rich wealth transferring operations will continue unabated for the foreseeable future. But that smile! Ya gotta love the smile, even when in between the lines you’re being told to eat shit and die, ya gotta love the smile.

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    The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.

    Presididn’t Obomba = Ronald Reagan in Kenyan sheepherder’s clothing.

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    Willful ignorance, I guess.

    No, it’s “embraced stupidity.”

  • In any case, most of those disclosures, from Merkel to Al Qaeda, have nothing to do with Americans’ right to privacy.

    Thank you Mr. Doyle McManus, for revealing in a single sentence among a paragraph or more of bullshit, why you and 95% of your colleagues are nothing more than worthless, mind-numbed, peddlers of misinformation.

    Ignoring the 4th amendment is hardly the only crime our MICC shadow government is guilty of, and your inability to see the necessity of bringing those secrets, lies, profane policies, strategic blunders, international embarrassments, hypocrisies, incestuous relationships, revolving-door profit-sucking career deals, daily extra-legal murders, bombing and terrorism, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum,

    to LIGHT

    is why YOU are a traitor to the profession you claim, and Kevin Gosztola, Glenn Greenwald, Ed Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Scahill and others like them, are HEROS.

    Thank you Kevin.

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    You should have titled this one “Pigs at the Post.”

    rec’d as always

  • The reason those prisoners are still there is because what has been done to them is criminal, and keeping them there has been deemed, by the military fuckwits running this operation, the best way to try to prevent the inevitable reaping of the shit seeds we have sown.

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    If there was an increase in Independents because more people see the two parties as both good options that are difficult to choose between, this trend would not be a bad thing. That is not what is happening though.

    I don’t understand what you’re saying here. If people are waking up to the fact that both of these dens of lying, sock-puppet, scheisters are defenders of the big money serving status quo, that is an excellent thing.

    Fuck the democrats. Fuck the republicans. They’re nothing more than a double-teaming Punch and Judy show used to distract people from the behind-the-scenes PTB who really run this place.

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