• Absolutely! Our ‘leadership’ is seriously compromised, but luckily, the solutions we need are on a personal/neighborhood scale. We can just end-run around them! My local electricity provider included a breathless offer of a $650 credit if I installed energy-efficient air-conditioning — woohoo!

    I already have *very* energy efficient air-conditioning. I live near the lake (*very* conscious choice on my part) and I installed casement windows that catch the evening breeze off the lake. The rest of the time we do it the old-fashioned way (we sweat). But we have it way better than my grandparents, we can wear shorts.

    Meanwhile, I am currently installing a pop-can booster for my home heating system. Heh.

    So *many* stupid, wasteful uses of energy, based on (way too) cheap oil and electricity. My pet peeve is stop signs — totally impractical for a horse-powered vehicle, totally unnecessary for a pedestrian or bicycle, existing only so that cars dont crash into each other or pedestrians. But here we all are, stopping and starting, the cars wasting who-knows-how-many barrels of oil in doing so. Oh, and the electric corkscrew (really!).