• The little state that could!!!

  • The Dems had was was coming to them! Two classic cases.:.DADT and health care reform. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is the first example. Why did it take a lame duck session of Congress to end DADT? Democrats knew DADT was wrong. A large majority of Republicans polled thought DADT should be repealed. The WHOLE country saw the wrongs of DADT. Yet we had a Democratic White House, a MAJOR Democratic Congress, a super Democratic majority in the Senate, and all went “numb-nuts” to get anything done. I lost a progressive congresswoman, Dina Titus, because frustrated Democrats stayed home. She lost by less than 2,000 votes. Congresswoman Titus barely lost her election precisely because the Democrats CAVED on their true values and removed the popular “public option” from the health care table. Democrats stayed home in droves because their leaders at the top behaved like Republicans! Point #2..health care reform ..Dems woosed..Keeping your children on your insurance until they are 26 if they can’t get any is a GOOD thing. Not getting dropped from your coverage because you’ve become sick is a GOOD thing. Making it illegal for insurance companies to turn you down because you have a pre-existing condition is a GOOD thing…and much, much more. Dems can fare better and win this election once we starts speaking loudly in favor of health care, social security and Medicare, embrace them and NOT RUN AWAY FROM THEM!

  • As a gay American man, partnered for 18 years, and married in Canada, I totally support the church in this. It’s called religious freedom and it’s constitutionally protected. How this church behaved may be odious, and I think it stinks, but we, as Gay folks, are asking for the right for ALL of us to go to the government for a licence. This couple got their licence! They were NOT denied marriage. But when are couples like these good folks or Gay people going to stop attending houses of worship where sermon after sermon we are shamed and made to feel “less than” their fellow parishioners. There are loving churches out there, people. Seek them out for your spiritual guidance! Love that body and they will love and respect you back!

  • I was inspired enough to contribute to the cause…I live in Las Vegas and when I see men like Jim Rogers go out on a limb then I certainly think that there is hope for the defeat of this amendment in North Carolina. There are BROAD implications nationally if this amendment can be defeated. Chip in folks…It’s crunch time!

  • 2012….any chance there’s a 1969 Miracle Mets playbook to take from?

  • Pathetic. DADT as the perfect example. A Democratic president, huge Democratic majorities in both houses of congress, and polling which showed that DADT repeal had broad bi-partisan support from the American people. And it took a FRIGGIN lame duck session of congress to git her done!
    We had our “tea party” moment. It was called the election of 2008. And the Dems just limped along. Do you think if they re-take the house they will have learned any lessons? I’m a fool perhaps, but next time I’ll scream louder than any tea bagger ever did!

  • The fact that Democrats can still poll as high as 30% in REJECTING marriage equality, ENDA, and other issues of importance to our community, tells me that we must broaden our coalition beyond them. The Log Cabin Republicans were instrumental in repealing DADT. The Dems and our “friends” in congress couldn’t get this done despite MAJOR majorities in both parties and the white house until a lame duck session of congress. And when the LCR wanted to put the final nail in DADT, the justice department said no. Yet we have found friends in the likes of ultra conservative attorney Ted Olsen is bringing our case to the court system with graceful explanation. Once notorious closet case Ken Mehlman was hugely instrumental in bringing marriage equality to New York. While people wonder if he should be forgiven for his past behavior, I don’t think we should look back. His is a voice that can change hearts and minds. Liberals and conservatives do have different ideas about what the role of government should be. But ours is a struggle for civil rights. If Ken Mehlman were to lead an organization like the HRC, he could be a very strong leader in our fight for justice. We’ve come this far. I’m not looking back.

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