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    MacAskill is pretty amazing – I don’t think those clearly established and very rocky trails will get as much damage as they give out to any mountain bikers. Mountain bikes should be prohibited from walking trails and horse trails. Areas should be set aside for biking and inspected regularly – closed and moved when damage [...]

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    Yes indeed. We have advantages that the chimps and baboons don’t have. We can communicate complicated things, we can discuss, we can compromise, we have long memories and written history — IOW, the gift of time. We do not operate solely in the present; we can remember, extrapolate, predict, plan. As my mother used to [...]

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    Ah, I was right, that is Theda Bara!

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    If the appointments are invalid, are the decisions of the NLRB since then also invalid?

    What decisions could be invalidated?

    Could be a real mess.

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    From the SCOTUS decision: “The nominations of the three members in question were pending in the Senate when it passed a December 17, 2011, resolution providing for a series of “pro forma session,” with “no business . . . transacted,” every Tuesday and Friday through January 20, 2012. http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/13pdf/12-1281_bodg.pdf It appears that recess appointments can [...]

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    Thumbnail Republican celebration of today’s SCOTUS decision on NLRB appointments is out of proportion to its significance. You can read the decison (.pdf link) or see an opinion on scotusblog.com:

    Leaning heavily upon a long history of Congress and presidents finding ways — sometimes clumsy — to make the federal government work, and perhaps silently wishing for a day [...]

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    Tried to sign, they wanted me to log in to FaceBook (“You’re almost done!”). Sorry, I know that They(tm) can find me any time they want, but doing FB or Google — hey, that is like voluntarily checking into a CAFO. Edward will have to wait until I find an uncompromised way to support him. Godspeed, [...]

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    Awwwwwwwwwww! Thanks, C-S, I needed that.

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    One of those insights is that people respond to incentives. If I offer a teenager $50 to mow my lawn — and an extra $25 if he trims the bushes — then I can expect to shell out $75. I just offered my little helper a handsome incentive, and there’s a very good chance he’ll respond [...]

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    Sounds like this guy srsly needs to be un-appointed. Where is the (elected, I assume) mayor on this?

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    fdr14, you are a long time poster so giving you benefit of doubt. Not sure if you are up to speed on this particular, but “Messianic Jewish Bible Institute” is a Christian group dedicated to converting Jews to Christianity. Note the ‘mission statement’ in the link to Charity Navigator provided. Not Dearie’s “Jewish shtick” at all. Pls consult duck-duck-go for more info.

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    Total ‘ding’, ET. We don’t have to kill for the revolution, but we may have to be willing to die for it. That’s what it will take. Petitions don’t work. Thank you, Nadya, I will be writing letters today (Russian consulate, Russian embassy, local newspapers, etc.).

    Rest in peace, Thich Quang Duc, Rachel Corrie, Tank Man, Joe Hill and hundreds of thousands more, and thank you for your service to humanity. Nadya, stay safe, we will try to have your back.

  • Available here In Toronto are Palestinian products via Beit Zatoun (soap, zata’ar, olive oil). These are from Tabeh in the West Bank.

    How do trade goods from Palestine get out? Do the Palestinians benefit from the trade?

  • Welcome,

    I’ve just gotten the book from the Toronto library (4 copies – 29 holds).
    Haven’t had time to read much yet. I did catch all 5 Real News segments.

    I am concerned that the Harper government here in Canada is trying to outdo the US in bending over backwards to support the behavior of the Israeli government.

    Did you get any comments regarding Canada in your research?

  • I understood that ‘glow in the dark’ had been outsourced to Japan.

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    Candice Miller MI10 (gained fame as Tom Delay’s bagwoman) says: “America Has ‘No Business’ Taking Military Action in Syria Without ‘Imminent Threat’ to U.S” So, probably a no.

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    It’s sad that Cheney will get away with what he’s done, even if we get a president who respects the law. His medical condition makes him untouchable.

    maybe, maybe not

  • Hi,

    I just got the book from the Toronto Library (4 copies in the system 15 holds currently). I have not gotten very far yet.

    In June of 2010 Toronto hosted the G 20. Harper spent 1 Billion on it and refuses to give an accurate accounting of how it was spent. There were over 4000 cops here and way too much military gear. It was also clear that this was a rehearsal for future events.

    They had sound cannons, rubber bullets, horse charges, beatings, ‘kettleing’ of a street crowd not actively protesting, pepper spray, attack formations, etc. It was way. way over the top. There was no violent resistance to the police but there was some Black Block action – window smashing (ignored by the police – undercover cops?), and two burning police cars. The patrol cars had been left unattended in areas away from patrolled sectors, and were left open with the gas caps off (so they would be less likely to blow up?). They were left to burn for a very long time before the appearance of firetrucks (which were only a few blocks away). Seemed like a photo-op setup.

    A crowd in a ‘designated protest area’ was charged and stomped. There were over 1000 arrests (a record for Toronto and Canada).

    There was a local rally in my neighborhood with a member (MPP) of Ontario parliament (far from downtown) attacked by the police – anyone with a phone number on their arm (lawyer’s number) was detained. A woman was arrested for blowing bubbles at a cop (Officer Bubbles on
    YouTube ) A local support center for meetings and coffee was raided.

    My attitudes about the Canadian Police changed after that.

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    Got to run to a meeting. I’ll catch up later.

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    I get many ebooks from the Toronto library (I can make the type bigger). It is sometimes frustrating to be prevented from copying a word or phrase for further lookup on the net. One feature I like is to be able to read a library ebook in my browser (Firefox). I seems easier somehow.

    I’d like to get a Kobo reader (e-ink type) – any Kobo user comments?

    I get audiobooks when I can – I’m having more trouble reading these days – need new glasses.

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