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    I’m an old working dude like you. Straight blue collar carpenter, and I find the time.

    WTF does Bin Laden have to do with baseless vitriolic posts against straw men liberals who are too human rights uppity for your tastes?
    He was pretty much assassinated by any definition of the word I know, but I hadn’t thought about it before, and I don’t care about the words used to describe his killing. We made him, he had a beef with us, he died for his beliefs. I don’t condone his views or actions. Might have been useful to put him on trial, after Cheney. But that’s neither here or there.

    Drones are just a visible tip of the wedge that is historically important to discuss now. It shouldn’t bother you as much as it seems to.
    I really can’t see discussion of the regression of civil liberties in the last decade being viewed in the future(if we survive) as a misguided or frivolous pursuit.

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    See Roy for all the nuance.

    This mythical Rand Paul supporting sleeper cell Democrat, at once laughably powerless yet threatening to the fabric of democracy with their pernicious lies, intrigues me.
    as in

    Normally he was wont to be about twelve feet from nose to tail, but when Dinsdale was very depressed Norman could be anything up to eight hundred yards long.

    Please, do go on..

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    I didn’t think it was possible..you just did the literary equivalent of rolling your eyes and making a jerk-off motion while asserting that the subject of “drones” was beyond passe, and equating anyone who might be concerned with drones to stoned hippies and supporters of Rand Paul. Well done sir.
    This blog is less about the snark and more the beautiful blossoming of a bitter ex liberal-never-was-progressive-sensible-democrat-leaning-republican.
    I can’t quit you dude. Good Luck.

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    Let me get this straight. Michelle Malkin forced Obama and his administration to gut the domestic terrorist oversight at DHS? Who knew such a tiny crazy person wielded such power?
    Remind me again why strategic voting for democrats who are unable to mount a reasonable defense against titans like Limbaugh and Malkin and have moved this country to the right by a determined policy of retreat and concession is the only reasonable position?

  • Hairy DFH is shrill. Probably has Romney bumper sticker on his prius.
    Must resort to kicking hippies since fingers are in ears, etc.

  • mass,you talking to me ?
    I’m new at this whining, I hope your not confusing me with someone else. Nice “fuck” density though..that’s real G Tierney grade arguin’ there.

  • Oh, and “Chomskyites”?
    That asshole.
    Didn’t he run a concentration camp or something?

  • Sorry, dude. I’m one of your regulars, I usually mind my own business, your dogs are nice, but fuck you.
    To frame criticism of Obama as support for Romney is absolute Goldbergian bullshit. As you say, barring some teenage hookers, dildos and wetsuits, Obama will be reelected. Fine. Romney is a tool, fine. But when it becomes out of bounds to point out that another democratic leader is furiously humping the military’s leg, while licking the oligarch’s asses, you are as wrong as any of the right wing morons we all love so much. You seem genuinely incapable of discussing the disturbing and dangerous problems with our friend the president. Go ahead, just one post that’s critical of the drone program and kill lists, or the complete lack of accountability for the masters of the universe in the financial world, or maybe the scorched-earth war on whistle blowers, anything, please. To be such a dismissive asshole at the very idea of criticizing our dear leader is reminiscent of the tone of pretty much the whole right-o-spere for the entirety of the Bush presidency. What the fuck happened to holding his feet to the fire? Can’t even talk about policies that were morally repugnant when shrub did them, cause, why? Might sway the hoards of undecided independents who troll here in the wrong direction? Since you love hypothetical questions so much, describe how McCain could have pushed through killing US citizens on executive order. He would at least have faced serious opposition, rather than the look-the-other-way or actually defending response to the black guy. Isn’t it worse to have the presumed liberal, intelligent figurehead move the goalposts to the right? Doesn’t having a democrat normalize these radical changes to our country do more harm than a republican who follows the principles of his party, and is publicly opposed?

    Pretty fucking sad, Tbogg.

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