• GOP Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of NC has come out against the NC amendment, but Obama still hasn’t.

    What the hell is up with that?

    No more apologies for Obama. He doesn’t stand up when given the chance – from LGBT issues to all other ones.

    And just to debunk the “success” list again:
    –Obama’s DOJ hasn’t yet used the hate crimes law for LGBT folks once.
    –We handled hospital visitation on our own in NC years before Obama or the federal government decided to take notice.
    –The HIV travel ban repeal was started by George W. Bush (it pains me to say), it just finished as a matter of timing after Obama took the oath of office.
    –The Obama administration was and is a continuing obstacle (Dan Choi’s court case, 9th Circuit Court case, anyone?) to the finally watered down version (no non-discrimination as the original bill had) of DADT repeal we celebrate.

    Not nearly enough, Obama White House. Not. Nearly. Enough.

    You have much more to do to even think about earing this North Carolinian’s vote.