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  • If it was not due to catastrophic failure of the plane then take your pick between the Ukrainian government and Russia. It is almost certainly not the “rebels”. Both governments have reasons to shoot it down and blame the other. Both probably have the same equipment so that will not tell us who. Certainly it will be difficult if not impossible to trust our media as they are deeply invested in the sort of absurdities that spocko suggested. Neither can we trust our government which is plainly deeply invested in its own lies with regard to the Russians. But, of course, there’s no particular reason to trust them. So mostly we will all be blathering and guessing but no one will actually be able to pin it on anyone else.

    Of course, it could be a tragic mistake committed by one government or the other at some level that doesn’t or shouldn’t involve “blame.”

  • As to 2. Who isn’t?

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    Or maybe what the neocons want is an excuse to finally go after Iran when Iranian troops come to the aid of their Shia allies. Something like the attempt to sucker Russia into a war with the Ukraine.

  • Try 6-3 with Breyer joining conservatives.

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    You may have noticed that the fine itself was relatively small $20 million, most of what happened was reimbursement.

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    The politics here aren’t clear. This does make the legislative probe much more difficult, but again it is not clear what the politics here would dictate in either case, eCahn’s statement notwithstanding.

  • All that means is that they are taking more of that out as executive compensation and perks.

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    This is not even considering that the budget in place looks more like Paul Ryan’s than a Progressive budget. And this is now the starting point for additional cuts.

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    Actually a no negotiation stance is foolish. Obama should negotiate but in the following way:

    Rand Paul gives it all away when he makes the clearly true statement that the government needn’t default in that we take in 250 billion in taxes a month while the debt payments only amount to 20 billion of that. All the President has to do is not authorize that amount in payments on already authorized programs.

    In effect, he is offering this President a line item veto. If Obama were actually a Democrat he would say fine – what I’m going to do is first stop Federal expenditures in states that are takers (their contribution to federal tax revenues are less than federal spending in those states – by the way the most overwhelmingly Republican states) until the amount is equalized and then, if necessary cut them further until they match the short fall from the giver states(overwhelmingly Democratic). No rush guys. Don’t bother lifting the debt limit but I guess that Kentucky and Mississippi and Alabama etc. etc. will just have to stand behind their representatives and share the pain with the rest of the country. If additional cuts are necessary he can start in on the oil industry and move on to some of the worst cost overrun defense contractors etc.

    But Obama isn’t really one of us and the deal is already in and Rand Paul can offer Obama this cudgel without ever worrying that he might actually use it.

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    First, I was responding to your hula hoop discussion. Second, the most likely scenario for a long distance shot to his mouth is in the fusillade from police while he was hiding in boat not from a sniper. Your hula hoop discussion does not make it any less likely that he obtained the wound in [...]

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    The problem with your particular speculation is that if he was shot from a distance the shot would have been a random one in which case the probability that it would have entered at any particular angle would be extremely low. In a situation like this the mere possibility that it could have happened that [...]

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    It should also be noted that in this period NYC population has remained stable or dropped while most of the other places showing greater drops in numbers (L.A., Dallas) have been growing.

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    As bad or worse than Obama. Totally sold out to tech billionaires. Thank goodness Christie is up for reelection this fall so that I can actually vote for a democrat (maybe the last time).

    Did vote for Rush Holt as lessest of evils in primary.

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    Not absolutely clear that is true. However, I am in total agreement with DWBartoo that such egregious disregard for the law should be aggressively pursued regardless of the perps.

    But as we know all too well there is no one in this government that understands that the people who did and/or do these things are perps.

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    “The entry was published and posted online in 2005 and 2006, and was removed in early 2007.” Thus this belongs to the Bush administration.

    Not to excuse O for all the evil that is his responsibility.

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    No, the “moderate” actually took a majority of the vote.

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    Of course you would ignore the fact that Sandra Day was part of the Appeals Court that the Supremes affirmed.

    I suppose your point is that Republicans who used to serve were the only evil racists – no Democrats in that group.

    How utterly pointless you are.

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    I am just happy that I can actually vote for someone here – Rush Holt.

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    Actually the 1% should also be troubled by this. It is far more likely to be used to shake them down than it is to bother you or me.

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    Uh, aren’t we here now and wasn’t this posted here now?

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