• The problem is war itself, not drones. Collateral damage killed 35,000 French civilians during the Allied invasion of Normdie. No drones and everyone applauded. War kills civilians.

  • Not to beat a dead horse,…I hope the horse is very much alive… The answer is “SINGLE PAYER.”

  • At least one Supreme Court Justice suffering from maybe dementia disagrees and disagrees violently with each and every decision…be they based on fact or faulty recollection of a fonder, better time.

  • To ready above, my daughter and her nutty friends voted for a third party candidate in 2000 and we had Bush elected who proceeded to kill many people, cripple the economy and generally make the us MORE of a target to people aware of our excesses. Do you really want to elect Rand Paul by acting like an asshole?

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    Yes, the nuclear agreements are terribly important, but the demise of the USSR was completed without a serious look at what’s what in this land between Germany and Moscow. First of all, in whatever form it takes, Russia would be the power on the east. For centuries Russia’s main goals have been defense and a [...]

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    FSU sailed years ago sans integrity. What did you expect?!

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    My ancestors lived in the region between Germany and Russia for over a 1000 years and this is what my Dad, uncles, aunts, and grandparents said about their home and what their grandparents and neighbors told them. “The borders, they change.” “We do what the Russians want, God damn it!!” “Why do you think your great grandfather send your grandfather to NYC with diamonds in his jacket lining and his name sown on his lapel?”
    The treaty on nuclear arms aside, you just can’t change reality.
    Mr. Big lives next door and the western world doesn’t.

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    Al Gore lost the election by being a jerk. There was something wrong with the man and it showed.

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    Am I missing something here?

    If the governor set up a wifi system and set of computers to communicate outside the state’s sunshine laws, didn’t he commit a crime?

    When I was a local official, we held an executive session to discuss appropriately executive session stuff, but then lapsed off topic and forgot to adjourn the executive session, call back the reporters, and carry on. We carried on about other issues. The mayor got hung out to dry by the reporters. The state attorney general landed on him. The mayor stood a trial. His sentence was training in proper conduct under the sunshine laws and a serious threat that next time he would do serious time in state jail. His conduct was so much less than setting up an independent wifi and set of computers to systematically avoid sunshine! Where I came from this governor would be looking at very serious time in jail.

    Am I off base here?

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    What gets me is that I am represented by U.S. Representative Todd Rokita from Indiana’s 4th district, who could be one of the worst congressman currently in office, and the democrats are essentially conceding his re-election. This guy’s record is total “do nothing” and “no compromise.” He voted to shut down the government every time there was an opportunity and voted against raising the debt ceiling whenever he could. His votes cost all of us huge amounts of wasted dollars and the value of the dollar in the world’s eyes deteriorated because of this jerk. The people in this district are slow to progressive thinking, but they are not anti-government and they certainly are not stupid. This jerk could be beaten because he is clearly a stupid jerk. However, If we have a candidate to run against Rokita, I certainly don’t even know who it is.

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    Cruz is the kind of guy that needs to be drowned by his friends before he causes them serious harm.

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    No! No! No!
    Not MORE legislation!
    We need tort reform limiting liability!!!
    Don’t you people watch Faux News!
    What’s the matter with young people today!?!?

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    Well, if you are using “more serious” in relationship to the prior even more absurd alternatives proposed by the GOP, I can see that. Those prior proposals were freaking far out!!! This one is just far out.

    Anyway, they won’t get a majority of their own caucus to vote for it.

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    Oh, please! There is nothing actually new here and the scheme doesn’t reduce the deficit or improve coverages. What’s to see? Where’s the improvement? What does this solve? There is nothing but smoke here.

    And, did I mention that dumb block grant idea that will kill Medicare?

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    If you don’t believe what the posters above are saying, listen to Mike Huckabee’s latest rant on women wanting birth control because they can’t control their libidos.

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    My beef is with the election laws. Election Day should be a holiday. If you live here, you can vote here. Corporations aren’t people. People should limited as to how much money they can contribute to a campaign. Districts should be determined more fairly (I don’t have a suggestion on that one).

  • Two comments:
    Did you all notice that the US Attorney has issued subpoenas to the Governor’s re-election campaign and the state Republican Party?
    Comments above about Mayor Zimmer’s looks may have started out innocent enough, but enough is enough. The tread is beginning to sound like Morning Joe.

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    My very favorites were The Fires of Spring and The Drifters. These were not his usual history lesson but extremely insightful thoughts on how brilliant youngsters grow up and find themselves. These are only two books I insisted my children read for themselves.

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    Re the need for NSA copies of calls and e-mails, where is Snowden when we need him!?

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    Wayne and his ilk sincerely believe what they say about guns and the need to arm everyone. Of course history proves him wrong. What he wants us to forget is that when faced with lawlessness in the Wild, Wild West, our heros, Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp and dozens of other lawmen on the fringe [...]

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