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  • that’s right. they would not have allowed him a second term.

  • while i love david dayen and think he is possibly the smartest man in the world, (with teddy partridge a close second,) i am not okay with this particular post. i think the president is playing the long game. i do not think he could be re-elected if he played the mortgage crisis differently. had he gone after the banks more seriously, he would have less money and the other side would have even more, (exponentially more, they’re banks afterall.) he would be done. by picking his battles and swallowing his fist the president is living to fight another day; another 1,460 days to be precise. i am anxious to see if he comes through in the 2nd term. more, i am hopeful he will. i think he will be well positioned to take on the most difficult issues like reinstating glass-steagall and hopefully turning around or undoing some of the stuff he has been so guilty of in his first term like killing american citizens without a trial, etc.

  • I think it’s worth noting that change, (we can believe in or otherwise,) happens slowly. Obama is no saint nor has he been anything like what we might have hoped for from a President Nader or a President Sanders. Thing is, he was electable. As such he has worked to find middle ground, which is difficult. So when I judge him and his efforts I am absolutely dissatisfied with all of these things you mention, (all four of them.) I don’t think he should be held responsible for SOPA by the way. But when I consider what he has worked on it’s hard for me to be upset with him. If the medical act is overturned it will be a shame but given how complex and convoluted our legislative process has become it is almost to be expected. (Yes, all of our legislators need to be pushed to simplify the process, to eliminate pork, and be true to the wishes of the people. Abolish the electoral college! Etcetera and so on.) Beyond that he has had some good victories during a time when the average American is simply dumbed down by talk radio and media overload and all that is involved in making house and making ends meet that it is hard to blame them for getting the government they deserve. We all need to take more responsibility for getting our friends and family and fellow citizens informed. When we get there we can have a far better President than this one, (and it would not surprise me to learn that this President would prefer to be that President as well.) Also, to suggest this President is merely concerned with securing a position after his presidency at some Wall Street firm is ignorant and almost malicious.

  • the system has become corrupted primarily by money. we need to restore the tone of service to public office instead of the idea that it equates to power which in turn produces wealth. i respect obama and some of the others who work within the system. if it was up to this community i sometimes wonder if we would just stop participating and watch the religious right take over and run the country into the ground. imagine of pelosi, hoyer, reed and oblabla abstained and we had four republicans in their places. welcome to north korea.

  • magilla, you are absolutely correct.

  • i love fdl, (and i had this argument once with jane directly,) but the only thing i don’t like about it is how unrealistic and uncompromising the coomunity can be. some here do not want to work inside the system?! wtf? you want armed uprising? how effective do you think that will be? the only way to make change in america is to work with the great framework the founding fathers gave us and change it from within. (now let’s get the money out.) speaking of which did anyone see dennis kucinich’s speech at the dnc when obama was nominated? class warfare is over america, you lost! all the crying about oh, dennis caved on healthcare. can you imagine that? he compromised. what a creep.
    we’re right fire dog pups. that said we do not have to be so rigid that we cut off our noses to spite our face.

  • this result is disheartening to say the least. there is an open seat in my district in california also where gerrymandering originally brought david dreier in on reagan’s coattails and where righting that wrong of 32 years ago is now compelling him to quit. (thank gawd.) recently the seat has been tougher and tougher for dreier to win, (though i am sure conventional wisdom would suggest it remains to conservative for kucinich,) still i would love for him to move here and i would personally work my ass off for him.

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    i love these.

    100 little curses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF2jcGbYbQo
    street sweeper social club
    one man revolution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETDan6a97Uk
    the nightwatchman

  • surely they’re all a bunch of hypocritical loons who just need to feel better about themselves than everyone around them so they latch ont a dogma without regard for reality.

  • does anyone know which french publication reported bin laden as dead several years ago, from complications related to an infection?

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    i suppose everybody could leave. rachel could leave. keith left. obama equals bush. kucinich could leave. chomsky could leave. jane could leave. assange could leave. bradley manning could have just said ahh fuck it. no one cares anyway. this thing is already lost. (assuming he really deserves the credit for the big leak.) everyone could leave. then what? then we sit back and really watch them screw up our lives?

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    i wonder what the domain names were. could be some hints there as to the nature of their wrongdoing, er, the wrongdoing they’re scared of being found out on.

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    i haven’t even logged into fdl in prolly two years but this post is the best thing i’ve read anywhere in at least a few months. if we are not optimistic, if we do not see the positive progress so obvious in the big picture, then those who think life is absurd are right after all and we may as well all become republicans, live by our groin and damn our neighbors.
    (on a side note, this is why i love amc’s mad men. we look back 50 years and the progress is so obvious and lovely to behold.)
    anyway, great piece glenn! thanks.