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  • Indeed, Harris County is the worst when it comes to executing blacks; however, As of March 13, 2013, and since 1976 the race of defendants executed in the US since 1976 has these percentages: NATIONWIDE of the total executed since 1976 56% were WHITE (white non Hispanics nationwide population is 64%) Are white folks really [...]

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    They are all sell-outs. You let me know the day you hear Ed Schultz criticizing General Electric on national TV and that will be the day I say that I am mistaken. NBC and MSNBC may actually be the biggest hypocrites of all yes, the network that is home to Lawrence O’Odonnell, The Ed Show, Rachel [...]

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    In terms of the Keystone Pipeline, most Americans don’t seem to understand how why this proposed pipeline is worse than most. It’s not just that it will run over our nation’s largest (and most shallow) aquifer that irrigates the breadbasket of the USA, it’s the stuff that will be flowing through the pipes. The material [...]

  • Chained CPI is a scheme that was invented by Alan Simpson–yes this is the Republican a-hole that Obama appointed to head up his so-call “Deficit Commission” a couple of years ago along with Erskine Bowles, a pseudo Democrat like Obama. BOTH Simpson and Bowles are rabid anti-social security, although of course they have been on [...]

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    Drones–the ultimate absurdity. As far as symbols go they are just a more expensive version of the magnetic yellow ribbons that were so popular with “patriotic” idiots in the early years of this century. Now Washington has upped the ante with Drones. Recently Arlington Texas, a blue collar community between Dallas and Ft. Worth purchased [...]

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    Thank you for the great article. Your comment “We don’t have a health care system. We have a health insurance industry.” is a point that I’ve been making with my friends for the past four years. It’s so true and it completely nails it. That is at the heart of the issue in terms of [...]

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    Excellent article. If we want change of any significance, we are going to have to stop sending to Washington DC multimillionaire members of the Wall Street investor class who care more about their personal stock portfolios than they care about the majority of us. Yes, it really is this simple. Until we stop sending these [...]

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    You bettcha! Me too! I’m thankful for the Walmart strikers too. There are a lot more people protesting Walmart than some may realize. For example, in Garland, Texas, a working class community where I live, there is a Super Walmart nearby. You won’t see any protestors walking around with picket signs BUT their huge parking lot that is more than 1/2 empty at 11:30 am on Black Friday is protest enough for me. I went by this morning at 8 am and the parking lot was 3/4 empty. I took photos and posted them on my website. I went back at 11:30 and it is still 1/2 empty.

    I wish all Americans would boycott Walmart–not just today, but forever. I shopped at my local super Walmart for the past 7 years (about 3 times a week) until three months ago. Until today when I went inside (just to see how empty it was) I haven’t been inside a Walmart for three months. When you figure the expense as a taxpayer they cost you in subsidizing their underpaid employees (over a billion dollars a year) PLUS the fact that you always buy more than groceries when you shop there–Walmart is not nearly as cheap as they claim.

  • LOL Thanks for sharing. I checked the Super Walmart in my neighborhood here in Garland Texas (working class community) at 8 AM this morning (Black Friday) The huge parking was more than 3/4 empty. Then I went back at 11:30 am and it is only perhaps a little more than 1/2 full. Normally this lot is filled to capacity on weekends and people have to park behind the lawn and garden area. During week days it’s at least 90% full. This is highly unusual for Black Friday.

    photos here;

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    Thank you for the post. I voted for Jill Stein a week ago in early voting. I agree. We need leaders like Michael Moore to empower voters by reminding them that indeed we do have other choices. In fact, we have no less than six presidential candidates on most ballots in the 50 states. Yet [...]

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    If voters really stuck with the facts, although there is not a lot of daylight between both candidates and their love for Wall Street crooks, they would choose Obama.

    The biggest difference between Romney and Obama is that Romney WAS/IS a Wall Street crook and Obama is not and has never been. Obama does not have millions hidden in bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands as does Romney. Obama was raised in a typical American family (single-parent) twice divorced mother, raised primarily by hard-working American grandparents–a grandfather who served in World War II. These are the people who shaped Obama’s values–not the African father that he saw once in his lifetime. Romney’s upbringing was not typical American–unless you think that being born into a multimillionaire Mormon family is “typical.”

    I find it ironic that so many right-wingers try to make Obama, who was raised primarily by two grandparents from Kansas into a Muslim when the real weirdo is Mitt Romney who was raised by a multimillionaire father who, as part of his religion took an oath to seek revenge against the USA government for the death of Joseph Smith. it is true. You can check it out. Up through Mitt Romney’s fathers generation, Mormons did take this oath–an oath today that would qualify them as terrorists.

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    Go to if you want to see the image. It is one that I created myself.

  • ThumbnailWe should all realize by now that the leaders at the State and Federal levels are stagnated.  They are not going to help the majority of citizens to whom they are sworn to represent.  Part of the problem is due to party politics.  The Democrat and Republican parties cancel each other’s decisions out and most of [...]

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    Thanks for the link. I’ll publish it on my site too.

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    Tom what a great piece! thank you for reminding me. I was not aware that today is the birthday for Social Security.

    Indeed! it is a day for all Americans to celebrate.

  • We can and must stop the Wall Street grand theft of our cities and states. We begin by attending council meetings and asking questions of those we have elected to represent us.

    I’ll use my own city of Garland Texas as a specific  example if you care to follow.  $85,304,816 of our total $512,713,285 budget for [...]
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    Thanks for sharing this perspective. We are bombarded from all sides with propaganda every second of our waking hours that we are plugged in to any media outlet. This post was interesting to me because I had not considered the aspect of food being presented in this manner. I was surprised how much the Chinese [...]

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    Right again, Jane. I agree. Romney was sinking fast. Now at least for the next week the heat if off him as we all focus on his absurd selection–a selection that Rachel M. pointed out on meet the press yesterday, reduces the election to one question: Do you like Medicare? LOL If you like Medicare then [...]

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    excellent, Jane! Interesting and though-provoking comments. I don’t remember reading anywhere else where someone has suggested that Rubio and McDonnell turned down Romney because they wouldn’t want to be associated with him. but that is entirely a possibility. As for Holder, his crap pile just keeps growing– his recent decision to not go after Goldman [...]

  • Good morning fellow Firedog-lakers.  I’ve been very busy for the past few months–working and planning my campaign for the 32nd Congressional District in Texas.    Instead of talking about myself and pretending like I have all the answers, I am forming alliances with the people in my district and working with them to forge new and [...]

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