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    and this is why, if you’ll have me, i consider FDL my new home

  • dagnabbit

    so sorry I missed asking Chris Hayes a question… and even more sorry i didn’t have a chance to thank him for being who he is and hosting the best news show on TV.

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    “And for us now to be able to create a high standard trade agreement that further increases job opportunities, commercial opportunities, investment opportunities, I think will benefit citizens in both our countries that are eager to compete and to be able to prosper in a global market.”

    remember back in the 90s when people actually swallowed that spoonful of empty hope? oh wait… nothing has changed, people still will. i predict the messaging on this TPP deal will be a mixture of shock doctrine scare tactics meets hopey/changey fluff.

    i am still curious to see the country that followed the washington consensus’ dictates and prospered.

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    when trying to decide where to point the finger-o’-blame for the economic collapse, it is problematic to focus that decision on geography when it has a lot more to do with ideology.

    “this crisis originated in North America” i would disagree. i would say the “crisis” originated in think tanks, and in talks amongst the finance ministers, central bankers and execs, etc. as the crisis was not some unforeseen aberration. no it was created like frankenstein’s monster by technocratic bumbling aimed at wealth redistribution that blew up in the creators’ faces.

    for one of the members of the neoliberal cheersquad to point at his fellow neoliberal cheerleaders in some other part of the globe and say ‘there, there is the problem’ seems both wrongheaded and unhelpful.

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    another key fact: the banks’ shadow inventory of properties

    if the banks were to put all the houses they are holding from the market up for sale it wouldn’t take a genius to guess what would happen to housing prices.

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    and a valid point–those that were bailed out directly are not heavily represented in that list.

    while dodd-frank was largely toothless, it does provide for the opportunity for SH to vote on exec comp, so i partly agree with you. if SHs are silly enough to believe the 90s hype about exec comp, and vote to retain such levels, so be it. i just wish there was some way to ensure that those that do are not protected by taxpayer bailouts if/when they become necessary.

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    and therein lies the rub. the taxpayers, who fund govt, aren’t exactly well represented by those in the govt who would have the potential to vote on such changes–which, if we remember, taxpayer $$ was handed over nearly without any strings attached. until then, what you call sour grapes is partially the honest reaction of a public that is watching taxpayer money go directly into the accounts of those that helped drive the economy in the ditch. if the taxpayers, who could be viewed as shareholders themselves in a just world (that will never exist), had the potential to vote as shareholders i would definitely assume that we would have more citigroup-like votes in ceo pay compensation. for now, we are expected to be quiet. not gonna happen.

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    When some (or a lot) of taxpayer cash goes to propping up some of the same companies that pay their CEOs outlandish salaries I would argue that it is our business in those cases.

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    i think most people are familiar with the scores of examples of what happens to countries when the wealth/income disparity reaches such cartoon evilish levels. hint: it’s not good. Examples abound. I wonder, though, could any champion of extreme disparity provide any type of example where this process does not lead to collapse and pain? bueller?

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    The future (?)

    with the problems in spain and with the troika on the constant search to force neolib political change in euroland i wonder if mondragon will be, somehow, despite their successes, forced to change.

    that this company was founded in the 50s is interesting, i wonder what generalísimo franco thought about this at the time…