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    Coming soon to a Craigslist city near you……….
    Randian GOP 1%er seeks to settle down with young child-bearing, man-serving female Auto-maton or Auto-Matron. Skilled in legitimate rape and, if need be, ‘”shutting the whole thing down.”

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    A martyr’s vote. Perhaps you’re prostrate and delirious from the heat, but golly, you read a bit trollie.

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    jigger of sangfroid
    tablespoon of cold sweat- wrung from a nightmare’s pillowcase
    dash bitter tears

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    Probationers are allowed guns?

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    Agreed. Wanker? Frotteur? And I suppose frottagist while milling in the crowded cocktail party. All too much credit. Simply a man with a privilege-dulled axe to grind.

  • The shorter the time, the more we are in it, or of it. My 80 year old father has a slew of timers –what is the collective noun? a dread? a doomsday?–scattered around the house that he sets to keep himself busy, focused, undistracted: the annoying bruxating half-broken buzz of the oven timer for cheese toast and boiling water; the digital timer by his armchair that pierces both Dad’s ear buds and tympanic membrane like a carbon monoxide alarm but does meritorious service in alerting him to the dangers of excessive surfing –that the oven timer has been buzzing dutifully for some time, that his toast is carbonized panko, that the coffee pot has boiled dry; or the tomato. The tomato, a 30 minute timer, graded in minutes that sometimes refuses to sound no matter the interval. That if set for 30 has never been closer than 26:23 on the short side, but has broken the 32 minute barrier when tardy. My father has sought to correct the temporal infidelity of this tomato through surgery. I have seen it etherized upon the kitchen table, sometimes for days, in a state of disassembly: split in two on sterile field with springs, gears, posts exposed or removed, with tiny snips, screw drivers, pliers, nail files, and a small tin of 3-in-1 oil at the ready. After all this effort, the tomato achieved the rude mechanical equivalent of an accurately elapsed 15 minutes, then reverted to prior form. There are several others.

    Before your buzzer goes off about my father’s state of mind, I should add that as a boy, he played a prank on an older sister by rebuilding her Baby Ben to run backward. His skill in tinkering with time is unmatched in our family. My mother dreams of a good rain–when she will bag the timers up and drown them in the flood channel.

    But I digress. Something about social media and the anti-climactic meta-reveal. It’s a weak dramatic tension. The audience knows the outcome prior to checking their coats. We regret having bought tickets; we watch out of obligation. Anyway, the parking’s already paid. Then we’ll go out for a good gelato and espresso. Teddy, you’re so right.

  • Leaves falling in a stream become fish; on the ground, frogs and toads.
    The history of magic continues.

  • In response to the GOP and their presidential circle ‘work’

    Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
    Or what’s a heaven for.

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    I suspect these shenanigans have little to do with Prop 8.
    That and the attempt to defend DOMA are meant to keep the religious right interested in politics until 2012.

    All to keep froth in the right wing spittle.

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    What!? The motion didn’t include
    10 pounds sh.. v. 5 pound bag.
    How sloppy.