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    All Sun Kil Moon songs are about sadness and regret and despair.

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    This is what’s so frustrating about Glenzilla: no matter how important the work, he has to be such a dick about EVERYTHING, and then he complains when people mention his dickishness, as if the work should inoculate him against being, you know, not a total asshole.

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    What’s always so entertaining about McMegan is how she posits this kind of stupid shit and then when someone calls her on it she defends herself by essentially saying “I’m just saying.” It’s just a theory! I’m not saying I’m right or can even defend the assertions I’m making! Why is everybody being mean to me about it?

  • I see he has deleted that first tweet he sent at Kim Kardashian because it’s always good to have the power of your convictions. His shtick seems to be “how dare anyone question the considered opinion of the almighty jury!” What a douche.

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    So Greenwald, who forever sneers at the press for being a bunch of stenographers for a point of view, basically acted like a stenographer when Snowden told him something, then gets pissy when someone else calls him on it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

    Because a) Serwer is right, Greenwald is flacking for Snowden even if Snowden is telling the truth (which I suspect he is, and this is kind of a stupid thing for people to be making an issue of in the first place) and b) surely Glenzilla could have come up with a better response than “Edward Snowden is better than you are, na na na na…”

    Or maybe he couldn’t. After all, the guy is a perpetually aggrieved asshole.

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    Poor Rambo Goldstein. All armed up and no one to shoot.

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    Most oft-repeated phrase in America today: “Sorry kids, no more sleepovers at the Trotters’ house.”

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    Paranoia strikes derp.

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    Speaking of Mr. TL2-s, I wonder if he has weighed in yet on the batshit insanity that was Alex Jones on Piers Morgan’s show last night. On the one hand, rabid gun nut defending his right to own semi-autos with 50-round clips THAT ARE NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS THANK YOU VERY MUCH LIBTARDS. On the other hand, unhinged ranter blaming mass shootings on some of the very same SSRI-reuptake-inhibiting “murder pills” that Mr. TL2-s himself has very publicly admitted to taking. If we’re lucky, the cognitive dissonance will cause an incapacitating stroke and we’ll never have to hear from him again.

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    Only in wingnut land could making an elementary school a gun-free zone be considered “controversial.”

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    Do you know the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon? Do your public statements reflect that difference?

    Grrrr, if I have to hear one more asshole snarkily ask this question. Because it really matters when you’re firing a 30-round clip into a crowd of trapped and terrified 6-year-olds.

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    Suicide squad! Commit…suicide!

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    I actually got into an argument on Twitter with Goldstein on Sunday night in which he was screaming about Obama “politicizing” the tragedy to push his anti-gun policy agenda. I opined that I thought any gun-control legislation in the near future would be driven less by Obama’s political opportunism and more by the twenty 6-year-olds who had just been machine-gunned to death. Goldstein’s response was to snicker that I “don’t know a thing about weapons…he used a semi-auto.” Which I’m sure would be of great comfort to the families of the dead. And that was perhaps the least ridiculous of his unhinged bullshit. Guy is a loon.

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    I read on the Boston Globe’s site that the Romney campaign had to cancel the fireworks display they had planned to set off over Boston Harbor when he won. Fucking fireworks? Over the largest city in a state you just lost by 23%? Yeah yeah, that would not have mattered if he had won Ohio, but still. As Bill Clinton might say, that takes some brass.

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    The voters also re-affirmed the results of the historic Tea Party election of 2010, returning Republicans to power in the House of Representatives.

    Er, yes, but the Dems did pick up seats in both the House and Senate. Considering the gerrymandering that went on in many GOP-controlled state legislatures after the 2010 Census, that is a pretty notable development with regard to the House. But as the people say, keep fucking that chicken, Joel.

  • The hell with Tom Wolfe, tell me more about this nympho librarian.

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    Meh, just so long as Breitbart is still dead.

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    And while you’re at it, you might tell us why you think he’ll even TRY, since, when he had those big congressional margins, he laid down for the republicans like a cur dog.

    Oh Lawdy Lawd, another one of those “LBJ would have put Nelson’s nuts in a vise until he got what he wanted” arguments. Do tell us all how the magical Senate fairies did not tell Obama where the pixie dust was and now we’re stuck without a public option. And remember to show your work.

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    If I’m not mistaken, Conor lives in L.A. Which means he can afford the protest vote, since Romney has zero chance in California. But he can’t just say that, of course. He has to go all Deep Thoughts and wisely stroke his chin because he’s such a damn sage.

    Plus I have zero faith whatsoever that an alleged civil libertarian like Johnson or even Ron Paul would actually be able to get the entire national security and military bureaucracies to actually stop all the violations they claim they would stop the minute they take the oath of office, but that’s me, I’m a cynic.

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