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  • I’m sorry if I am repeating a sentiment that someone else has already said ( I haven’t read all previous comments)but it is my position that the policies embraced by Obama and the Dems in the House and the Senate the past couple of years will do far more to suppress the votes of their base than this law in Kansas. Let’s stop the Pavlovian responses to the mainstream media’s tribal games.

  • I’m sorry, but all of you giving KO and Maddow “props” for “giving it” to Obama, I have to disagree. I watched their shows the month leading up to the mid-term elections, and the whole MSNBC line-up (with the exception of Ratigan) fell all over themselves trying to make a contrast of the Repubs and Obama, despite considerable evidence that there isn’t much of a difference. Now they want to come off all righteously critical? Please. While these two aren’t as pathetic and shameless as Lawrence O’Donnell, Matthews and Ed Schultz (who I really, really find pathetic) they still are Obama apologist at heart.

  • I’ve been racking my brain recently trying to figure out who is the bigger Obama apologist between Capehart and Jon Alter. When the original tape of Shirley Sherrod speaking at an NAACP meeting was released a few months go in which it seemed she spoke of harboring racial resentments which may have affected the quality of service she gave a white farmer, Capehart was one of the first commentators falling all over himself to say “she has to go!”, in an attempt, I guess, to avoid the accusation of being uncritical on black racism. When the whole tapes were released and it was clear that Mrs Sherrod was in fact just talking about that moment as part of the process of reconciliation (and after the narrative of other media elites had become more favorable toward Mrs Sherrod), presto-chango, suddenly Mr Capehart didn’t think she was such a bad person, and suddenly the problem was those big bad conservatives (Breitbart & FOX news). He focused, focused, focused on the conservatives and didn’t really want to point to hard at the Obama administrations throwing of this mid-level bureaucrat under the bus. My point? This guy complete carries the water for Obama administration, and is totally taken in with the cool factor associated with the “smart set” liberal elite that Obama represents. How that elite sells out its base or breaks its own campaign promises does not concern him.

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    Bill Egnor – you are being disingenuous in the extreme. Virtually every time I see Juan Williams on Fox he is arguing against the “conservative position”. And to paint otherwise is a distortion.