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    Some perspective… My wife and I were recently in South Korea visiting friends. She came down with a bout of tonsillitis so bad we had to see a doctor. Cost for doctors visit with no insurance was $15, antibiotics $12. I figure the same thing here under my obama care plan with a high deductible would be well over $200. This system is so skewed out of any reasonable range.

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    I find myself in the strange position of being an environmentalist but a denier partially because I think the whole issue has been hijacked by the elite to justify more control. But my biggest problem is there is no discussion of the two biggest man made impacts on climate change that are taking place today: [...]

  • It is ironic that if this technology was turned around, and used for the good of the people of the nation, financial manipulation, political blackmail, rampant pedophellia, vote fixing, insider trading and a host of other ills could be exposed and eliminated. Hell of a way to create a level playing field once and for all! We just have to get some good guys at the controls of this thing.

  • I think the story of NSA putting spyware in laptops purchased on line is just disinformation to make you think other computers are OK. Here is a article that appeared in Sept that indicates most intel computer chips have a secret 3G communication function that allows access to your computer even when it is turned off and power disconnected.

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    The question of who should run the FED is a distraction from the real question. Why do we have a privately owned organization that is given the right to print money out of thin air and then charge back ongoing interest on the money to the American people! We would save a lot of money if the US Treasury printed the money out of nothing.

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    Hypothetically…what if you were planning to go visit a country and found out that their domestic security apparatus is stocking up on enough bullets to fire 5 hollow point slugs into every citizen and visitor to that country. Bullets meant to maim and kill. Bullets not even allowed by the geneva convention. Bullets that could sustain a 20 year war. And at the same time you saw the government finding reasons to register, restrict and potentially confiscate guns that citizens could use to potentially protect themselves if the government got out of control. To accomplish this they ferment hysteria and fear. This same country seemed to have a different rule of law for the elite than for the every day citizen. It also had the highest per capita number of people in prison, mainly because prison corporations are becoming a dominant industry with plenty of political pull to ensure they continued to grow.

    Hypothetically… would you even want to risk visiting that county?

  • I just have to laugh. I have been through maybe 10 presidential elections and undoubtedly in the days prior to the election there is all kinds of criticism of the electoral college. One week from now the squawking will stop for approximately 4 years and 11 months. Then all the issues will be raised again. Kinda an electoral college groundhog day.

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    I was wondering when this issue would pop up! Every presidential election period seems to conjure this mantra, only for it to completely disappear after the election. Please don’t look behind the curtain!

  • “The best disinfectant is daylight” I don’t care if Bush or Obama is involved. Lets see the files and we can see for ourselves. Te stonewalling and lies from the current administration does send up some flags.

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    Unfortunately the situation is a carrot and a stick. If you don’t take the carrot, they will beat you with a stick , that may be a simple as loosing funding, or being entrapped and blackmailed or if you are really a problem you get a plane crash ala Paul Wellstone (a sobering message to all politicians who take the path less traveled).

  • Sorry I am not going to pile on the Agenda 21 bandwagon here. It is just another clever tool of the NWO to cop-opt those of us who who have a sincere concern for the environment into further tightening the noose already around our own necks… to the elite’s delight. It is much better if [...]

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    American exceptionalism has come to mean the ability to celebrate freedom and democracy without really having either.

  • What I can’t understand is the argument that the tax penalty is necessary because, people who are uninsured will get treatment if they need it at an emergency room (implied free treatment). You can be sure if you show up at at a emergency room they will bill you and hound you for the rest of your life. Sounds like ample penalty to me.

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    In a perfect world vaccines would do no harm. However we live in a world where for profit manufacturers of vaccines are shielded from the liability of their mistakes by a federal program, this lack of accountability leads to sloppy work in the name of cost cutting. Mistakes are made, thorough testing is not done [...]

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    Just got back from the Philippines visiting friends. I fear they are where we will be in the near future. They have a 1% elite, but probably a 10% middle class. It all goes down from there. The interesting thing is that professional people in offices and medical and institutional jobs who would have been [...]

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    These new florescent bulbs are a nightmare. If you break one in your house you and your family’s health is at risk from mercury poisioning. Your house effectively becomes a toxic cleanup site. If even a small percentage of them make it into the garbage our groundwater and garbage workers are exposed. I would prefer [...]

  • The first issue with the certificate that raised questions for me was the race stated for the mother and father. It stated that the race of the mother was “caucasian” when the normal term for race used as per the 1961 census was “white”. The certificate also stated that father was “west african” which is not a race. The normal term that would have been used in 1961 would have been “negro” or in the UK “black”.

    The resolution of the text in the document also varies considerably from section to section. Others have done a lot of work on the visual/text anomalies that you can investigate for yourself if interested.

  • I am not a troll and I am a FDL supporter but I have to step away from the groupthink for a moment. I never looked at the birther issue and dismissed it from the beginning primarily because of the crazies who were advocating the issue. When Obama released his birth certificate, I took a close look. I am in marketing and can clearly identify a poor photoshop mash up when I see it. So while most of the world figured the issue was put to bed, I ended up having more questions than I ever did before. There are clearly a lot of anomalies in the document that raise questions, not of where he was born, but rather whether the document has been significantly altered. At any rate it has been a red flag for me. You can google the issue and decide for yourself there are plenty of arguments on both side of the issue. But from my perspective, there is something fishy about the birth certificate he released and I just wish our community would devote some serious attention to the issue rather than dismiss the whole thing as a silly birthed issue.

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    Just came across this quote that seems somewhat appropriate:

    “I refuse to believe that corporations are people until Texas executes one.”

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    One of the oldest tools in the political book that is never talked about on this site is “blackmail”. Perhaps I am cynical but I think this is a lever that is used with almost every politician. In fact, I tend to think that a individual will not be considered for major office by the powers that be unless they have a unknown vunerability that can be used against them. I also think there are lobbying groups out there who specifically try to entrap pols in blackmail positions.

    A key strategy, to overcome this very effective strategy is “the light of day”. What if we utilized our people, talents and financial resources to investigate and expose the vunerabilities of current politicians. Make it clear that if they are blackmail able they have no place in government. We could probably completely clean house in the next election. I understand that this might eliminate many qualified candidates who support our views, but I think we have to make honesty and transparency the norm if we are ever to get ahead.

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