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  • Inquisitr commented on the blog post Grijalva Statement Opposing the Bill He Voted For Yesterday

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    I haven’t posted on this site in a while because I disagreed with Jane’s strategy. However her current strategy I’m starting to agree with.

    Hell yes we should primary Grijalva.

    So…where’s the plan Jane? Where’s the action call? Every time I get an e-mail from PCCC it’s trumpeting a Sanders statement. So where’s the action? Where’s the start of the primary?

    I wait ready to donate for the first time in my political life to your campaign to get Sanders and Grijalva the hell out.

    So where is it?

  • Inquisitr commented on the diary post Hey, Naomi Pitcairn! You should probably join FDL. by Teddy Partridge.

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    The entire protest was pointless the moment she said she would still vote for Obama. All that money wasted for nothing. Hope it was worth it. One day we’ll realize that as long as Democrats know you’re going to vote for them they’re going to keep ignoring you.

    Awesome protest instantly turned pathetic.