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  • IntelVet commented on the diary post We’re Not Exceptional, We’re Isolated by David Swanson.

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    We didn’t isolate ourselves. The global community, like any society that has to confront insanity and idiocy, has quarantined us. Standing outside, it is truly sad to see a once great people self-destruct, willingly descending into what is to all intents, a feudal society, where every slave-owner (corporate person) dictates through whatever means, their personal [...]

  • The United States is incredibly bad at using force to try to bring peace and prosperity.

    Exceptional, even?

  • This report, going out to the very UN-informed public, says there were 119 prisoners.

    Were not there some 700+ prisoners processed through GITMO alone?

  • IntelVet commented on the diary post Over Easy: Follow The [Research] Money by cmaukonen.

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    Agreed. Entirely. Using greed as a basis for pharmaceutical research is plain idiotic, leading to “Idiocracy” like results. Far better, like un-privatized NASA, use taxpayer dollars to research therapies using competing groups, the developed therapies are then packaged as (patents?) and sold to private concerns. Let the taxpayer take the risk, based on actual need [...]

  • IntelVet commented on the blog post Walmart Again Holds Food Drive for Own Underpaid Workers

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    Does anyone know, by “running” the food drive, does the corporation get a tax break for this?

  • Wow, the authorities are frightened of something.

  • IntelVet commented on the diary post Gulf-Bound Tar Sands for Export? Follow the Oiltanking Trail by Steve Horn.

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    Unless there are hidden agreements otherwise, the refineries, remodeled to cope with the poisonous bitumen, the remodeling financed for the most part by the US taxpayer, will sell the refined product to the highest bidder and no one else. That may well be someone in the US, but, with the price of products being what [...]

  • (but hey, he didn’t mention the Armenian Genocide)

    I do not know why, but I read that as the American Genocide, something that gets covered up all the time. I guess the headline biased by perceptive abilities, at least until I had my first cup of Java. Sheesh.

  • Mechanical stress:

    That would be my concern. Any moderate braking by loaded semi might lead to replacement of all affected panels as from what I see (I am not an engineer) the solar panels seems somewhat fragile in the face of even normal situations.

    At first, during the inevitable learning process, I can imagine a truck driver having to cope with less than optimal braking as the panels break up.

  • So, innovation will come from overseas. It is a situation caused by our patent system, which allows a corporation to buy a patent, then sit on it. The Koch brothers have profited immensely by buying, then sitting on alternative energy patents.

    One suggestion, if a patent is not used for a period of time, it reverts to the public.

  • IntelVet commented on the blog post Bush Says Only Regret Of Iraq War Is Rise Of ISIS

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    Vacuum???? More like over pressure.

    The meth-addled deserter invaded Iraq, forcing the Sunnis from power, many of whom fled to Syria to live as refugees in the millions. When Assad could no longer feed them, they rose up forming gangs, fighting the government forces when Assad’s forces tried to restore order, in the same manner as Ferguson, Missouri. ISIS arose to be the gang of most and, among other things, invaded Iraq to take back “their” oil fields, secure financing and, of course, living off the land.

    Only a meth-addled deserter could come up with the fantasy he did.

  • You and I know that.

    “They” do not. It is using the very cracked ideas they themselves wrap themselves in to “speak their language”.

    It is like when I show how a communities actions are tantamount to sharia law that many seem to “get it”. It can be dangerous but generally works for me.

  • Thank you, Peterr.

    It occurs to me that we could portray those who make policy based on mythology to, in essence, “elevating” themselves to emir status, basically issuing fatwas based on gossip and unfounded beliefs, in order to poke fun at them.

  • How about a letter to the editor of the paper, asking them to justify why they do not publish some sort of explanation.

  • That happened each the last two times I have been a juror in LA. Each time “we” killed the prosecuting attorney. I don’t know what “they” are teaching in law school, but apparently “they” depend on jurors who just want to go back to their “jobs” and want to get it over with. I am [...]

  • Great. Big government placing citizens at great risk. Because they, the government, is lazy.

    Past time to drown that part of the US government in the bathtub.

  • IntelVet commented on the blog post There Is Much to Fear

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    My relatives told me that Germany was prepped for the Reichstag fire well before with a press helpful to the Nazi party. Just like America.

    The masters of “our” Universe learned well from Nazi history. Goodbye America, indeed.

  • IntelVet commented on the blog post Late Night: SolaRoad, The Dutch Answer to Solar Roadways

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    I asked the American couple about their product, specifically the durability when a vehicle (especially, a heavy) needs to use more than normal braking. No answer. Perhaps the answer is buried in their tech specs.

    I think the idea of bicycle trails makes much more sense, though it seems the Euro project may be over engineered for bicycles (perhaps they are looking to the future).

    I think it is a great idea, especially in town where relatively low speeds minimize schear forces.

  • IntelVet commented on the blog post War Cry

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    You are so correct. The congressional voters, for the most part, have nothing to lose and in many cases, everything to gain (ownership of military stocks and assets).

    Perhaps we should make a law where one Congressional vote demands the voter offer up one or more of their immediate family for “honorable” service.

    I am sure Ted Cruz would be happy to offer up his dad or wife.

  • IntelVet commented on the diary post Boston Bombing News: the final spurt by woodybox.

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    Can one say, “Show trial”?

    I knew you could.

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